Monday, April 25, 2011

If Your Blog Had A Mission Statement

I thought I would bring this to the masses, and let you have your way with it (in otherwords...fix it for me).

I have a question for you. 

Okay...I have two questions for you.

#1.  If you had to make a mission statement for your BLOG...what would it be.  This is a serious assignment.  You see, I was recently asked to share MY mission statement for MY blog...and my first thought better make one up ASAP! 

As you may or may not remember or know...I started blogging on a whim one day.  Sure...I wanted all the fame, glamour, and money that comes with being a rockstar (I mean, I get paid an annual salary of 1.4 million from the Blogger's Who Make Things Up Association...don't you?).  But besides all of that, I wanted to document my journey, share the good and bad, share too much and make you laugh, and also...let everyone who was big in the britches like me...that you could be fat AND happy.  You could be fat AND still wear a swimsuit.  You could be fat AND live.

In the beginning, I had 3 followers.  I never thought I would have all of you.

So with all that said, I never came up with a "mission statement".  I just wrote.  Or rambled...whichever definition suits you.

I do speak about mission statements where I work.  Our organization has a fantastic one..."Helping People Overcome Life's Challenges".  It is short, sweet, and to the point.  It is something every employee can remember and use to guide them. I am almost certain that the majority of us have worked for companies that mission statements are LONG and full of crap no one will ever remember. 

And so, as I make up my mission statement, I want it short, sweet, and slightly humorous.  I want it to pinpoint what makes  But when has it ever appeared that I am good at getting to the point?  I mean, look at this email.  I like to blah blah.

So I am working on it and plan to unveil it just as soon as I firm it up.  Until then...start making up yours.

Now.  Question number 2.

#2.  What would your mission statement for your LIFE be?  Because do you know what happens when you start Googling mission statements.  Well, apparently you are nobody until you have one.  And apparently one just fumbles through life without a personal mission statement.  Oooh...maybe my mission statement should be:  mission statements are for sissies.  the end.

No.  That's a little negative.  So, I am thinking about my personal mission statement as well.  Stay tuned.

It is Monday.  I hope you a fantastic week. 


  1. What a great idea! I will have to start thinking of my own mission statement.

    Oh, and I am glad we are both getting paid the $1.4 mil. I was starting to wonder if I were the only one there for a while. :)

  2. I don't do mission statements and I believe that mission statements sometimes need to change depending on where a company or a person's life, I guess, goes.

  3. We actually have a family mission statement of sorts that we put together about a year and a half ago. It goes something to the effect of *** "We are a family who enjoys spending time together and also welcomes our friends and family into our daily lives. We place a high value on freedom and recognize that hard work, education and fiscal responsibility allow us to have this freedom." *** It's been a good guide for us to make appropriate choices that impact our family, but maybe I need to be thinking about a personal and/or blog mission statement now! Good idea...

  4. I struggled with this one too...see you on Wed :)

  5. Great idea! Thanks for making me think!

  6. I will have to ponder this cuz I have no clue!

  7. OMG...... now my mission is to NAME my mission..... I think I need a drink!

  8. Cool Idea...I recently made a vision board which is kind of a visual representation of my life's mission statement. I am thinking....Dreams keep me grounded but acheiving them lets me fly!