Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Warning: I Shot Something

This weekend we went to Defuniak Springs (about an hour away from Pensacola and where Heather's family lives), for a wonderful weekend of front porch sitting, moonshine drinking, and shotgun shootin fun. Defunk is a great place to escape to for the weekend. And while Catherine was having a much deserved swanky party in NYC, I was marching around with a shotgun lookin for a squirrel to shoot.

Now, you should know something. I hit a squirrel once with my car. I cried for 30 minutes. But here is what happened.
We were all sitting around and they were poking and making fun of me for not going with all of them on Thanksgiving when they go deer hunting. EVERYONE goes. Including Heather. But I am going to stay with Granny and help her (although she probably doesn't want my help) because even though I have become more comfortable with the idea of deer hunting, I don't think I could see a deer actually get shot and die.

So anywhoozle, Henry (you know Henry...he is the one who taught me to shoot, and made me eat Mullet) said if I wanted to earn the Gainey name...I would have to shoot a squirrel.

Again, let me take pause here and tell you that they squirrel hunt to eat the damn things. They just don't kill them for sake of sport. I didn't know people actually ate squirrel...unless you had no other options or were on Survivor or something. So, he brought me out is shotgun and we started searching for a squirrel. Just me, Henry, and Fisher.

That's right. I hunt in flipflops.

So, we must have walked for at least 20 minutes with no sign of Mr. Squirrel. But on our way happened. Far off in the thick, there was movement. So I snuck off. I saw the squirrel in a far off was haulin ass. And then...I shot.

Someone should have told me a shotgun kicks back into your shoulder! OUCH

And then Mr. Squirrel fell from the tree. I started yelling. I almost started crying. So Henry goes in looking for it and retrieves it.

And it was official. I was a killer.

I refused to look at it. All the way back I didnt even peep at it. I will have to tell you though. I wanted to shoot something else! (even though I felt a little bad...I kept telling myself that Mr. Squirrel was really a squirrel bully and I did the squirrel kingdom a favor).

Well, when we got back A) no one believed I actually shot it and B) They made me take a picture. And as a true Top Model, I had to do it.

Poor little guy. But Henry prepped it for eating. I would have tried it, but they werent cooking it until this week. Apparently squirrel is some good eating.

Now that I got that off my chest...

I also tried oysters for the first time. I don't eat seafood, and never really thought I could even swallow an oyster. But they found me a tiny one, plopped it on a cracker, and in my mouth it went.

Looks like me tequila face huh? Well. It went down. And honestly, the taste was not bad. It wasn't that fishy. It's just the texture that will get you!

Here is a picture of Clint and I (Heather's cousin, flight attendant, and Henry's older brother).

I kinda like this girl.

And that was it for the weekend! Monday comes to quickly!
Happy Humpday lovies! Go forth and....hump.


  1. I 'couldna' done it but hey kudos to you. You might just earn the Gainey name after all.

    and you holding it too, LOL!! Look at the dog in the pic. He is just waiting on you to drop that sucker!!

  2. You are a better woman than me! I would NEVER do that! Looks like you had some fun though!

  3. Wow!! You did it! And you look very glam and outdoorsy with the rifle! In fact, you look downright teeny in the photo with Mr. Squirly-kins! Glad you liked the oyster -- keep on trying them. They are so darned yummy once you get used to the texture!

  4. The great white hunter strikes again!

  5. Squirrels are delicious...taste like chicken :) They taste the best in dumplings.

    Welcome to my!

  6. wow-haven't tried squirrel yet :) I didn't like the oyster-too much tast of ocean water and your right the texture...blech...Did you chew or gulp? I didnt thik the thing would get past my band so I chewed...

    Love the huntin...and the pic makes it even more manly :) trophy pic with dog, go cart and big truck :) Love it.


  7. Well aren't you just the cutest little killer?

  8. I'm impressed! Not only do you look DAMN good, but I am jealous and proud that you've learned how to shoot! I have a standing offer from a guy on my street - just have to find the time to do it (but we're talking pistols, not rifles)... Not sure I would actually EAT Squirrel, but hey - I guess it IS protein if you're desperate! (LOL) As for oysters, not for me!

  9. Well you're braver than I, because I just can't bring myself to shoot anything. Hell, I can barely go fishing without feeling guilty and I throw em' back! Hahaha

    Great pics, sounds like you had a great time! You and Heather are so cute!

  10. Move over Dolly Parton... There's a new Backwoods Barbie in Town! You never cease to amaze me! Another great adventure! *M*

  11. I love the photo of you on the porch, smiling, legs crossed! Such a cute sassy minx!

  12. Okay, not going to lie... disturbing. Anyway, yeah I can't believe we are about the same weight... you look way more slim. I am not just saying that in a "you're a skinny bitch" kind of way.. I mean all that working out you do is rocking your bod. You are smoke'n girlfriend!

    I am glad you think of me when you pass a library!

  13. Ick to oysters, Ick to squirels, Ick to shooting squirels but man! You are looking so freakin skinny and adorable as always Amy!

  14. You're hysterical and yes, looking mighty tiny and gorgeous :) A few years ago, I found this squirrel eating my cedar husband had an air/pellet gun thingy that you had to pump. He told me not to pump it more than 10 15 pumps later, the little varmint was back...I had the kitchen window open and I was awaitin' for him...BANG! I felt soooo bad when the little effer fell from the feeder..I didn't kill it though, he ran off and the next time he returned with some of his buddies...within a day they had eaten the entire bottom off my birdfeeder, serves me right I guess!

  15. I'm totally in love with the whole weekend; porch sittin', squirrel huntin', top model posin'!! You're da bomb! And looking flat out gorgeous!

  16. Ok it was a little disturbing, I know people do it all the time but it kind of weirds me out. But I admire you gumption (is that country enough?), and you look smoking hot!!!

  17. No comment on shooting the squirl. BUT, you look hot carrying a gun. AND I was just looking at your ticker and do you realize that youve lost almost as much weight as you weigh now? Isnt that CRAZY?!?! Youre only a few pounds away from doing that. Mind blowing stuff there chickie!