Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Doctor, I Am Coming In!

I just ate at Taco Bell. For the second day in a row. Let us play a game, called guess what Amy ate yesterday from Taco Bell.

A) A new yummy Blackjack taco
B) nachos
C) Pinto's and Beans
D) A big beef cheesy burrito
E) A medium Coke
F) All of the above

doo doo dee dee doo doo dooooo (jeopardy theme song)

EEEEHHh (time is up!)

The answer. IS....ALL OF THE ABOVE! WHAT?!?! Can you believe it? It was like I had no restriction.

Today I had 2 tacos and an order of nachos. For my appetizer? A Kit-kat bar. What about breakfast you say? Two poptarts and a sunkist. I know. I have gone bat-shit crazy. That's right. I said bat-shit, and usually I don't cuss in my blog toooo much bc I know some of my readers don't like it (Hi Katie), but there was no better term.

So, I called my doc and said I NEED A FILL! I ate 2 tacos (I didnt want to totally blow their mind with the fact that I practically ate the entire value menu). My next fill was supposed to be Nov. 17th. Now it is next Wednesday.

So I have 6 days to get it together! This will be the smallest weight loss I have had in between visits. I got the unfill right before the cruise Sept. 2nd and have gone up and down since then...and I don't want to disappoint Dr. Friedman.

So, farewell my frien-emey...Mr. Sunkist. You must go back into retirement. One last swig, and no more Sunkist induced comas.


  1. Amy, you are hilarious! But I understand you're wanting to eat everything on the menu! At least you realize the problem you are having and are doing something to get yourself back on board and not kicking yourself up too much about it! You went off the wagon, so what! You are getting back on, end of story! Have a great day :)

  2. hahah, thanks ladies! If my antics make you laugh..then...they were worth it!

  3. lol funny.... also helps me today... I am five days out and sad because I miss food so much! good to know I will be able eat again.

  4. You slay me. Are you mixing vodka with your Sunkist these days? By the way, I love that you change your ticker when you gain weight. You hold yourself completely accountable down to putting it in writing, gotta love that. Good luck getting back on the wagon.

  5. You did NOT eat 4 things at Taco Bell!!! WTF? Get your butt in and get a fill. You have come this far, don't screw it up honey.

  6. You crack me up with the dramatic pics. LOL
    I'm with you on the whole needing a fill thing. Should we be able to eat the entire value menu? Nope. Do we? Yup!
    My 2nd fill is next Thursday. Hugs!

  7. Yumm-o! I love taco bell. I am tempted to ask you to write me a descriptive email of each bite.

  8. You are so freakin funny! Thanks for the laugh. I loved the part about not wanting to scare the Dr's office by telling them you ate almost the entire value menu. ROFLMAO

  9. Amy, say it isn't so! STOP. Step. Away. From. the Sunkist..... (You know beyond the sugar issue, carbonation is not recommended for bandsters!) Now pull yourself up by your small-girl panties and drive past that Taco Bell tonight! Go home, fix yourself some meat and veggies and try to get back on track until next Wednesday. 'Nuff said.....

  10. Mama2000...You are right! I need my small-girl panties to give me power.

    SuperMegan-you dont want to hear it. It's the devils tongue and lures you in.

    Dawn and gen_ :0)

    Linda O-boo hoo... I KNOW! It is true. I dont know what is wrong with me today!

    Ramona-drama is my life.hahahah

  11. OMG, I love those black jack tacos! Sadly, I just had a fill and can eat them no more.

    Plus, I too feel super guilty when I indulge in TB (my favorite weakness!)

    You can do it - you've come a long way AND you have really small panties to prove it! Don't beat yourself up about it, just push forward.

    Can't wait to hear about your MD appt., my MD is super strict and yelled at me yesterday for eating steak........thank GAWD I didn't tell her it was "chicken fried" - d'oh!

  12. Amy... I totally hear you girl! That was me last week... just got a fill (only 0.5 cc's) Monday, so hoping it takes complete hold soon 'cause I need it!

  13. Mmmm. I love taco bell! maybe you should hang a pair of your little panties up in your car for inspiration?? like a air freshner?? Just a

  14. The pics are a great touch. And I love me some taco bell too. Ever try diet sunkist? after many many years i finally forced myself to switch over to diet dr. pepper. might as well inject the stuff intravenously. and now that i'm used to it, i'm shocked that i prefer it and can't drink regular. and mmmm...this post makes me want some taco bell! actually, i'm shocked on occasion what i can eat as well. At least another fill is an option! good luck!

  15. Amy, I found that journaling really helped to keep me from falling off the wagon too frequently. I promised myself to be nothing but totally honest in my journal because I'm the only one that reads it - and having to admit when I go astray is something I don't want to do. I'm at my goal and am a lapband success story but have to stay diligent all the time - I'm in the maintenance phase which is just as difficult as the weight loss phase. My blog is

  16. Talk about timing... so we just started getting those black jack tacos in Canada and I saw it for the first time last night, and I don't even eat at TB, but I was like, "Yeah, a black taco sounds really good right now!!!"

    Then right after it came a commercial from KFC about their new boneless filets. And I wanted those, too.

    So I feel your pain. And even with 4.1 CCs I could have joined you bite for bite!

  17. lol You are such a super dag... Sounds like you really could do with a fill now. I do feel your pain though.. there are days when we could just eat the whole damn fridge and nothing is going to stop us.

  18. Amy you crack me up. Thanks for the chuckle, I needed it badly right about now!

  19. Tooooo funny!! I love Taco Bell, but that is way more than you should be able to eat. Good for you for calling and getting yourself in early for that fill.

  20. LOL! Amy, you make my day, but I am feeling for ya....last week I was like that just eating, eating, no restriction (this week is the opposite after a fill and feeling like I am getting back on track). You will get back on tract and you want to fit into your tiny panties right?

  21. You are so funny! I had lapband surgery over three months ago, and I have lost 47 pounds! I have been reading all the blogs for six months, and you have helped me so much. Reading about everyone's daily triumphs and challenges is a great help and it makes me feel part of a larger community. SO, my sister is helping me so I can comment on your blogs, and become known to you all who have been friends of mine for so many months. :) Eventually, I will even figure out how to post pictures, I hope.