Thursday, June 18, 2009

Walk Softly and Carry a Big Wand

I was sitting here twiddling my thumbs about what to post today...and I didnt come up with much.

Here is a picture of my wand. I got it for Christmas from my mother. It makes noise and lights up and the orb thing twirls. It lays on my desk for several reasons. One must realize, upon entering my office...I am a princess. AND...everyone loves it because it makes them feel like princesses too! Even the maintenance guys play with it. So, I just thought I would share.

Let's see...what else.

I think an interview is in order. I will interview myself.

Amy: Have you snacked today?

Self: Actually Amy, I have not. I have been busy at work and hadn't really thought about it.

Amy: That's kinda weird for you huh? Being busy at work.

Self: I feel like you really know me Amy.

Amy: What would you do professionally if you could choose any profession?

Self: Pole Dance

Amy: Besides that?

Self: Tough one...but I guess I would love to be a personal style consultant, interior decorator, or lottery winner.

Amy: I see you are wearing a dress today. Are you also wearing your miracle power panties?

Self: I am....How did you know that?

Amy: One more question before we go. Everyone is dying to know...what kind of deodorant do you use?

Self: Good one Amy. I use Degree Clinical Strength.


  1. I heart you. I really do. Will you come live with me?

  2. lol your so funny!!! I sit here at work and crack up every time you post...

  3. Too funny! What the heck are miracle power panties? Doesnt sound like they would be too comfortable.

  4. You are too gorgeous.. I love ur posts.. oh and that wand, its so cute.. Are miracle Power Panties like spanx??
    xx Nene

  5. My kid has about 6 "wands" LOL

    Loved the interview..

  6. Love the wand... I used to have one until it was confiscated by my daughter. (sigh) I want to be a princess again too!!!

  7. Oh my! you are bored aren't you. You get paid a lot of money for that you know. I got laid off for being busy and you get paid to be bored. What's that about? You are funny funny funny! I have been so tempted to steal your wand. I may do that next week ya know! By the way this is Catherine writing from Rachel's blog because I can't get into mine. Sorry Rachie!