Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Son of a BUCK

I am going in for a fill on Monday. 


Do you think I can lose 10 pounds over the weekend? 


I hate the thought of going in for a fill when I am up on the scale.  BUT...I figured I can't be a hypocrite and tell ya'll to use your tool and don't be afraid of what your doctor will think if you havent lost...

and then be afraid of what my doctor will think because I have gained and am not using my tool.

And now, while the 10ish (fine...possibly 14ish) pounds I am up are not all due to the fact that my restriction is has now gotten to the point that when I am sitting down to eat a meal, my portions are rather large.  Much larger than what a bandster is supposed to eat with proper restriction...very much like a normal person.  Heather and I can eat about the same portion size for meals (almost).  And don't let that girl fool you, she can put away some food.

So I go to the doctors on Monday.  It's been awhile since I have been able to put my arms around Dr. Friedman it won't all be bad.

For my new bandsters, or my present bandsters, who may be asking...How do you know you need a fill?  This is how I know.

1.  My portion size at dinner has increased.  I can eat firsts AND seconds.  A normal meal may include pasta and veggies, and I am probably eating 2 cups or so of pasta and almost 2 cups of veggies. 

2.  Even with these increased portion sizes, I am physically hungry within approximately 2 hours.  Even if that meal includes heavy protein.

3.  I can eat a hamburger, bun and all (we are talking about a junior cheeseburger or the likes), in the under 5 minutes.

4.  I am physically hungry a lot! 

I do not use how much I am snacking or how much I want to eat as a gauge.  I think about eating all the time, that doesn't mean I am hungry.  I snack whether I am hungry or not.  My band doesn't really help me with that...and I try not to use "I hardly get stuck" as a gauge either...bc I could make myself get stuck in less than 60 seconds if I tried. 

I am not asking or requesting a huge fill.  I am going to let Dr. Friedman be the judge.  The last 2 fills I have had, I ended up being too tight and had to go back in for an unfill (and to be fair, I begged for a big fill...).  So I am just hoping that a minor fill will help with some of the battle.

After all, why have this surgery if you aren't going to try and use your band?


  1. Good for you -- and I love the tree saying! Thanks for your nice post! I'm pretty freaking psyched these days. :)

  2. Hope it helps!! I couldn't imagine eating a hamburger, bun and all, with any kind of restriction. Especially not in 5 minutes. ;)

  3. Keep your head up and keep up the hard work. One thing I’ve found to be extremely helpful and useful as a supplement to my current diet/exercise plan is Fullbar ( Not only do their products help you lose weight, they also help you maintain your weight loss.

  4. I hate it when the weight creeps up. Poopy woopy...but you know what to do and you're doing it so YAY YOU!

  5. If you find yourself thinking about eating all the time or snacking regardless of whether or not you're hungry, you may want to approach the problem from a mental perspective rather than a physical one. Are there emotional or mental needs you're fulfilling by eating this way? Take a look at the video in my link. It does a great job explaining our human needs, how those needs make us develop bad eating patterns sometimes, and how we can overcome and replace them with healthier habits.

    Best of luck to you, and hope your fill helps!

  6. Thanks for a really good explanation of some of what you believe the band can and cannot do in helping you as a tool - it makes a lot of sense. As someone who doesn't have a band yet, and is trying to figure if I'm choosing correctly to get one to help me lose/maintain weight loss, this is very helpful. I hope your Dr. gives you just the right amt. for your fill, and you get the extra support you need to get back to that green zone.

  7. THat's the way to do it! I am proud of you for going in there-- I know the feeling, HATE going in if I've gained any weight... be brave.

  8. Hey, you recognize you need some help and go for it, that's something to be proud of. Hope this one does the trick for you!

  9. You go girl! Recognizing the signs of a needed fill! You've always been honest about what the band does for you, and what it doesn't. Damn the head hunger! :)

  10. Good luck with the fill :) hope it does the trick for ya

  11. A fill might be just the trick... And Heather can put it away, so if you are eating her portion size, you need a fill! I miss you, XOXO *M*

  12. Hi Amy - Question for you. Can you please tell me if your dr. does your fills with a floroscope or without? I have had mine done with the floroscope but have been thinking about going to a more local doctor (I moved) who does not do the fills with the floroscope. Looking for the possible differences in experience with and without. Thanks.

  13. Amy, you're a sweetheart. :) Thanks for commenting on my long-fallow blog! Hope your fill goes well!