Thursday, July 12, 2012

I Am So Glad It's Friday

....did I trick you?  It's NOT Friday!

hahaha....I know.  I'm hateful.

Hi friends!  I am alive, kicking, and gaining weight!  You read that right.  Last week I ran over 15 miles (not ALL AT ONCE, but one run was 6 miles), and I gained several pounds.  FAb. U. Lous.

Whatever.  I am over it.  Well, clearly I am not since I blogging about it.  But such is life when you eat like a hungry hungry hippo. All I know, is I looked smokin hot yesterday in a new work top...and when I was approaching our front door and saw my reflection, I wanted to lick it.  So clearly, I have gained muscle (this is my favorite thing to tell myself).  Truth be told, it's shocking how badly I can eat sometimes.  But I am sure I will get back on track. 

Until then...
Life has been treating me well.  Right after my last post about "your one wish" (which thank you for all your responses and thoughts), we spent a Saturday tubing with friends.

Pictured above:  Me and Nathan....and our toe points.  Spectacular.  Pictured below:  Nathan and I have a photo shoot.

Here is little old me and the beautiful Sara doing some of our cheerleader moves. 

And this is my favorite picture from the day.  These people, who I am sure are probably not actually killers, kept passing us, then getting behind us, then passing us...and that is my "uh-oh...there are killers in a canoe face"..
That Saturday was the first time I had drank a drop of alcohol since the near death Memorial Day weekend.  I only packed 3 of my beers so as not to get smart I am.  And there was not, nor will there ever be...EVERCLEAR involved!

The next week, my parents came to visit!  And guess what we did?  Went tubing again!

Do not be surprised if, and when, any of y'all come to visit me if I don't say "hey, we should go tubing"!  It's free, it involves water, and it usually involves jello shots...oh...and snacks.  What more can you ask for?


  1. Tubing is amazing. Us Texas hillbillies do it all the time! I need to take some pics next time. :)

    Also, your scale is clearly a whore.

  2. That first picture is hilarious. Just hilarious. I just have a vision of you two doing synchronized swimming in the creek (pronounced 'crick' btw, must be a KS thang). But your buddy's got a beer to his lips.......Awwwwwe.Some!

  3. FINALLY! I spent 2 weeks reading you have written in preparation for my upcoming banding (July 19 - holla!!) and I got to the end and you.just.stopped.posting. I was convinced that I broke your blog.