Monday, April 25, 2011

The Mission Statement

For the blog:

To entertain and educate through honesty and humor, mistakes and triumphs, and self professed bits of wisdom.

Watchu think?  Not funny enough?  Grammatically incorrect?  I wanted it to be short enough that it summed it all up and that I could memorize it.  I mean, if you can't recite your own mission statement then WHAT on Earth can you do.

Here are some of my early contenders that didn't make the cut...although they would make good motto's instead of missions:

Everything is better with sequins.

When life gives you lemons, ask for a refund and buy a Diet Sunkist instead.

Everything is better with Cheddar.

Hot people workout.

Just do it.  (I think someone else has this one trademarked)

Sometimes saying things that other people have the common decency to keep inside can take you along way.  Boundaries are for sissies.

In all honesty...the last one is kinda my favorite...and while it is full of panache, I think it may lack a little professionalism.

In other news, I drank too much Tropical Smoothie and I feel ill.

Carry on soliders!  Carry on.


  1. I like your last one too, but I get your rationale for not using it. I like the first one too.

  2. I LOVE your mission statement. I think it really sums up your blog nicely. I also really like several of the motto's. Don't worry about the "just do it" one, I think it belongs to a really small company that nobody has ever heard of!!! ;)

    Hope you feel better real soon, and lay off the smoothie!

  3. Personally, I would call "everythings better with sequins" more of a core value. :)

    I really like your mission statement. Very well said, which is not surprising coming from you.

  4. I like it! Well, not the feeling sick part, but the rest of it. I think my motto/core value thingy is, "Changing the world, one fatass at a time."

  5. I think it's great! And it certainly describes your blog to a T

  6. I like the one you chose, but the last one ("boundaries are for sissies") is awesome. :)

  7. How about: To bring Hope to those who no longer have hope.

    I know. Hokey, but it is what it is. But I truly like yours as well. Go Amy!!

  8. That is a great mission statement. I am always entertained and usually educated :o)

  9. Um, I thought your mission statement was: To blog my way onto Oprah.


    Love your mission statement!

  10. I'm loving them all. My personal favorite is: Everything is better with Cheddar.

    You always keep me laughing.

  11. I think "Boundaries are for Sissies" should be the mission statement!!! Who cares about profesionalism???

  12. Hot people workout. Hee! love it!