Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Whiskers on Kittens and Warm Woolin Mittens

Listen, I have a cold. I have a cough and the sniffles. I guess I should consider myself lucky bc my boyfriend, aka the GERM machine, has the flu. Anyways, I went home from work about 2 hours early yesteday. My belly was achey...I think from sitting in a chair all day, and I had no energy.
I am supposed to be drinking 3-5 protein shakes a day, and I am still on a CLEAR liquid diet for another week. I made an executive decision last night (I am my own CEO)...I was going to eat some tomato soup. So...I DID!
I ate about 1/2 a cup. Threw some shredded cheese in their for protein. It was V-8 tomato soup. I had never had it before, but I found it in the broth section. YUM. Anyways, I ate it and about 5 minutes later, it was like a curtain of tiredness just lifted off me. It made me feel so good! So I brought it for lunch today.
I do feel a little guilty, bc technically this would be classified as cheating. But it's not like I am eating pizza. And I didnt eat a whole bowl! It just helped. And it's my body. So there...I have confessed.


  1. Confess here, Amy, but don't confess on lapband talk unless you are willing to listen to the stream of people telling you how much you are harming your body. I remember how much better I felt after starting full solids too. I was exhausted until that happened. You are over a week post op you should be fine. Wait, I am not supposed to tell you that...you really should follow your doctor's orders. Good luck on Thursday and just wait until you have your first mushy meal...you will swear it is the best food you have EVER tasted!


  2. i had a lot of problems when i was on just the protein shakes/fluids. exhaustion, cramping muscles, etc. that one nutritionist was convinced was because i did not have enough potassium or calcium. after explaining that i was on supplements of both, no answer. i added in some carbs (healthy ones tho), and TADA!, felt much better and the cramping stopped. i know everyone is different, but my body doesn't seem to function without having *some* carbs.

    best of luck with your journey!

  3. Thanks! One thing is for sure, this journey is different from person to person. I look forward to being able to look back on these beginning days and chuckle!

  4. This type of surgery, I think they are so regularly changing their approach to what you can eat and when and taking the time to individualize by patient that even after a year, the advice I'm getting is far different from yours. (Well, mostly.) The vitamin store that I go to is run by this great Korean family who are really into health and supplements and the one thing they discovered through working with my doctor is that the sublingual B-12 vitamin once a week really pulls you out of the drags. The woman even said it was safe to use more than once a week if I was feeling sluggish. Just one small 2000mc pill and even BEFORE the surgery I was getting a boost. I decided to make mine during Wednesday humpday, but if I'm slower, I'll just take one on Sundays too.

    Everyone has advice for everyone on how to feel about yourself, how to take care of yourself right, how when and what to eat. Personally, I thought you were beautiful from the very first picture I saw of you (probably your most recent pic) and one of my freelance jobs is to write little gossip sidenotes about actresses on red carpet events or if they're "Hot or Not." I'd like to think that I bring positivity to it, judging them on their acting as well as their looks and I definitely see beauty way differently than most people, but I just turned my thick layer of fat into a thick layer of skin for the nasty remarks.

    Really, you are a beautiful lady, even on those days you might not feel you are and even when you were "bigger." Your attitude sells you so well. I enjoy that.