Monday, November 29, 2010

So Our The Days Of Our Lives


I have no clever title. I have no clever introductory sentence.

Damn it. I hate it when that happens.

I have been thinking about my bloggers these last few days. I wondered how my fellow American's lapbanders and dieters held up during Thanksgiving day meals. I found comfort in the fact that last year I am happier and healthier than last year. I ate slow. I only PB'd once in the last 6 days.

I weighed in today at 168.

I am content.

My mind and thoughts are scattered, but I didnt want another day to pass without blogging, so I will let them spill out and you can do with them what you will.

You will be happy to know that last weekend, I did indeed hang the Christmas lights outdoors. I didnt go crazy, but enough to feel in the spirit. I don't think I will put up my Christmas tree after all. And I am okay with that. It would feel like an impostor in the house right now. Next year, it will take it's rightful place in our home.

We spent the last 5 nights in Defuniak Springs with Heather's family. I always come back with fabulous stories and a desire to return. I have a GREAT hunting story, which may be better vlog material...

keep your fingers crossed.

Thanksgiving morning, Heather and most of the family went hunting. I stayed behind to help Granny get the food ready for lunch. It's crazy how different families have different types of foods that make up their traditional table landscape during the holidays. For example, I have never had a Thanksgiving without mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie, and corn. But at the Gaineys, there were collards, 4 different kinds of fresh beans, sliced tomatoes, and apparently, a variety of "southern" staples.

I didn't eat very much. But I never really do on Thanksgiving. With or without the band. After lunch, I went hunting with everyone else. That morning...I snuck off to Walmart and bought me some camo gear. Including camo boots from the childrens department. A boys size 4. They were precious!

So for the next few days, we hunted and familied it up.

Saturday we went to the Florida State/Florida game in Tallahassee. Heather is a huge Gator fan...and now by default, I of course route for them too. If you don't follow college football, just know this. We got our ass beat. By a team that for 6 years prior...well...they have been "rebuilding". We still had a great time though!

It was a wee bit chilly in the can almost see my camo boots here...

I'm doing a baby Gator chomp.
Sometimes it doesn't matter if you team loses...just as long as you can hug someone who is hot. That's my motto anyways.

Oh...did you notice my hair is darker. I went brown for the winter. Blah.

Yesterday on our way home from Defuniak, we took the long way, which took us through Destin, Florida. Home of beautiful beaches, tourists, and shopping. It was Heather's idea to go shopping, which...let me just a RARE RARE day when my little sugarplum wants to spend money. But shopping we went.

And we bought a little vacation to the Smoky Mountains. It was through BassPro, and they are going to try to sell us a timeshare, but we booked 2 nights, 3 days at a resort...for a total of $99 and we got 4 $25 gift cards to BassPro for doing so. We have been talking about getting away, from everything and everyone, for our Christmas present. And so the week of Christmas, before we go to my parents, we will go to Tennessee. I am super excited and hoping for snow. I can't wait to have nothing to do except...


you know :)

Heather also bought me a pair of jeans. She wanted to buy me a purse, or shoebooties (bc I say that all the time....try it. SHOEBOOTIE! It's just fun), or a pair of jeans.

I can't explain it, but it is really hard for me to let someone buy me something. Even if it IS my girlfriend. I don't want her to spend money on me. But, after a little lecture about how I shouldn't pass up the one time when she is like "buy something, get something"...we went to the Buckle for a pair of jeans.

I don't even know what size I wear when they are not size 12, 10, etc. So the cute little sales girl helped me out.

I ended up with a pair of 30's. Whatever that means. I will take a picture. They are officially the most expensive pair of jeans that I have ever owned. And for $104...I will make sure I don't outgrow those suckers.

It really was a great end to a great few days. More than anything, having time with someone you love is the best present ya know?

So back to the grind today. I have a feeling the month of December is going to fly by!

Please keep your hands and feet inside the ride at all times.

Love ya's!


  1. Ames, we were living parallel jeans universes this weekend! I also got a new pair and they are a 30 (Hudson)! This was an NSV for me because I'd been wearing Lucky size 32 for months and they are finally too big - woot! :)

    Glad you had a good time! The trip sounds like it will be a blast!

  2. Sounds like you a had a great weekend!
    I bought a pair of joes..32's - honey fit and they FIT! Super Duper excited!
    Cherish each day and moment!

  3. Congrats on the jeans - very exciting... and enjoy your vacation with Heather!!! I still have to get you your jacket - you'll need it in the mountains. I promise I will send it soon!

  4. Oh you will enjoy the mountains!! I live in the Smokies! NC side but still!

  5. Sounds like you had a great break away - and another one planned - that's good going! I don't know what a size 30 jean is but I'm thinking it's teeny tiny.

  6. Sounds like a great weekend! And jeez what's with the little feet? Are you really short or do you just have teeny tiny feet?

    Loving the brown hair!

  7. I really hope you have a great time on your Christmas vacation! I'm sure it will do you a world of good. I am also happy to hear you put up some decorations! even if not the tree!

  8. You two are adorable, first of all. Second, size 30 is SMALL in my book! I'm going to say its close to 8-10. I am wearing 32s so now I feel skinny being just one size bigger than you and Catherine ;)

    Sorry about the Xmas tree, but you have the right attitude about next year. Can you put a teeny tree in your bedroom even?

    Awesome about the hunting, my DH and sons (and 13 year old daughter) would love you.

  9. Sounds like a lovely holiday! How soon will your place really be YOUR place?

  10. Size 4. I know you're short but seriously, how do you stay upright?

  11. You are looking super hott!!!! Love tha hair! Glad you had a good Thanksgiving!!!


  12. I know the exact spot you two were tailgating at. It is hard to imagine that you were sitting in the same stadium as nearly all of my closest friends. I wish I would have gone in for tickets this year and come out for the game because 1) we won! and 2) I could have met you and maybe gotten some real-life inspiration from your now tiny self. I am glad you guys enjoyed yourselves in my second favorite city in the world!

    My tomahawk chop can take your gator chomp any day ;) (Sorry, I am a little bit obsessed with FSU football)

    A size 30? Shut the hell up. That's wee size to go along with your size 4 wee little feet!

  13. Heather is my new favorite person! I am a HUGE Gator fan and LOVE seeing other Gators. Would have killed to be at the game but alas - I live in Ohio and got to go to one earlier this year but THAT game is the mecca of games. Tell her I said "chomp chomp"!

  14. I wish I'd read this on the day of...but I have to comment.

    What a great read this post was. You are such a beautiful person, inside and out! I feel so fortunate to have come across you in the cyber realm...