Thursday, October 29, 2009

My Doctor is THE MAN!

I love my doctor. I went in yesterday for my fill that I moved up. I had my weight and everything recorded. Me little heart rate was very high bc I was nervous to tell Dr. Friedman that I had brought shame upon the family.

Officially, I was down 3 pounds since last time I was there...almost 2 whole months ago. On their scale, that is 98.5 pounds lost in 9 months.

Dr. Friedman and Angie (his doctor in training) took my back into the confessional...I mean office. I told him I had been bad. He said...oooh, he likes the sound of that :) haha, I clarified I meant food choice bad, told him about taco bell. He went through the checklist of normal questions:

"Have you been eating junk food"? YES
"Carbonated beverages"? YES
"Eating too much"? YES

He didn't give me any slack. Told me he was proud of me, that my weight loss was amazing...and reminded me of that. I told him I do try to keep that in mind, but it should have been, could have been more.

Up on the table I went. He pulled out 5cc's. He had taken out .5ccs before the cruise, and this time he gave me a whole cc! WHOA BUDDY! We will see what that feels like when I go back on solids. Kinda scared.

Overall, I walked out feeling fabulous about myself and on cloud nine (it's what I call the Dr. Friedman effect). Back on track and so thankful!


  1. So glad your appointment went well. That Dr. Friedman sounds like a heck of a catch (as far as doctors go anyway. LOL)!

  2. I am so glad that you are feeling better! Even thought it was only a 2 lbs lost since the last visit - you have lost a lot of weight in the long run - and that's what counts. Keep it up :)

  3. I think you are doing amazing Amy! You are truly an inspiration. You have to see the whole picture, it is a fact that you have lost a 100 pounds in 9 months! Keep up the great work! I love your Blog!

  4. lol @ "the confessional" I hate the checklist that they go thru when I go in. I feel bad saying yes to any of them because then I get that evil eye... LOL. Im glad that you got to move your fill up so that you dont have a Taco Bell attack again I hate Taco bell they are so sneaky, their food tastes SOOO GOOD!!! LMAO. Good Luck at the Mall to Mall walk this Saturday Ill be over on Olive Road doing The 5k With Melly!!!

  5. My doc doesn't ask those questions at all. I'm not sure why not.

    Anyway, I feel totally stupid. I didn't really realize you were at Baptist even though you've explicitly stated that before!Stupid, stupid!

    I thought you were at Sacred Heart because I assumed that since you had a different doctor, it MUST be one at another hospital. You know what they say about when you assume. I even saw you mention Dr. Nye and your doctor the other day, but I thought that was a multi-hospital powwow. I need to pay better attention or something.

    So anyway, the office I called before was Sacred Heart. But since I got your message (just about five minutes ago), I have already looked up Dr. Friedman online (I'm engaged but still--cute!) and called his office. They're going to call me back with prices. I'll drop your name then. I don't want to get too optimistic though just in case the price or the fact that I wasn't banded in the states is a barrier.

    Anyhow, thanks for the info!!!!

  6. I think if everyone had a doc like yours Amy, the world sure would be a better place. What a man! It's also great you can be totally honest with him knowing that he won't give you a hard time. Hope that 1cc does its job!!

  7. Glad to hear he made you realize how awesome you are! Always a good thing!

  8. Here to hoping the fill does the trick! You are doing awesome, we all slip up occasionally. That's just life.