Monday, October 18, 2010

Operation Fanny Loss

Couple of things I would like to touch on today my congregants.

In no particular order:

Getting Married!

This weekend we went to Defuniak Springs to relax and enjoy Heather's people. We had a fantastic time as always, although I didn't get to shoot a gun. There is always next time. I got engaged to Heather's five year old nephew (cousin...but he seems more like a nephew). He gave me a pink ring silly band. And it's official. We told him that because Heather and I can't get married in the wonderful state of Florida (and over 40 plus close minded states), and since I was dying to become a Gainey one way or another...that he would have to marry me. He agreed. With one stipulation.

He will marry me in 15 years...if I "work some of my fanny off".

I told him the engagement was off.

Sugar and Sneaky Snacks

Well, as I have shared with a few of you...Amy has been a bad girl this last week or so. I have consumed gargantuan amounts of sugar...usually in the form of chocolate. So, this week I am trying to steer clear of that sweet succulent goodness. And I just ate lunch and now I want a shot of Snickers to end it.

But, in addition to eating these bad foods...I have been eating them in secret! Hiding wrappers, shoveling things in my mouth.


But I am okay. We all have our moments...

Remember when I hid in the bathroom stall at work and at an Otis Spunkehiemer muffin? Can anyone say low point?

Blogging for Real People

Draz was bloggin about being an anonymous blogger and how I, like many of you, am NOT. I will say, it's hard business when "real" people read your blog. And by real, you know I am not implying you are fake, but instead referring to the people that will now walk in my office and look for my candy bar wrappers hidden in the bottom of my trashcan. It's harder because people want to help in your real life, and sometimes you aren't asking for help.

Ya dig?

It's also harder because I like to post pictures of me-self in my undies so you can see how the bod is holding up (or saggin down), and it's a wee bit odd when I know my coworkers will see. But really...if work allowed me to hang out in my undies...I might just do it.

Pencil Skirt Power

You remember that pencil skirt I got a couple of months ago? The one that made me feel like one hot sex kitten? Well, it was a size 14...and now...its a size loose. And a pencil skirt only works when it fits like a glove. WELL, for my Halloween costume, I needed another one. I tried on a size 10. It fit just fine. Looked good sans power panties. BUT, I wanted it to fit if I lost a few more pounds. And I wanted it snug. So I bought a size 8! Yeah. So now Operation Fanny Loss has commenced. I have 12 days to lose a few LB's. I would like to be able to sit at the Halloween party. But really...sitting is a tad overrated dont you think?

Wide Open

I forgot to tell you! I lost my restriction. I can't find it anywhere! I had it in Chicago and now *poof*'s gone. Friday I ate...wait for it....

Wait for it...

4 pieces of hand tossed pizza! Down the hatch. No problem. I could have eaten 5. Saturday I ate 3 pieces. The other day I ate an entire chicken quesadilla. No problem-o. So anywhoozle, I probably need a fill.

But I am not going to get one. I am going on a "diet" for the next 12 days. And then, when Dr. Friedman gets back (he is out of a few weeks), I might see where I am at hunger wise and go get a little poke. For real...I am not paying my copay for a fill if I don't get to see Dr. Friedman! I hearts him.


  1. Sometimes I worry about so many people from my real life reading my blog also! It does make you second guess those panties pictures ;)

  2. Ummm...I'm thinking a pencil skirt might look pretty cute on me ;)

    Can you please send some of your sugarless willpower my way now? I'm STILL having effing issues (as in I downed FOUR fucking cookies by 10 a.m. this morning). Uff da.

  3. I was about to switch off my computer when I saw your posting and just had to read it; over here in the UK 'fanny' is the word we use for 'front bottom', so I was intrigued to see what on earth was happening in the wonderful world of Amy and 'Operation Fanny Loss'... Except then I remembered it means something entirely different over the pond!

  4. Everything's relative... i would kill for your fanny just the way it is... Did you ever think you'd be in a size 8? Wow! You are an amazing inspiration because you're real... and not "Edited"! and I love you for it! As always, Your Navigator, *Maria*

  5. Justine

    I too couldnt resist it, the joys of varied english language!

    I thought at first it might be an update on "Saggy Skin and Dangly Bits" :)

  6. Dangit! For a real second there I thought congratulations were in order and you had to go and call it off. Dangit dangit!

    Maybe someday. For realz. To the right Gainey.

    So very awesome on the pencil skirt. Incredible! You've earned it and I know you'll do it. Yer right, sitting is over-rated. So is breathing and bending and walking. But you'll look good!

    I hope the restriction finds you again. Sounds wise to wait...even if you're waiting for Dr. Friedman and not...

  7. haha - In Australia a 'fanny' is known as a vagina, I am assuming in America it is your butt? I went into this post with my eyes wide shut!!

    Goodluck with the skirt - I'm sure you will look fantastic!

  8. haha Sorry your engagement didn't work out :)

    Anyway, just wanted to stop by to tell you that you were in my dream last night. Nothing creepy I promise!

    Em :)

  9. hahaha "down under" is oz land...fanny means vajayjay - don't lose it Amy.. I think heather would be a little pissed off haha :-D

  10. You suck - I read "getting married" and already had your invitations designed in my mind.