Monday, June 29, 2009

Bad Blogger

I have been a bad blogger this weekend. I have been stalking your blogs and not posting anything. Forgive me! I like to leave a little comment or something bc I know how it feels when it feels like no one is reading...

I have also been pondering about what shall I blog about...I don't want to bore you with the same ol chitter chatter. So...let's just do some random thoughts and see where they lead shall we?

1. Michael Jackson. REALLY? I'm sorry. I just don't get it. I thought maybe it was a generational thing that I dont really care...until I was standing in Smoothie King this morning and some 18 year old was bummed bc she couldnt find a MJ only radio station. I don't even care about his history with children...I am just talking in general...NO ONE HAS EVEN LISTENED TO MICHAEL IN YEARS! His last album was a relative flop (for him). But now everyone is has Michael Jackson fever? I'm over it. But I bet John and Kate are happy that something else is taking up the news and magazine covers.

2. Do you guys watch John and Kate Plus 8? I don't. But, I have to say I don't like Kate's hair. To spikey. However, her tummy tuck is amazing.

3. Do you think you will become a thin snob once you lose all the weight or will you still have empathy for those still trying to lose weight the old fashioned way? I will always have empathy for those of us overweight...even if the day comes that I am not. But sometimes I find myself looking at people (now I am talking severely overweight people who have struggled their whole life, not those who just need to lose 20-40 pounds) and thinking why not surgery? I realize this is closed minded and does not take in all of the serious reasons why people do not chose surgery. I just think that I will have to work on my judgement.

4. Tracey's grandma died yesterday. She was 92 and her body was just worn out. She had been in the hospital since Friday. We were supposed to head to the boat Wed evening, but the funeral is Thursday afternoon, so we will head out after that.

5. I found a dress for Tracey's 25th high school reunion. It is July 25th. Its pretty hot I must say. I also bought some heals that I have no idea if I will be able to actually walk in. I will post those soon. I want to be the hot younger girlfriend. I am not shallow...but I never said I was deep either :)

6. I can't believe I havent blogged since Friday! What is wrong with me!

7. My hair dresser fixed my hair at no extra cost. Its lighter. Thank you!

8. I saw Tracey's ex at the hospital the other day. She has grown herself a big ol muffin top. I enjoy this...and I know that is wrong. But once when she was "showing her ass" she told me that when Tracey and I have sex it must look like a monkey humping an elephant. I told her that whatever it looks like he sure loves it! When I saw her at the hospital I found even more comfort in the fact I was wearing a great new outfit and jewelry. Ah, it's the small things.

9. Today I went to Kmart bc I am desperate for some tops. They were having a KILLER sale on everything. Good times.

10. Should I jinx myself by enacting the blogger curse and telling you I lost 4 pounds last week? I better knock on wood or throw salt over my shoulder or something!

11. Here are some pictures from a Junior Achievement luncheon I went to on Saturday! New dress courtesy of Target.


  1. Cute dress! Very Springy (that doesnt' look right) Congrats on the 4 pounds. Sorry about Tracy's Grandma. I don't get the MJ thing either. Take care and have a great week.

  2. Hey look FABULOUS!!! Let's plan a trip so we can catch up!! I miss you!

  3. You look so summery in that dress: and just my colours, bright and florel... really pretty! Sorry to hear about Tracey's Grandma. That's sad. And go you for losing 4 pounds!!! Excellent drop in weight.

  4. I try to look at other's blogs first thing in the morning when I get to work (at 6:30am!) and found myself LAUGHING out loud as I read your comments. MJ, it is a generational thing, young missy and I'm showing my age! and that's ok! :) Then the whole jon and kate comment, MORE laughing. I'm glad your hair is fixed and so sorry for yours and Tracey's loss.
    I enjoyed the catty remarks about the EX and looking fabulous is your best revenge! You Go Girl!

  5. Amy - here are my thoughts for what they are worth (notice I'm responding to your blog BEFORE doing any work this am!!!)
    1. AMEN! Who cares about MJ...
    2. Don't watch - I like her hair, and her tummy tuck - gorgeous!
    3. I hope not - I do find myself wondering whether or not people have considered banding, but then I realized for some reason that it just isn't for everyone, kind of like I'd never consider Lasik surgery.
    4. I'm so sorry - Tracey is lucky to have you around...
    5. You're going to look HOT! You always do, and you should be proud to be the hot girlfriend! (not shallow either)
    6. You're such a great blogger, you have a high standard in yourself! Give yourself a break...
    7. Yay! Sign of a good hairdresser.
    8. OMG - what a bitch!!!! (Her, not you) - Enjoy seeing her the way she is. Again, Tracey is a lucky man!
    9. I need to find a Kmart around here - cute clothes and reasonable too!
    10. No jinx... Congrats!
    11. Adorable dress! My Target doesn't have anything that cute...

  6. Dito to Sarah's list....yes ENOUGH of MJ already, Kate's stomach is amazing, who is her plastic surgeon?, when I see really obese people walking around, I think, "Why haven't they had WLS yet?, You will shine at the reunion like the star that you are!, And I can't believe his ex actually said those words to you? Seriously? To your face??? I would have punched her! She sounds like a real classy act!

  7. You are looking lovely in that dress Amy....keep up the great work....oh yeah I bet you felt fantastic when you bumped into the ex girlfriend, hope she was eating her words!

    Sorry to hear about Tracey's grandma...hugs....

  8. wow! so many topics so little i'll say ditto on most of sarah's comments too...
    I did watch Jon and Kate and kate was a beast! I thought they'd be done long before now. I love that dress too! Tarjay is a killer! oh and I hit that K-mart sale too...cost me $250 but I got stuff for everyone me, mom and kids. Oh and that ex...too funny! sounds like my ex's...i think i should blog about!

  9. T. Michelle- $250! I could have done that too. However, I went in there with only $40, and spent $39! LOl...I am making Tracey take me back to night.

    Roo-thanks for the comment and the hug.

    Lisa-I miss you.

    Sarah-i am so glad you are back!

    Linda-oh she said that over the phone. But i have something better than punching her in the face...I have Tracey :) However....if she ever comes at me, this "lover not a fighter" will take her to the ground.

    kathi-thanks for letting me know I made you laugh. I need to hear that after all of the apparent life ruining I have done lately.

    Cara-thanks...I wish I could change seasons with you though. I love the cold.


  10. I've missed you and would really appreciate your input on my latest blog.. it's left me bummed out and wondering about my options.

    I agree about MJ!

    Adorable dress!!! LOVE it!