Thursday, February 12, 2009

I'm Grumpy Today

Okay, so I upped my calories yesterday, tracked them on The Daily Plate. Ate 1200 calories. I gained 3 pounds. One day. 3 pounds. I don't understand. And this makes me grumpy. And discouraged.

I am trying to shake it off. Keep my head up. Be positive. BUT DAMN! 3 POUNDS!


I went shopping last night for a swimsuit bc somehow I have lost mine! It was a tankini I got from Target last year. Pretty cute. Its M.I.A. And it's not shopping for swimsuits that makes me's how horrible the swimsuits are that kill me. Why does every plus sized swimsuit either have a skirt, shorts, or some wrap thing? I WANT A CUTE SWIMSUIT! I mean...what are the fat hip girls supposed to wear? (That's hip as in cool, not fat hips) I don't want huge floral dresses to swim in. This is not 1932. I want a cute cut, sexy pattern, etc. Its like this...if you went into the swimsuit section of any store, and none of the swimsuits were marked with a size, you could walk right to the big girl swimsuits bc they are hideous! If you can make a cute swimsuit in a size 16, you can make it in a size 24. ARGH!

But again, I tried to think positive and think that this will be the last swimsuit season where it's hard to find a cute suit. But, if I keep gaining 3 pounds a day...perhaps not.

Boo hoo.


  1. I completely freaked when I put on 10 lbs after my came off after a week. Make sure you are drinking enough water and not consuming too much salt. My dumb butt ate tortilla chips with my refried beans and ff sour cream yesterday and my ankles are swollen, so I am up another pound. Ugh. I don't mind the pound as much as the dang swollen ankles. I am used to not swelling anymore. Also, if you are afraid to keep eating as much, alternate your days..1 day of 1000 day 2 1100 day 3 1200, then back down again. It usually works to keep the metabolism tricked. Good Luck

  2. I get so mad when I weigh myself in the bathroom and its 2lbs diff than if I put the scale in the kitchen. Its a headache!

    sorry your swimsuit is mia! that is weird!

  3. Hi Jessica! Welcome to the blog. Scales are evil, and I wish I could be one of those people who doesnt even weigh themselves, just tracks inches, etc. I wonder if there are Weight Loss Surgery people who never weigh themselves. Oh well!

    Cindy-as always, thank you. I started tracking my calories on the Daily Plate and my sodium is too high, so maybe that has something to do with it.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. LOL... and I mentioned being one of those chicks who actually likes the skirt on her bathing suit. I'm hip, I swear! I'm bringing 1932 back!

    I'm having a problem with my digital scale right now. If you tap on it to get it started, it's not zeroing out, it's reading something off like 2.6 or 3.2 pounds, not the usual 00.00. I think it's because when I stopped using it for awhile, my boyfriend stored it upright under the sink and now the calibration is off.

    When we get another one (since it looks like we're going to have to), I'm going to probably weight myself every day. Contrary to popular belief, daily weighing hasn't proven to be bad for you. Instead, in most cases, it keeps you accountable.

    But yeah, I would venture water gain from excess sodium sounds right.

    I told my friends (who want me to be checking in with my weight weekly) that I might just torture them by only posting the weight that the doctor's office has me at. My appointment for the first post-op with the surgeon is on March 2nd, which makes it 7 weeks after surgery, but only because he's booked up on the 4&5th weeks and on vacation on my 6th.

    I'm still going to my post-op classes and can discuss my diet with the RN there. It's supposed to be a support group and I'm always bad with those. (For my pre-op class, everyone that was in there was at different stages - hadn't gotten approved yet, were waiting for labs and a surgery date, already had a date - I was in the third group) and when half the people started complaining about how much the protein drinks cost, I piped up, "Well, it IS cheaper just to stay fat, right?"

    That did NOT go over well.