Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Project 220's Annihilation


a. The act or process of annihilating.
b. The condition of having been annihilated; utter destruction

That's right! I plan to annihilate the 220's. I want the 2-teens. And I want them yesterday! I have the uncanny ability to procrastinate with almost everything...weight loss included. Notice I didnt lay down the law until my Columbus Day Goal was just 2 weeks away?

I need short term goals to stay focused. So, right now...my goal is to get out of the 220's. I also, once I reach a goal/stepping stone...think that this gives me free reign to be a little naughty...reward myself with food for being so good. THAT DOESN'T REALLY WORK DOES IT? So, I want to stay focused.

What will you choose to annihilate this week?

I am wearing a shirt today from that stash I have been saving for 7 years. It is a light, button up girly top. It is an XXL from Old Navy, but remember that is from the year 2002, which we have already decided...they made clothes smaller back then. Regardless, I wore this top at my lowest adult weight...and I am wearing it today. Technically, my lowest adult weight was 209. But I was there for a milli-second...

I keep catching glimpses of myself and smiling....more than usual!


  1. I am so going to annihilate the 300's this week. I am gonna hit the 290's. I am, I am. I have been playing the last month it feels like. But I am gonna do this. I am, I am. Only 3.1 pounds to hit 299.9. I am going to do it.

  2. Woah, you go girl.. I know you can do it.. And of course you gotta smile at your reflection.. you looking hot..
    xx Nene

  3. You have so BEAT me right back Miss Amy! I have been at 229 since last Thursday. Won't budge...only goes to 230 and back. Hoping that the walk/run today will help. You go lady!! Congrats on the 100..you continue to be such an inspiration. xoxo

  4. Nothing like being positive to get to that next goal - and by the sounds of it, you have it in spades. Waiting for the post that says you've done it! Will be a good one

  5. Love your attitude - 220's are goners!!!

  6. GOODBYE 220s! They left my scale for good, and I know they will be off your scale soon!

  7. Oh, if I only had a dime for every clothing purchase I made hoping to be down 10 lbs. HAH! Now we will all be able to get into them - and STAY IN THEM!!! Congrats on your hard earned place on the scales!