Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Welcome To Planet Food: Which My World Revolves Around

Something really interesting occurred to me over Thanksgiving weekend.

There is a very big difference between Heather's family and mine (besides guns, voting the Republican ticket, and pick-up trucks).

Her families day does not revolve around food. It revolves around doing. They don't sit around and plan out the next meal (hell, the next meal still may be running around in the woods). At 6 a.m. in the morning they aren't thinking about lunch or dinner. Their day is shaped by what they will be doing.

In the land of us Workman's, the day is shaped around when and what we will eat. It has been this way for as long as I can remember.

Isn't that a crazy thing? I mean, not crazy in the sense that we think like that or other's don't...but that I have never realized it before?

It takes some getting used to. I think that is why I panic a little in my brain at times when we are just sitting around in Defuniak. In my head, the little voice is saying "No one is talking about food! What if they don't feed me? What if I never get to eat again!"

Totally rational yes?


  1. Oh God Amy.. you made me laugh (the line about the next meal running around in the woods). but I find this to be true in many families.. some tell me the forget to eat.. (WHAT THE >..).. I forget to eat like I forget to breathe which is never!

  2. U mean some ppl don't start talking about dinner at the breakfast table? Man o man, if only! It pains me that my daughters world is already consumed by what she is going to eat. How do I change that before its to late?!

  3. I realized that this is extra true on vacations. I haven't been on a real vacation since being banded and I'm excited for all the extra free time I'll have to spend doing.

  4. I'm pretty sure not thinking about food for the entire holiday is not possible...just wrong and downright crazy. I can't even imagine.

  5. "hell, the next meal may still be running around in the woods" seriously LMAO. And I don't use that phrase lightly because I don't laugh that hard normally.

  6. Totally absolutely rational.

    And I completely get the concern.

    My family all sit around the table eating lunch planning dinner. It's what we've always done. Our together time is centered around food and restaurants and cooks and feasts. But...they are all skinny and always have been. is possible to be food-thinkers and also be doers.

    If we aren't sitting around the table planning meals then we are hiking through forests or gallavanting through malls or swimming or playing ping-pong...planning meals.

  7. Do you think Heather and her family are aliens?

  8. Laugh my ass off, seriously! The ending paragraph was the best one because I envisioned it perfectly...THAT'S ME! My family is like your family and my husband's family is like Heather's. One time I got in the bitchiest mood EVER because we went 6 hours inbetween meals and I was like, WTF people? Loved this post; thanks for the laugh :)