Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday and a Side of Crack

Today I received my email from Legit letting me know some stats as they relate to my blog. I did get a chuckle that one of the top searches that brought people to my blog is #8. BUTTCRACK HAIR.

Oh my sweet readers. Precious.

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. Saturday we went to a Hee-Haw party. I was the only one wearing a cowboy I made others wear it for picture time.

I also went grocery shopping this weekend and found a little slice of something nice. Literally. Apparently Pepperidge Farm has this new bread out called "Very Thin" (I know...must have been a slow day in the marketing department)....but anywhooz, they are really thin pieces of bread.

And I thought "Yippeee! I will buy this very thin wonder and toast it and eat it." And last night 2 pieces went down just fine. And then this morning I ate two more...and although they were a little slower moving through the old band...they worked! So...for those of you who dare or who want too...give it a try. Um...just be forewarned...and I know most of you are oodles smarter than me...that since it is thinner, you don't need to toast these little suckers for the same amount of time as normal bread.

I'm just saying.

One of my favorite things in my goodie bag from Chicago was this little replica of the size of our opening courtesy of Realize. I played with one of these in my doctors office once. And while I don't have a Realize band, it's really nice to have this for a couple of reasons.

First, I leave it on my table at work so when people come in, we can talk about it. Also, it is a reminder to me of how tiny my little opening is and how much I need to CHEW! Just like SouthernBelle and I were talking about in Chicago...we seem to get stuck a lot. And I have to admit...this is more my fault than the band's. As I am nearing my two year mark with Miss Tina the wonderband, I forget sometimes that I still need to eat slow and chew my food. I might start carrying this thing around on my keychain. Now that would be fun. (and yes...I framed this picture so you could see the lovely orange diet hooch in my Tervis glass...good times).

In other news, I went running this weekend. For those of you on my facebook, last Monday I did something. Something that to some of you may be small potatoes, but to this little girl...was big time. As I have told you before, in junior high we had to do the Presidential fitness test. Does anyone know who in the hell came up with that? Which President? TELL ME? (I just googled it and it appears to be LBJ...damn him) So, the test included sit-ups, arm hang, running, and flexibility. And while I could beat everyone in flexibility and rock the sit-ups, I would drop like a fat stone on the arm hang and never, EVER, be able to finish the mile run in under the allotted 11 minutes.

I am proud to say that I can now do the arm hang (you know, where you keep you chin above the bar for as long as you can).

But, last Monday...I did a mile UNDER 11 minutes. Granted, it was on a treadmill, and just in case you were unaware (as was I), running on a treadmill is a tad easier than on the road...but I did it. And it closed a little chapter in my life.

Finally I will leave you with some pictures from Epcot. This was the fun evening activities free of the conference I had to attend. I was able to spend some quality time with Maria (which we didnt really get in Chicago), and I was able to meet Amy (whom I now love madly), AND I was able to introduce Heather to both of them. It was a great evening.

We did go on a ride as soon as we got there. And I am happy to report that we all fit! We were worried for a second that Heather might not be able to go. Hahah...jokin.

We tried to make it look like I was holding up the Epcot thingie.

This is in one of the countries. I like to think of it as Heaven. Aw....

Okay...this is the Mission to Mars ride....and it was serious business.

Amy...not babbling.

Oooh, and one last photo. I am posting this because Gilly, under the influence of the Hooch last night on facebook (not diet sunkist, but real hooch...el vino) said that I never take a bad picture. And this is photographic evidence that I do!

Yes. That is tequila face. Stephanie brought it to Chicago. I shot it. There was no lime. No salt. I tried to chase it with a gingersnap cookie. Didn't work. BAD. And there you have it. Happy Monday lovies!


  1. Funny stuff sista! Love the pics and btw that very thin bread has been around longer than you! Just so you know, it goes bad really fast, so I put it in the freezer and take a couple slices out as needed. Looks like you had a great time.

  2. I've gotten that very thin bread before and it is good. But, I made the mistake of toasting the HELL out of could tile the floor with those things if you over-toast.

    How come little tiny replicas of anything is cool? I don't have a Realize band either, but I'm totally jealous of the little tiny one! LOL I had a friend once that had a little tiny tupperware bowl keyring (it was like 1.5" wide) that really worked... I was so jealous...:)

  3. Ha! Who would have thought I could be wrong?

    I love my band keychain too! But I tell people it's an artery. If they ask. Which so far nobody has. Because I'm in the closet. Shhhh.

  4. I love the idea of the band keychain as well, and that is the first time I seen the realize band. I guess I thought they were all the same, silly me! Also, I happen to really like the tequila shot pic!

  5. SO jealous of your trip to Epcot with other bandsters. That sounds AMAZING!

    One of the things I like most about my DVR is that I can freeze all those gorgeous celebrities in poses where they look HORRIBLE ~ lol. I might have too much free time.

  6. Buttcrack hair - HA! One does have to wonder what is running through people's minds as they search Google.

    Totally jealous of your band keychain. Now I must hunt one down. Wonder if I could find one if I Googled it???

  7. Argh, that dang Presidential Fitness test. Ok, ok, I always finished in the top 5 of my class. The running killed me. I could grip the end of the stretch-reach though. ;)

    And you look cute, even in the ugly shot. Jerk.

  8. Nope, still not a bad picture. :)

    Love the buttcrack hair. Makes me wonder what I missed last week...

    I hated that fitness test in jr. high just for the run, too. I never knew it was mandated by a pres...I just thought my school sucked. I never understood how that made me inferior...especially since, like you, I could rock the rest of it...and most others couldn't touch the arm hang....

  9. Does anyone remember having to sit in a "chair" position with your back against the wall FOREVER during the Presidential Fitness Test? That one was always the death of me.

  10. ...and, who told you it was LBJ BEFORE you Googled it??? I'll tell you who. It was the same person you made feel old!!

  11. buttcrack hair maybe me LOL. And I agree, you look cute even in your supposed ugly picture - you'll have to try again.

  12. I need to get me one of those little keychain thingees... I could use the reminder now and again also.
    Um.... excuse me? I disagree.. even when you think you had a bad picture taken you still look bloody cute. PFFFT! (still love ya but! and thats not your butt.. though I'm sure thats cute too, ok,.. damn.. signing off now cos im talking crap. xxx)

  13. Always funny! I want to go to Epcot. I could never back then in junior high finish the mile in under 11 minutes either, think I will try that soon. And I was thinking about the bread and how we have to eat things with moisture, but bread has to be toasted....*shruggs*.

    Amy, that last picture is still uber cute and I still maintain along with Gilly, that you CAN NOT take a bad picture.