Monday, November 8, 2010

They Stole My Laptop and I Lost some L.B's

Well kids. I woke this morning and got into my car...odd I thought that my glove compartment and my center console were open.

I grabbed the dog leash and walked to Heather's truck to put it in there for her. I noticed her drivers side door was ajar. I opened her door to find her center console and glove compartment open, and all the contents scattered around the cab. I saw two nicely folded pair of pants (that had been in my laptop bag with my laptop) sitting on her drivers seat.

Sure enough, someone broke into our cars...and the only thing they took was my laptop.

Oh my laptop. My laptop that was buried under clothes in the backseat of her darkly window tinted truck. My laptop that I almost brought inside last night, but then decided I didnt need it.

My laptop that links me to blogland.

The one that contains all of my pictures from the last five years of my life. Including my weight loss pictures.

It's gone.

Blah. That is really the only part that makes me the loss of my pictures. Pictures are so important to me. And just the other day I was thinking how I should back them up. Damn. Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda. And I do have a majority of my pictures on Facebook or my iPhone, so I can save them again...

It's just sad.

But it is what it is.

Funny thing is, is that my laptop is a crapper. It's 5 years old, and the screen only works if I use a hardware clip to hold it together. And that's the only thing they took! They didnt take the $100 pair of sunglasses, the cash in the coin holder, our discs for disc golf. It could have been worse. They could have damaged Heather's new truck, or got her wallet (which is usually in the truck most of the time...NOT ANYMORE OF COURSE).

So let us learn from this. Backup your pictures, put a password protect on your laptop, and don't leave anything valuable in your damn car.

With that said, I had a pretty good week managing my eating behavior and I lost 6.5 pounds. I am at 166 this fine morning (fine except for the theft of course).

Yesterday Maria and her husband George were in town, so we all had brunch at a very nice restaurant on the water. It was yummy. It is so great when Heather meets other bandsters, other women who say and think the way I do about food. And it's funny bc when Maria was talking about eating food that she knows is going to get stuck, Heather will just pat my leg and say "sounds familiar". As soon as Maria posts some pics, I will steal them and post them on here.

Oh. It's not nice to steal.

Lest the world has forgotten.


  1. Oh thats horrible - I too love my pictures and am going to back them up right NOW!

    I am glad that no damage was done and congrats on the 6.5pd loss :)

  2. Sorry to hear about your laptop. That really stinks. I hope the thief grows boils in all kinds of tender places.

    On the other hand, congrats on the weight loss. 6.5 is really incredible!

  3. Ames I'm so sorry that happened, it's such a freaky feeling of violation, eh? Well you get your pay back with your insane weight loss. I thought we were too skinny for giant weeks like that you beeyotch!

  4. 1- sorry to hear about the break in. That sucks, I'm the same way re: photos: it's like they're proof I am not crazy, the past really did happen!

    2- WTF. 6.5 lbs in one week? It's those freaking kettle bells, isn't it? Jesus, 6.5 lbs is the size of my cat. You lost a Shalimar in one week!

  5. That sucks. My DH had his laptop stolen from his car and the police said that thieves now have these detectors which pick up some sort of emissions from laptop batteries. I am so sorry you lost all those pictures. You should ask all your friends and relatives to put together those that your sent them and see if you can get your life back. It all sucks.

  6. This sounds like us a few months back when someone broke into the husband's truck and stole his camera and GPS. People are so jerky!!!

    But WOWSERS on the weight loss!!! That is awesome!!

  7. I posted this on your facebook, but I'll say it here too....OUR damn car was broken into last night too! We had to go have our damn window replaced this morning. So, although luckily nothing was taken (there wasn't anything in there to take) we did have to shell out $250 for the stupid window :(

    Sucks so bad about your pictures :(

  8. awww man pooks- i'm so sorry! Rickys car was broken into last week, and they took his north face jacket, nothing like laptop, but the feeling sucks! Even just thinking about some stranger eing in your car feels eerie. I hope you can put a claim of some sorts on it and get a new one soon. Love you!

  9. Pfft thieves really tick me off - didnt their mothers teach them any manners. Sorry you lost your laptop.. that sucks. xx

  10. Maybe Maria & George took it!

    JK. Soooooooooo sorry! What a bunch of shit heads. I hope they go online and get their identities stolen and someone opens a meth-lab in their house (sorry, I'm no good at curses).

    I'm glad it wasn't worse and holy shit! 6.6 lbs!!! WTF??? That is fantastic! I love how you mention it like it is no big thang!

  11. I live in constant fear of losing my photos... Can you say Obsessed? I upload them to Snapfish and Walmart... Then I have them. I am glad you have an excuse to get a new laptop... When I saw your laptop it seemed almost new and shiny and had a fancy blu-ray player in it and then there was the I-pad that you kept in that same bag... Wasn't that missing too? What about your diamond necklace from Chanel? I thought I saw that hanging from the rear-view mirror yesterday? i miss you already, and BTW Heather is totally a keeper, i gave her a second glance to be sure... She's Incredibly, Amazingly, Magnificently Awesome! *M*

  12. Six and a half pounds in a week? Amazing.

    So sorry about your laptop. That sucks.

  13. 6 1/2 pounds in one week - that is fantastic!

    That's awful about your laptop getting stolen !

  14. Hopefully the stupid SOBs are too stupid to figure out the hardware clip.

  15. All I can say is that Karma's a bitch.. And dont you worry your pretty lil self.. they'll get theirs.. Thank god for facebook and blogs.. I make sure that any day i take photos, I put them stright in my facebook or somewhere online so that I cant lose them..
    6 1/2 lbs... woohooo.. congratulations pretty lady...
    xxxx Nene

  16. Oh man that sucks about the theft and I'm so sorry about the pictures! But woo hoo about your loss!

  17. I know what you mean about both the pictures and the state of your computer. My laptop is held together by duct tape! As much as I want to throw it at a wall sometimes, I don't want it in strangers hands either. So sorry for that, but awesome on the lb's!

  18. That's a real bummer about your laptop, but congrats on the great weight loss.

  19. That sucks's big time! Some people are just arsehole's who just don't care what their actions do to you said it's not the laptop itself that is the loss but the content that has been lost....please feel free to copy photos from my fb of chicago (I know it won't help with everything but it's a start).
    and losing that amount of weight this far into the journey is awesome...but tainted....if you know what I mean...

  20. So sorry about your cars. Ours were broken into a few weeks ago. We're too poor for them to have taken anything but it still sucks. On the bright side, you have a lot of pictures posted on your blog that you can resave.

  21. Awesome! (the loss of your pounds)
    Sucky! (the loss of your laptop)

  22. that sucks...i can't believe they stole the chip clip as well. BASTARDS!!