Monday, February 2, 2009

Lock & Load

So, on I told everyone one thing I have learned is to never trust a fart.


Amy sitting at her desk.




Not a fart.

End Scene

Seriously, when all you have is liquid going in, that's really all you have coming out. hahaha....not funny:)

So today is my first day back at work. I am soooo tired. I blame it on two things: one we are sleeping in the living room bc our waterbed sprung a leak (thank God bc I hate that thing), and we havent drained it yet, so we are sleeping on matresses in the living room...which means the cats play around us all night. And two: I am hardly eating anything. Why Dr. Friedman are you torturing me? I am on to you bub! I know I can eat like normal, I dont have any restriction yet...please let me to full liquids! I meet with him on Thursday for my first check up, so I hope he lets me go on full liquids a little early...bc I am supposed to have another week of them!

Soooo, I am not sure what picture to post bc I still have tape on my incisions so it really wouldn't be any different than the other pic. I will post a pic of me at Chuck-e-Cheese in December....we went for my bosses bday! Until next time my blog readers...may the force be with you!

And just a random funny cat picture. If you have two or more will understand this.


  1. OMG you are so freaking funny. I was laughing and had to tell my 14 yr old son what I was laughing about. I prefaced it with reminding him of my bathroom habits after banding. Yes, I remember, liquid in, liquid out. I did that for over a week! Plus side is I lost a lot of weight that week! I hope you bed comes in soon.


  2. Oh, the joys of an unexpected shart. Yay! (I'll keep my mind on this, thanks!) My doc wanted my up to full liquids right away, so I wonder why so many docs seem different. At Dr. Billy's clinic, they want me to focus on black & white while I'm losing. No justifications of "it's just one fry or one chip" while I'm still in the losing phase. But man - they are crazy BIG on making sure you get your protein in. And beef broth just doesn't have enough.

    We have a cat we adopted and kept her name, Marley, because I think she either doesn't realize she's a cat because she will act like a dog or demand attention worse than my non-furry child. We got her last June, so lucky to adopt her because she's a beautiful tabby/ragdoll mix. Her tail looks like a feather duster! But she talks all the time and kept checking on me when I first got home yesterday, smelling me like she knew something was off. But the neatest thing about ragdolls is that they go limp when you pick them up. Marley will have this look on her face like she's angry at her genetic code when we can stop her from naughty behaviours just by picking her up like a baby. She doesn't fight back or even whine. She just gives you a pathetic look on her face like "Damn these ragdoll genes!"

    I have a picture of her on LOL Cats. It was taken after a hardcore play session when she was panting. :)

  3. Oh and I noticed you have tattoos. Did your nurses start asking you questions about them? One of the RNs in my main office (not the surgical center where I had my lap put in) said she had 3 kids and 1 tattoo and would rather have another kid. Meh! I love my tattoos.

    Three of them are based on my daughter (I have her 6 1/2 year old photocopied handprint on my chest with a heart in the palm, showing she holds my heart in my hand, I have the forearm one I might have mentioned earlier about "BeLiv in Yourself." I have a great skull and crossbones one on my outside right calf which was based off a picture she drew and punched up by my friend Howie (a tattoo GOD who my daughter once said when she was 5 years old that she was going to grow up and marry, lol... He's a sweetheart with amazing talent). That one has orange pony tails (the orange-red color of her hair, with pink bows and upside down heart for the nose, and freckles too. He even did a great job inking her full name Olivia, above it.

    Then... I have two that Howie did a few years back behind my ears. After my separation, when I hated my ex for turning into a stupid drug addicted monster and leaving me broke and caring for my daughter 100% of the time while he worked under the table to hide income, I had bananas tattooed behind my ears. One is an angel and one a devil, to represent that even when you're going bananas (crazy), there's a good kind of crazy and a bad kind of crazy and we need both to keep us in check.

    My other tattoo is a horrible job done of Winnie the Pooh when I was 19, need to get that one covered up.

    But I found it funny that they were commenting on how bad tattoos must hurt while prepping me for Lap-Band surgery. LOL! I'd rather get a tattoo any day than have blood drawn, get shots, have an IV line put in. I guess I'm just weird that way.

  4. Hi Amy,
    I know you posted this almost 2 years ago....but the same just happened to me. I was banded on Tuesday and have been in tons of pain. I've been trying to stay on top of the Gas-X so I wouldn't have gas pains. All was good when the gas was passing. All day long...little gas, little gas....and then. All of a sudden I realize that my pants are wet. I'm like did I just piss myself? What is going on with my body? Why did i do this to myself? Then I remembered some gas that I passed a couple minutes earlier....yep, not gas! I've been re-reading blogs from the start to see if people experienced this horrible pain like I'm feeling. But to see other people go thru the gas/fart/diahrea thing helps! You've inspired me so much...Thank You for being so honest so we don't feel so alone in all the weird things our bodies are doing!