Monday, June 15, 2009

A Bad Case of The Mondays

Yeah! Monday is almost over!

Do you ever get tired of constantly talking, blogging, thinking, dreaming about food, calories, and weight loss? Lord have mercy I sure do! Do you think it will ever stop? Or at least calm down? Like if we get to goal do we still think about it ALL THE DAMN TIME!

With that said, I lost one pound this week. ahahah....that's better than gaining one pound. I am still marveling at how Tina let 4 pieces of pizza pass through, bc today I struggled to finish 8 chicken nuggets from Chick-fil-a.

I've decided I am not calling to get a fill ASAP. I read about everyone's struggles with being too tight I am just going to wait. I still have restriction and even more restriction probably wouldnt help me with my Sunchip addiction. I am going to apply this "the band is just a tool" nonsense and try to practice some self control! I type this as I sit here eating a dum-dum...but hey...they only have 10 calories!

Tonight we are going to go work out. Cardio is about as fun to me as going to Walmart after work...aka HELL! But someone asked me the other day if I thought my weightloss would be better if I did actually work out on a consistent basis...(you know who you are and thank you), and I have been thinking about that a lot. I dont know if it would. It would help me feel better and help my body for sure, but sometimes I get so damn annoyed with this theory that weight loss is simple math. Look at Catherine for example busting her ass at bootcamp! Calories in and calories out.

Did you guys ever read that article on LBT written by that crazy looking doctor who always wore Don Johnson pants? That was before LBT changed their layout...


Florida has officially become hotter than the center of the sun. The jelly's have invaded the Gulf. My sisters pool is the temp of molten lava.

I am moving to Maine.


  1. I hear you on the "thinking about food constantly'. It's a mixture of mind bending, soul sucking, aaaaaargh moments, and I'm only on mushies, lol. The challenge for me is to eat stuff that excludes meat (until week 5) and it's hard. I wrote about this on one of my first posts - how when you're 'watching what you eat' you tend to think about food ten times more then when you are just going about your life (and gaining weight) It's never going to be easy no matter which way we look at it. You will get through this: its just a bump in the long road darl. Chin up!!

  2. Excuse my Aussieness, but what are Sunchips and Dum Dums??? lol

    xx Nene

  3. don't move to Maine, move to VT. be my best friend. end of story.

  4. I went to the beach on sunday and the Jelly's werent there, tho I did go to Johnsons beach insted of Pensacola beach. It was awesome Ill have pics up in a bit! I have a hard time with the self control too but Have been getting better, although I did have like a SMALL cup of icecream yesterday and it was delish BUT I felt really bad about it after I ate it.