Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Our New Arrival

No. I'm not talking babies. I am talking about our wonderful Sleep Number by. Thank you QVC and your 5 easy payments. We tore down that horrible waterbed on Saturday and built our new bed. I love it. Its like a little cloud of air and love cradle me while I sleep. Right now we don't have a bedframe or headboard, so we are college dorming it...right on the floor...but all in good time.

The tax man should wave his money wand into my bank account on Friday, so I might purchase a bedframe and comforter, but I am also thinking about some laser hair removal for my face. One place in town is running a half off sale in February. I would love to have my uninvited whiskers zapped away. Seriously, I am 29! I'll keep you posted on that one for sure.

Oh, I ate a "real meal" last night. Grilled chicken breast and some baked beans. It wasn't as wonderful as I had hoped. But it was still good. I am stuck in limbo in regards to eating, calories and scales. I think I need to up my calories to about 1000 a day and see what happens. But after being on about 300-400 calories a day, you feel like you are doing something bad eating 1000. However, I know that anything below 900 is starving yourself and thats just not good. HOWEVER, it seems like you should be losing weight when you only eat 500 calories a day! JEESH. I mean if one pound of fat is equal to 3500 calories...and it takes roughly 2500 calories a day to maintain my current weight....it's simple math. But nothing is ever that simple...

Toodles for now my beautiful ladies!


  1. EAT DANGIT!!!! :) Even if you up your calorie slowly, PLEASE try to get at LEAST 1000 by the weekend. I think I ate 1000-1200 my first month. Now, I eat 1200-1500 each day. If you ever watch the Biggest Loser, you hear Bob gripe about "fueling your body". Be sure to log your food. I use fitday.com but many people prefer dailyplate.com. It keeps me honest and makes it easier to hold myself accountable, therefore harder to "cheat". Good luck!

  2. OOOO, I forgot, congrats on the bed...I am sooooo jealous!

  3. Okay! I will start tracking my calories today, usually I just do it in my head but my head is a dangerous place...so I am sure something official will help. Its kinda hard not to get discouraged at this point where you are waiting for restriction, but I just shake it off and keep reading everyones success stories and know it will happen! Thanks for the post!