Thursday, February 26, 2009

Do these pants make my butt look FAST?

So, on Tuesday...we upped are walking routine to 2 miles. I didnt think it would be that hard since on Saturday, we walked 1.5 miles. I think it was mental but after we had walked the path one mile in one direction, and had to turn back to complete that last mile (so we could get back to the car), my shoes started bothering me....shin My dad asked me if I was going to make it. I told him, "Failure is not an option...because he couldnt carry me back to the car". So we made back. We did 2 miles again last night and not that bad. Tracey is jogging a mile while I walk...bc I think he will enter the 5k as a jogger. Anywhoooo....tonight I think we will go do another 2 miles.

Good news though! This has jumpstarted my weight loss again. Today I was at 300.0! My goal was 299 by March 1st, which is Sunday. I set that goal during my pre-op diet where the weight was falling off as fast as Paris Hilton's clothes...BUT, I just might make it.

What I want to say here is this. I read about people who no longer think about food every minute of their day. I read about people who workout and enjoy it. They say that they never thought they would see the day that either of those were true. And I always doubt them...meaning...I think they couldn't have loved food or loathed working out as much as I do.

So my point is....I HATE WALKING. Where I work has a pretty big campus. If we were walking to a meeting, and the walk might have taken 5 minutes...I would have drove. I never thought I could walk and sort of enjoy it. And this shift has only taken 3-4 months. SO, if I can. Now, I still think of food every minute of the day...but hopefully in time that will change. Someone recenlty told me that "normal" people don't think of food all the time. That seems so crazy (in a sane way) to me. So I asked Tracey "Do you think about food all the time". He said NO! That he only thinks about it when its meal time. Odd.

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  1. I never really realized that I don't think about food all the time any more, but I don't. I used to though. My daughter, who is not overweight, thinks about it constantly. She has the brain of a 500lb person. She and my dad, who DOES weight almost 500lbs. could and sometimes do, talk about food for hours. It is craziness!!! It will get better. Will you ever fall in love with exercise? Ummmmm, I don't know. When I exercise regularly, which is NOT now, I do become kind of addicted. Of course, it is in an air conditioned gym, and I watch tv while I do it, so maybe it doesn't count as much. You are doing a great job and I am happy for you!!!!!