Monday, June 1, 2009

i want MORE

I am kinda grumpy today. Don't know why. Monday is weigh day for me (okay, I weigh EVERY day but Monday is the day I record it). I lost 3.5lbs this week. And wasn't enough to put me in a good mood. WHY?!?!

Friday I went to Zumba. Has anyone ever done Zumba before? Totally fun and HARD! Zumba is a mix of hip hop and latin dance moves paired with other basic areobic moves. High cardio for sure. I love to dance, and the entire time I was imagining I had made it to the choreography round of So You Think You Can Dance. It was a 45 minute class and I hung in there until about the 38 minute mark and then all of my steam was gone and I kept waiting for the cool down. My body was on fire for at least an hour afterwards. Thumbs up.

We didnt do Yoga on Sunday bc I am SPECIAL! Every first Sunday of the month is free yoga. Do you see the problem me thinking it was yesterday? Yesterday was only May 31st. NOT the first Sunday of the month. Oh well, we will go this Sunday.

On the poop front (look, I swore to myself I would not talk about my bowels as much, but this is a learning opportunity). I took a Ducolax yesterday bc seriously...I couldnt get anything to happen and I knew something needed to happen. I felt like a champagne bottle that had a cork stuck in it. Anyways about 5 hours later the magic happened, and let me tell you was wonderful. I havent felt that good after a bathroom experience in 4 months.

I will post pictures from the weekend when I get home and the pictures I found and scanned from when I was skiing as a little girl. We are going to lift weights at least twice a week...this should help me reach my goal of skiing once more!


  1. I have to remember to pause when you do. For a minute there I thought we were gonna get pictures of your fabulous bathroom experience...but I get it now! :) Love the skiing pics, I never did ski and lived across the street from a perfect lake for most of my young life. Oh well, something to put on my 'wish list'! Tuesday will most definitely be better, but HEY wait a minute, what could be better than 3.5? Come on now, that's GREAT.

  2. Gosh Amy, you are a hard on yourself. Look at what you are doing. Yoga!! Dancing!! Skiing (to come) and no doubt a million other things. I love your love of life (I need to get a little of that cos I feel like el crappo right now lol) Chin up darl. It's a brand new day.
    Cara xx

  3. Amy, Love your pictures, and is very helpful to know that Ducolox healped you, you know is gooooood you feel so comfortable talking about your poo, I will defenitly try it. I still go only once a week. So you can relate how I feel.

  4. where is this Free yoga class on the 1st Sunday of the month??? I would like to go Ive never done yoga before and it seems like it would be fun, 3.5lbs is awesome in a week!! last week I lost the same, dont be so hard on yourself you are doing

  5. I too thought that you might have been talking about poop pictures. LOL...

    There was a stand-up comic once who had this great line about, "Ever take a shit where after you're done, your pants fit better?" That one I think of every time I have a good BM. And the fact that one of my best friend's initials are BM, which he grew up hating. Hahaha.