Monday, October 12, 2009

It Is Columbus Day....and you know what that means!

In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue....

My Goal: -100 by Columbus day. 227 pounds

The Result: -99.5 pounds. 227.5 pounds

haha....MAN! I am totally rounding that up to 100lbs!

I lost 5.5 pounds this week. 4.5 the week before. I worked out 5 days this week. Only drank water. No diet lemonade, no diet Sierra Mist, no SUNKIST!!! I drank at least 100 oz each day. I ate my protein first. I put smaller portions on my plate. Stopped eating when my hunger went away...not when my plate was clean. I stayed away from snacking. Only ate at meal times. Tried to listen to my real hunger, not head hunger.

8.5 months after surgery. 100 pounds gone. I typed that out more for my benefit than yours. I get lost in "oh you could have done better" world sometimes. For example, 227 pounds is awesome, but it is really only 5 pounds less then when I left for the cruise...OVER A MONTH AGO.

But...I couldn't have done this without the band.

I don't plan on staying in the 220's long. Maybe 2...3 weeks at tops. I think I set my next goal for my one year bandiversary (January 27th) at 120 pounds lost...which would put me at 207. That is three months away though. I think I might have set the bar to low. But I have to remember that these weeks of losing 5 pounds are not the norm...but sometimes you get on such a high!

So what does 100 pounds mean for someone starting at 327 pounds. I went from a size 26/28 to a size 18. I went from a very tight size 7 at Lane Bryant to a size 3. That is really only 4 sizes. 4 sizes and 100 pounds. Crazy huh? But that is why I asked Catherine to post her size lost in relation to her weight loss. She said she noticed that it was taking less weight loss to drop a size. I hope to see the same thing with mine!

Oooh, do you know what this means? Time for some more weight loss pictures. I take my official weight loss pics every 20 pounds. I will have to do that tonight!


  1. Hi Amy, you are my hero. I am so excited for you! I can only hope that my weight loss is as fast as yours. I totally love following your blog. In fact, it was the first blog I read! And it is the first one I go to everyday to see if a new post has been made. Can't wait to see the weight loss pics, they are always amazing to see how much thinner you look from one set to another!

  2. Amy - congrats to you!!!! You make me laugh and give me inspiration - thanks for being here :).

  3. WARNING: gushing fangirl post!!!!!

    Amy I am so, so, so happy for you!!!

    When I was first researching lap band I found your blog and followed for a long time and honestly, the successes, information, photos and even the "failures" you shared made me think I could do this. You were a big part of my decision to do this because I related to you so much. And I think a lot of other gals probably feel the same way!

    I saw that you had moments when you gave it your all, like now, and were totally successful. And I saw you had moments where you were human and gained a lb or two and picked yourself up and started fresh.

    Most of all what I learned from you is not to dwell on the negative. And it has been invaluable. In the past, (and I think almost everyone on here feels this way, too) I would berate myself for my mistakes and subconsciously punish myself with more eating. But what I learned from you is I can laugh at those times when I ate too much and just move on.

    That has been such a weight lifted from my shoulders! So thank you!

    And now you've lost 100 lbs and it's mind blowing. So happy for you. You look amazing and you sound so happy.

    You're an inspiration and your totally hilarious and wise.

    Congrats. You soooo earned this.

  4. Oh yeah, and I love that your rocking the florescent lime toenails in the photo.

    So cute!

  5. Well Brooke you made me cry. Are you happy now? LTT (I am starting a new abbreviation...LTT Laughing Through Tears. It is amazing to me when I hear that my blog or words, or that I, can be an inspiration. Not trying to sound humble, but from my side of's just me talking! really...thank you thank thank you!

    Debi and Dawn! Thank you too! Sometimes I dont respond to the comments on my blogs, but I swear I read each and every one...and your comments mean a lot to me!

    Love you girls!

  6. WOW! Way to go! You have had such amazing success. Your blog is also the first I read when I started really considering lapband surgery. I read every single one of your posts...and loved every minute of it. You are truly an inspiration, a help and a guide to the rest of us thru this process. Your beautiful, and you have done such a great job and have had such success. I get banded on Thursday...hoping I can follow your footsteps.

  7. You are a rock star, Chickie! One Hundred Pounds?!?! I can't imagine what that feels like. Please post the progress pics tonight, I can't wait to see them!

    You and the other blogers are what keep me sane! My surgery was scheduled for October 6th. I was in the room waiting to be rolled into the OR when they decided that my breathing was questionable (asthma). Bummer!!! So now it is rescheduled for the 20th. I can't wait to be banded :)

    Keep up the good work.

  8. Amy, you must be feeling so proud...HELL I am proud and smiling for you.....congratulations! You have worked so hard to get it, kept up the motivation (although sometimes tough) and ploughed inspiration to others....many look up to you...a mentor, a blogging friend, an absolute Rock Star.... you are reaching for the stars and you will get them! xxx

  9. ROCK ON!!!!! You go girl... Amy, you're amazing! I think 120 by the 1st of the year is reasonable. Honestly, do what feels RIGHT - I'm hovering over these same 5 pounds for a month now. I just want to lose 60 pounds by the end of October... but, it'll come eventually! I'm so glad I found your blog... LOVE IT, LOVE YOU... keep up the phenomenal work!!!

  10. Amy this is just a theory I came up with and not sure how much truth there is to it, but I find that in plus sizes, there is a huge difference from one size to the next, so it seems to take a lot more weight loss or inches to go down a size, but once in size 14 or less, the difference between the sizes is very small, so one goes down sizes much quicker. Does anyone else find this?? I think I lost 30 pounds before I went from and 18 to a 16, then the next 3 sizes were all within a 20 pounds loss. Just my theory, but get ready 'cause those sizes are going to drop quick after size 16. Great Job on 100 pounds by the way!!

  11. Amy- Congrats girlie! When you set your mind to something, you accomplish it. I too found your blog prior to my surgery and it was such a inspiration to see someone succeeding and never giving up.
    Can't wait to see the pics. Hugs!

  12. That is AMAZING progress! Rounding up in totally in order. :)

    Loving the polish too.

  13. rock!!!!! you look hot and your on your game!!!i can not wait to get banded now that i see your success. i cant wait to see your updated pics!!!

  14. AMY!! You go girlfriend!! Congrats on the 100 pounds...what a HUGE accomplishment!! I know it feels soo good and I cant wait to share that feeling of success with you :) Keep up the good work! And cant wait to see your know me and my picture-aholic self!!

  15. YEA!!!! When saw your post this morning I was actually nervous for you. I am so glad you hit 100 today(I knew my b-day would be good luck). Seriously, I have so much weight to lose and I look at you and the reality sets in the I can do it too. You are not the "perfect" bandster, but when you slip you just keep going. Thanks for the support and inspiration!!

  16. Darn you and Mary- you're making this look too easy ;)In all seriousness, a huge congrats!! You have earned this accomplishment.

  17. OMG!!! Congratulations Amy! I've said it before, and I will say it again, over and over....YOU ROCK!!!

  18. Bugger, Brooke beat me to the 'gushy' line lol...

    I just want to add that there are people in this world that bring you down and others that are a shining light and I think are put here on earth to motivate and make us better people as we hurdle our way through life. You are definitely one of those in the latter.

    Reading your posts each time never fails to give me hope that I too can do this and laugh at myself while I get there. If a girl from Pensacola can lose 100 pounds then a girl from Perth Australia can lose 88. I think I speak for all of us here when I say you are one of our favorite 'stars' and your accomplishments so far are astounding and magical.

    Keep doing what you're doing Amy.. for both yourself and more selfishly, for us. We would be lost without you.
    Cara xx
    PS the fluoro green nail polish is just so 'you'...... love it!!

  19. You. Are. Awesome. That is sooooo cool and amazing, 100 pounds! You beat Mr. Sunkist and all his friends too! You did it!

    So excited for you. And just 57 to go!

    Another fan of the nail perfect for the 100 loss weigh in!

    You rock.

  20. Congratulations! What an awesome achievement!

    Em :)

  21. That is so great. Congratulations! I have been following your blog and you are such an inspiration. I am only 2 weeks post op but I hope to be as successful as you. Thank you for blogging!

  22. Alright Amy-Kins....You are amazing! You have done soooo well in this past 8.5 months! 100 lbs is amazing!!!! Your blog was the 1st blog that I found on LBT and you were also in P'cola woohoo PLUS! I am doing the Harvest Hustle 5k with my 16year old sister and 14 year old Niece on October 31st and Wanted to know if you wanted to do it with us Our church is sponsering it and its going to be at 7:30 am. that will help with the path to your next goal that you will deffinatly hit in 3 months! You are awesome and you can email me to let me know if you want to join us in the 5k...

  23. Amy,
    not to sound repetitive, but yep, your blog is what got me started here too. I followed a few blogs on LBT, religiously, but got right on blogger and started mine after reading yours!
    We are all so proud of you and do look to your for inspiration.
    Can't wait to see the pics!
    Yeah You!