Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Temptation Island

It occurred to me that I have neglected to blog about my weekend.  We went to Defuniak to catch some of Fisher's ballgames.  Good times. 

It was a very challenging weekend being on Atkins.  Because this is my choice, I hate to impose my eating restrictions on anyone else, and feel terrible if they begin to make decisions based on what I can and cannot eat.  So Friday night we went out for...


Sweet Chalupas, I love Mexican.  I love cheese dip, chips, little carbs that scream "ole'"!  So I watched everyone eat chips and salsa.  In slow motion I watched those little flat pieces of pressed corn (aka chips) dip into the white cheese.  I watched big mugs of cold beer being delivered.  I slobbered on the frozen drink section of the menu.  And then I ordered a chicken burrito and ate the inards.

So on Saturday we woke up early, headed to another ball game. 

The thing about Atkins's not a diet of convenience.  You can't pack fruit, grab a bag of chips, no granola bars...etc.  So I existed on the Atkin bars for the most part.  I decided to cook a late lunch for everyone (bacon cheeseburgers) around 3 (the first time we ate since breakfast)...

and the damn thing got stuck bc I was so hungry and ate it too fast.  Up it came.

And my wonderful Gainey's...well...they drink a lot of beer.  And although I dont miss beer, I kinda wanted to be a little intoxicated late in the day as well...since almost everyone else was. 

No beer for Amy.
And was time to go fishing. no likey fishing really.  Because a) you have to touch the worms and b) if you catch the fish you have to TOUCH THEM!

And I will tell you one thing I don't like so far about low carbin' it.  I lack energy.  I can rally for my workouts, but this weekend I was just..."dull".  And Henry was so worried about me.  And everyone thought something was bothering me...but it really wasn't.  I was just missing the "spunk" that makes Amy...Amy.  I couldn't find it...and I didnt like it.

But onward and upward my friends!  Tomorrow is the last day of the competition and I can't WAIT for it to be over.  I will post the results for you, as well as my summary of this low-carb thing.

Happy HumpDay!


  1. Wow, u did amazing well to stay on track with all that! I keep contemplating doing it as well, but I'm already so low carb I don't think I would get to much out of it. Can't wait to see ur results!

  2. No carbs in vodka, my friend! No carbs at all.. :)

  3. I would have drank the cheese dip. Voila and ole! LOL! (Then chased it with vodka...)

  4. I like the way Catherin thinks!!!

  5. Are you saying sugar is the spunk that makes Amy Amy? An interesting observation! You are kicking ass, my dear.

    I wish it was shorts and tank top weather in Oregon.

  6. You are gonna kick butt tomorrow... Think Lighter thoughts. Try that light as a feather stiff as a board thing from our childhood slumber parties. You look skinnier, which I didn't think was possible.

  7. Im sorry Amy I will have to read this again, I was so focused on how damn small your tummy/waist on that post workout pic I got distracted. You are doing great!

  8. Congrats for staying on track! That had to be hard!

  9. "little carbs that scream 'ole!" Now if that is not a good reason to de-Atkinize, I don't know what is! Oh yeah, the lack of energy. I don't know how you made it this far working out like you do. I can't make it through one work out without fuel (carbs) in my tank! Good luck!

  10. I can't wait to see your post Atkin's post!! It is definitely not convenient though. I have a bar in my purse just in case.

    OAN: I wish Blogger had a "like" button so I could click like on some comments. I facebook to much...