Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Day Late And A Dollar Short-My Chicago Recap

My beautiful blog readers...Greetings from Planet ME! Or should I say Planet a-ME. hahaha...

I just wanted to let you know that I have not been M.I.A for no good reason. I flew from Chicago to Pensacola on Sunday morning, got the pick up at the airport by the lovely Heather, and started driving to Orlando for a conference. Mind you, I had only slept about 3 hours the entire time in Chicago, but Heather was coming off a shift, so she had slept less. SOOO (are you feeling sorry for me yet?) we made it to Orlando...roughly 7 hours later...and checked in to the Hotel. WELL, the internet service there SUCKED...and it made viewing any type of webpage nearly impossible...


no bloggy from Amy.

But I am back. And with a recap . I know some of you may be bored to tears with BOOBS recaps...and for that I apologize. But if you have it in you...keep reading my friends.

Upon my arrival to Chicago, my first time ever may I add, I hoped the choo choo train (or "El" or "l" or something like that) into the city. I got off at the exit, and was immediately lost. Thank goodness I caught Stephanie before her nap because she gave me walking directions and off I went...marching through the streets with my little luggage behind me.

I tried to stick with people I deemed "city folk" and jaywalked with them and tried to look cool. I had to walk a piece! At least a mile I would say. And guess what...my back never hurt, my thighs never chaffed, and my little pretty head never broke a sweat. It was sweet.

Once I found the damned hotel, the meet and greets started right away. Thank God Catherine made that cheat sheet, because I carried mine around all weekend. And for those of you who look different than the picture on the cheat sheet...thanks a lot! HA hah...that made things real fun.

For a few hours, yes...it was a lot to take in. A lot of new people, a lot of high pitched joyous shrieking, a lot of ladies and love. But once I started to put faces with names, all was well.

Fast forward to that night at the official meet 'n' greet in the hotel room. My favorite moments from that experience was me taking shots out of a mini Patron bottle that Stephanie had got for me. Granted, there was no lime so I had to chase the shots with little gingersnap cookies...which just for the record...is not a good idea. And then, at one point, true to my word, I had my dress pulled up over my undies, showing everyone my port baby...and at that very moment...Catherine walked in.

and more high pitched joyous greetings.

Then we moved down to the meeting room for a little more space. The hotel room was a wee bit crowded with 30 plus women in there. Some people were on top of others on the bed....I told Gilly NO...that I was a lady...but she didnt listen.

More fantastic shanagins downstairs. Lots of pictures. Lots of hugs. Angie, Jenny, Nicole, and Sarah arrived late.

more high pitched joyous greetings.

Seriously, for next time maybe we can just work on a fist bump and grunt combo.

Sooooo, around 9ish...mama was ready for some pajama time and relaxing...but SOME of the ladies insisted on going out clubbing. I refused and tried to pin myself to the bed, but Gen was throwing red wine on me (I broke her arm later) and others including I do believe one of my wonderful roomates, Sherry...were literally pulling me off the bed.

So off to the club I went. And I had a blast. I can honestly tell you, that in all of my 31 years, I have never been out dancing with the girls. And it was awesome. Right away, as Gen was grinding up on me...big things started to happen. First, the story goes...I shoved Gen because her shoes were hot and I was jealous (this could have been true bc they were pretty smokin), but what really happened was those killer shoes came out from underneath her, and for a moment it was like the Matrix. Gen was on her back, in midair...hovering. And then time caught up and she fell...straight down...on her back. Hot shoes, black pencil skirt, and white cami...just laying there. She popped up though like a champ and danced until SouthernBelle took her to the E.R. for a possibly fractured elbow.

After that, Gail...bc she loves me...started buying her and I shots of Patron. Like 5 shots for teh both of us over the course of an hour or so. Yum Yum. At this point, scary guys were coming out of the woodwork and trying to touch us. No. I think not scary guys. However, one such man was talking to Beth. Beth was talking to him. They were both looking at me. And he walked over and yelled "So you are the bachelorette huh?" Yes. Thank you Beth! Luckily, as he was trying to dance up on me...I gave Sherry the "help me eyes" and she ran interference. That's a good friend there.

It was surreal to look on the dance floor and see all of these ladies together...sweating and dancing. Catherine, Grace, KAK...all of us. Alexis and Lara were putting in down on the stage and the mens were all up on that! It was hilarious. Eventually, some of the crew left and Alexis, Gail and I decided to walk back to the hotel. Gail, bless her heart, walked right into a glass door, and when her head bounced off like a playground ball...we all almost pee'd ourselves. The tequila will get you! We didn't know what had happened to Sherry and I was saying how I couldnt believe she ditched us! I was in the middle of saying that when the phone rang and low and behold...it was Sherry. Turns out we had left HER at the damn club. So Alexis and I went back to get her.

Saturday was an awesome day. Draz, Jenny, Carmen and myself went to Chinatown. It really was a perfect morning with just a small group and cheap purses. I couldnt have asked for me. After we got back, we picked up SouthernBelle and went shopping on the magnificent mile. It was wonderful.

Back to the hotel to change and get fancied up for the big night. Then, I walked to the restaurant with Linda. And I was wearing high high heels. And guess what...it didn't hurt.

The setting for the dinner was great. For hours we were able to just set and talk and just be...

After that, a big group of ladies were going out, but I had to wake up at 3am, so I headed back to the hotel. Not before crying my eyes out saying goodbye.

Some of my highlights that I have not mentioned:

Going to lunch with Jen (SouthernBelle) on Friday. We ended up at the Rainforest Cafe. She ordered nachos and I ordered queso. The amount of food that came out could have fed, and for once I am not exaggerating, 10 bandsters easy. Neither of us made a dent. After about 4 chips, I got stuck and tried to wait it out. By the time I knew it was coming back up, I tried to make it to the bathroom...which was DOWNSTAIRS. I knew half way down the stairs I wasn't going to make it. So, my options were...puke it fake plant, puke in aquarium, puke on floor, or puke in my mouth. I chose the last one. Yep. In my mouth. And held it there like a champ until I made it to the bathroom.

The next day, Jen and I stopped and got a hot dog (Chicago Style). And Jen, bless her heart, decided she was going to take a bite...bun and all. I knew it was going to be bad. And sure enough...about 4 minutes later...mister bun came back up for her.

We never learn.

I got some fab purses in Chinatown.

Jen took awesome picture.

I made life long real honest to goodness friends.

I got to meet people who have changed my life.

I felt loved.

I got to learn from people like Deborah who know more about life than I do.

I got to feel people's ports, straddle people's laps (okay...just Sarahs), and hug people's necks.

I ate chocolate chip cookies from Trader Joes, chocolate from SouthernBelles purse, and the best hot chocolate pumpkin thing from Ghiradelli's ever.

I walked so much my legs were sore.

I can't wait to see you guys again. I can't wait to meet more of you. Thank you to all of the women who made this possible for me.

It was worth it.


  1. Are you referring to the "Charmingly Chewy" Chocolate Chip Cookies from TJ's - WOW are those ever good - I just discovered them myself!

  2. Yay! She's blogging again!
    Great re-cap! I'm glad everyone had such a wonderful time.

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  4. It was so great to meet you, Amy. You do not disappoint in real life - you are as lovely and funny and completely awesome as your blog. xoxo

  5. This was fantastic to read and I am still so so jealous!

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  10. Love your recap and I know absolutely nothing more about life than you do. I do know that I have walked a few of the steps you may be thinking of taking and from the little I know about you, I know you will kick major ass.

    And, thank you for listening and not telling me to shut up and MYOB, which I definitely should have done. :)

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