Thursday, June 25, 2009

I never told you!

I figured out why I wasn't pooping! I know you are can just call me Nancy Poo (you know, instead of Nancy Drew)!

Here is the culprit.

I was taking the Flinstone Chewable Gummies. They tasted pretty good...however...adults are supposed to take 2 a day. If you look at the ingredient facts though, you will notice that even when you take 2, for some of the vitamins, you are still only getting about half of what you need for the day.
So what was I doing....I was taking 4 a day...Turns out, 4 a day = no bathroom time for Amy. I stopped taking them bc I ran out...and now everything works as normal. I am still taking my prenatal vitamin for the hair loss. I dont know if it is doing anything but it sure makes my nails pretty!

Just wanted to pass on the info!


  1. That's good to know. I take the flintstone chewables (when i think about it). I should probably stop and just get a regular adults size chewable, right?

  2. I cant stand to chew any kind of vitiman so I got the Adult Centrum Liquid vitimans and they taste like lemons and I LOVE them I HATE chewables they make me want to puke....

  3. I kinda like chewable vitamins, and baby aspirins, is that too weird? :) I loved Nancy Drew, and you can be Nancy Poo!

  4. I just made a post about vitamins too Amy... we are a bit scary! lol The vitamins I got are liquid but BY JEEEEZ they taste disgusting. I might need to find the ones Mary had, the adult Centrum cos lemon sounds much nicer.
    Well done on the pooping front Nancy Poo! Give that loo a workout.

  5. im so bad i dont take any vitamins. However... on that prenatal vitamin note: I love those b/c my hair got stronger, my nails got stronger and grew so fast! thats what i am eventually going to start taking again. They are the best in my opinion!