Sunday, February 8, 2009

Doctor Update

I'm sorry that I haven't updated (Cindy reminded me). My doctors appointment went really well. I stepped on the scale and wonderful little Amanda (I am not sure what her official title is...) wrote my weight down and said "crap, you've lost 20 pounds in one week!" (It's really like two weeks and I was kinda bummed because I had lost 23 pounds according to my scale)...but I was still proud.

So I met with Dr. Friedman and he said I was doing excellent. He ripped my tape right off. He said I have a 10-12cc band with nothing really in it right now. I told him that it didn't feel like I had any restriction, and that I felt like I could chug a bottle of water right now with no problem. He told me that with the liquids, I wouldnt probably feel a restriction, but he promised me that I have a restiction and when I eat solid food I would tell, so go slow.

He gave me the green light to eat full liquids and move slowly onto mushies and soft food. YEAH! I see him on March 5th for my first fill. I hope that I fill something with my first feel. As I have started to eat full liquids and some soft food, I still never get a feeling that says I should stop...I just stop on my own and ask myself if I am physically hungry. Most of the time the answer is I just stop.

I am stuck at 303...let me reword that, I seem to be taking a pitstop so I am going to up the exercise this week.

Today was a beautiful day in Pensacola! We hit the beach for the first time. I apologize for the lack of humor in this post, I think the SunGod's have sucked it out of me!

The look on my face in this one is bc the water is about 67 degrees...

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