Thursday, July 26, 2012

Day Four with My New Band

Just kidding.  It's the same good old Tina that I have had for 3.5 years.  I was just trying to pretend this week that my fill on Monday was my first fill ever...and trying to be a good bandster.  I stuck to liquids the first day of the fill, liquids the next day until dinner.  Then I served myself us the best crock-pot roast I have ever eaten, and served it on a little plate, not the usual dinner plate.  I ate my protein first, then the carrots, and a nibble of the tater.  I ended with a little piece of french baguette.  No problems at all.  That meal seemed to hold me until dinner.  I didn't even want to have something sweet for dessert.

I have had no acid reflux.

I am still feeling physically hungry throughout the day though.  I am starving in the morning while working out, and then hungry again before lunch (but have just been doing protein shakes for breakfast and one can't really expect those to hold you for 3 hours)....and really hungry before dinner.  But Heather has been working later than normal, so we aren't eating until after that's almost 8 hours after my lunch.  Can't blame the band for that!

So hopefully I am at a good place portion size wise.  This week I have drank only water (and some milk) soda.  No beer.  I haven't indulged in Oreos.  I am trying to take one day at a time.  I am not going crazy depriving myself.  I had to present for work yesterday at noon, and was offered free mexican buffet, but opted for some Greek yogurt from TCBY instead. 

On a different note:  Sometimes when I have to go the bathroom at work I forget I am at work and pull my pants down before I get into the stall.  Granted, there is only me and one other female in this building, but a transient pee'er or pooper could walk in.  On the opposite side, sometimes I forget to pull my pants up before I leave the stall.  Oh well.  We are one people.

I may have to delete my facebook account before I get angry and say mean things.  It's getting cray cray on there with politics and gay chicken nuggets.  I just don't know these days.  I just don't know.

The weekend is upon us.  Should be another busy one for the Gainey-Workman household.  A play tomorrow night (Heather would never opt to attend a play except our coworkers child is in it), a possible party on Saturday night, and then Sunday...nothing!  Whipppeee....except working out and hopefully the beach.  Wanna come?


  1. Dang just made me want to get a little fill and pretend I have a new band :) How do you do that???

    On the face book front..I HEAR YOU!! I have been making liberal use of the hide button to keep sane.

  2. That's the role model Bandster Amy that we all know and love. It's good to hear from her again.

  3. I can totally relate to wanting to delete FB these days. If I see one more anti-anybody comment, I might flip my shit. So done with all the hate. Blah.

    Also, is not pulling up your pants before you leave the stall NOT normal? :o/

  4. I'm with you and Ronnie on FB-- it makes me puke half the time, people are filled with stupidity and hate. Grrrr. And I cannot speak my TRUE mind about some things that make me angry (like stupid things at my j*b or whatever, for example... ) because I am paranoid about who might read it and the consequences.
    But I like to look at the pictures, so I try not to get too much into the fray on FB. Just sayin'. And I love to see your pix on there-- it is a nice way that I keep up with all of my friends, bloggy and otherwise.
    Cheers lady!

  5. So glad the new fill is helping you! You're making great choices and you're on your way to losing those pesky pounds that found you!! I'm trying to do the same, gained 13lbs and am now running and working towards eating right to get 'em off. I've done it once, and I'll do it again - just like you!! Have a great weekend - sounds busy but fun!