Thursday, April 7, 2011

Dear Dr. Oz...get me on your show...ASAP

Linda posted the other day about the Dr. Oz show that focused on Lapband surgery.  And just like Linda...I thought that Dr. Oz presented a very balanced look at the lapband.  The show really focused on the recent BMI requirements and how they changed...and the question was "For someone with just 30 pounds to the lapband a good idea?"

However...I had just one teensy weensy (and by teensy weensy I mean HUGE) problem with the show (as did Linda).

They featured two lapband patients, one 6 years out, one 6 months out.  And they showed how much each ate now that they were banded.  The girls 6 months out...get this...

breakfast:  6 tablespoons of yogurt
lunch:  maybe a cup of broth
dinner:  crap...I can't remember...but is wasnt solid either.

I was yelling at the tv.  I was flabbergasted.  I was annoying Heather.

First, I could and did eat more than that a WEEK after surgery.
Second, if six months after surgery your doctor still wants you on liquids and mushies...COO COOOOO!
Third, what she was showing doesnt follow ANY bandster rules I have ever heard of.  Everything she ate was a slider and hardly any protein!

It made me so frustrated because I do not want anyone thinking it's that "easy".  I also don't want someone considering lapband to look at that and say there is NO WAY I am getting the surgery if that's all I can eat!

It was some BULL-HONKEY!  So...I emailed Dr. Oz today.  I am sure he will call me later tonight.  I will keep you posted.

In the meantime, it did make me realize that for those just starting to research WLS, I should (and perhaps YOU as well) should write up a little post about what OUR lives look like now that we are banded.  I mean...I know you can tell that by reading through our blogs...but I have to remind myself some people don't know the ins and outs of banding like those of us who have been around the band block.

Yes?  yes.

Happy Thursday!


  1. Yes, I was yelling at the TV too! Such a bunch of hooey! Anyways, what a great about what OUR lives look like now that we are banded. I think I will join you in that idea :)

  2. Congrats on your great progress w/ Atkins-- you look HOT girl.
    I missed that Dr. Oz-- I'd like to capture in the replay. Maybe I'll yell too.

  3. I wish so much that I'd seen this show. But then again, maybe I don't, because I yell at the TV enough as it is...

  4. I missed the show too, but another blogger mentioned Dr. Oz threw an apple at a gal in the audience who said she would be cool with eating a lapband diet (a diet as represented by what they showed on the show presumably). When he threw the apple, he told her something about enjoying it because it would be the last one she'd have if she got the lapband.

  5. I hate it when people don't know what the hell they are talking about. No wonder no one knows what to believe anymore and everyone is skeptical of EVERYTHING! Because for every pro there is a con for the same ideas! ugh!

  6. Wow -- that is so ridiculous about the 6-monther's diet. Sounds like she's either (a) lying; (b) WAY too tight; or (c) involved in an eating disorder situation. That is not normal!!

  7. I won't watch Dr. O again until you're on it. Tell me it is so. Get some real people on for a change who actually show success.

  8. That is a good idea. I will get on that tomorrow. On the way to swim class.

  9. I watched that show and I was stunned. The girl who was 6 years out even said something about the food that was out for the 6 months out patient being not representative of the diet. The third item looked like chocolate pudding. Ridiculous!! I hope Dr Oz does call you.

  10. Oh I hope they respond to you. I may write them too. Good idea about how we are living now - sometimes it's easy to forget there are people reading our blogs who are still researching lap band.

  11. I watched the show and called total bullshit on that 6 month girl when I saw what she ate and how she said she was full. I was like, if she eats that little at 6 months out, she is too tight, lying her ass off or starving herself. I was like, Where's the protien? Those all are slider foods and can't keep her full. I was so pissed because she wasn't presenting the reality of things!

  12. I was on vacation and I REALLY MEANT to DVR this show, and forgot, dammit! Perhaps I'll see if I can't find it online somewhere.

    ANYWAY..... thinking about what you wrote about you (and us) writing a post about what we eat. Immediately I thought about a woman named Shelly who had Gastric-bypass. She has a a post that she does (weekly? more often??) called "A Day In My Pouch" and she takes pix of everything she ate that day.

    I wonder if we shouldn't come up with a collaberative name for a similar type of post? Whether we take pix of the food or not (and bless her, she gives recipes too!) to show people what we can eat??

  13. In Lap Band Surgery the top part of the stomach in attached with a gastric band. The cause of less hunger through Lap Band Surgery is that this band assists to decrease the cavity of the stomach and when there is less space in your stomach you will be feeling less hunger automatically. Lap band diet is very much essential after surgery.

  14. Excellent post, darlin'! It was a great reminder of what I'm doing and why I did it. Thank you!