Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Astounded & Sad

So, through an Alice in Wonderland rabbit chasing (and by rabbits I mean hyperlinks) adventure, I stumbled upon this article written for Marie Clare. 

I read it and thought for a second it must be a joke.  And then I was horrified that in fact, it was not.  And if you make it to the bottom of the screen, you will see the author, Maura Kelly, issues an apology...

but the apology seems like her hand was forced and she had some mending to do. 

I have never seen Mike and Molly on CBS, This weekend I did have someone tell me it was very funny, and now after reading this article I will start watching it.

I guess I am always surprised at such hatism.  I forget that their are people out there who can be sooo bigoted...and not just about "fatties".

Thank God there are those of us who know better, think better, and DO better.

Yucky article.

I need to rinse my mouth out.

Someone pass my the orange hooch.


  1. When this story came out late last year it was obvious that her apology was not sincere. She expressed her true feelings when she wrote the article. Unfortunately, many people feel this way. Let me rephrase...many ignorant people feel this way.

    If you ever get a chance to watch Mike and Molly you will enjoy it.

  2. Yeah I saw this crap and thought the same thing. It is shameful that people in this day and age still think, say and write such hateful stuff. It is hate, plain and simple.

  3. Girl you must have been under a rock that week, blog land was all a buzz about it, everyone sounded off on it, you missed out.

  4. That article was horrible. It makes me sick. I don't read the magazine, now i never will.

    People like that will get what's due to them for thinking that way.

    Ugh, just discusting!

  5. As Dawnya touched on, the key word here is *ignorance*. No worries...karma is a mofo. :)

  6. http://www.jennsylvania.com/jennsylvania/2010/10/ive-got-your-counterpoint-right-here-marie-claire.html

    Read this. Understand why I forgive Jen her red state leanings. She's totally got that stupid Marie Clare woman pegged.

    You're welcome/ :D

  7. Thanks for sharing - I must have been under a rock when this article came out, too. I'm not only astounded by the article itself, but by some of the comments I read. Geez! Why do people feel the need to be so hateful..to anyone? We are all different.

  8. I read that article... Sad and Pathetic. but the show is funny and I really enjoy it. I don't understand why people think fatties don't deserve love.... maybe they're just jealous of our curves. *M*

  9. I love her follow up after the article was published. But event better all the comments telling her she is narrow minded. The best part was that she stated she was anorexic! I hope she cried.. a lot!