Saturday, October 23, 2010

Hamburger Story Continued

Well, I would have shot more of that video yesterday, but my memory card filled up. Sorry to leave you hanging.

That was pretty much the end though.

I ate an entire hamburger, with a bun, at a relatively quick pace...and I could have eaten more. It was exciting bc I have missed eating a hamburger more than anything else...but it was a clear indicator that I do indeed need a fill.

What I went on to say in the video, because I talked forever before I realized it wasnt recording, is that I need Dr. Friedman to make a blogger account...possibly with screenname HotDoc (just a suggestion), and he can tell me when he will be back from leave so I can go get a fill asap.

Because not only can I eat practically what I want, I am hungry again. Real hunger! And I am up at least 5 pounds. Which isnt horrible, and isnt real fat weight...but still.

And here is the real issue I wanted to bring up. Once you get to goal weight, or look like you are "normal", people will start to say... "So, you gonna have it taken out now?" or "You don't need it anymore right?" OR "Well, you don't need a fill. You can just watch what you eat". This is true...I could try.

But I am going to tell ya'll something...

I didn't have weight loss surgery to "tough it out". I had weight loss surgery because I have a problem. And although I have lost 160 pounds, I STILL have a problem. And yes...I know better and I do better...

But my that I know I can eat a you know what I want?

Another hamburger.

So, I will continue to use my band as the incredible tool it is. BUT...until I get that fill...I am going to enjoy myself!

Spank me if you must. But judge not.



  1. Hey you! I too need another fill and I found out that Hot doc will be back in the office the 2nd week of Nov. I will be back in town on the 7th and I will be calling on the 8th for sure!

  2. OMG, people ask me about taking the band out all the now I'm "cured" or something.

  3. thank you so much for saying that! and a big 'ol ditto!
    i've had people ask me if i was going to have it taken out when hit goal. whenever that is. even hubby sometimes, when i need a fill, will tell me that i should know better by now.
    which i do, but if i knew how to "tough it out" as you say, i wouldn't have been fat in the first damn place.
    way to go! way to stand up for yourself and the bariatric community. i'm so glad i'm blogging again and that i have the support of the sisterhood. i big fat freaking puffy heart you! i really do.

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  5. Ohh you're so right. I had someone just ask me the other day about now that I've lost the weight.. what do I need a tool for that pretty much makes it impossible for me to eat much of the time. "can't you just watch what you eat now without the band?" ... and I actually feel BAD when I think to myself... yeah, uh, that probably wouldn't work out too well. :/ But it's the truth and at least I'm aware of it, lol.

    Schedule a fill girl - those hamburgers will keep calling your name no matter how many you have.

  6. I'm not judging. I'm telling you what to do, which is different from judging. So CUT IT OUT! Seriously. You will thank me later. Now if only I could do the same...


  7. WOw you have not lost just a little restriction but a whole lot. Hope you get in when he gets back stat. I too say dont do it,but in reality if it was me I would be eating all those foods that I have not been able to. ALso I really miss the big burps I am getting tired of the little burps.

  8. girl, don't i know! ;) thought I was the only one who could write a book on interesting post-op BM stories. lovely.

    *new follower.

  9. My god Amy, early in my journey I am very jealous of you. Wish I could take a day or two "off".
    Think when I get to goal I will just tell people I have turned off the switch.

  10. What about the pencil line skirt you just bought in a smaller size, didn't you want to fit into it really soon for an event? :0)

    Not judging; just a gentle nudge in the (hopefully) right direction :-)

  11. So funny -- I just posted yesterday that eating a burger is the number one thing I miss about pre-band life. I hope you enjoyed the hell out of that thing, Amy!

    That said. . pizza, hamburger?!? You had better cut out this crap, my friend! At this weight, 5 pounds is a size. And that 5 could be 10 before you know it. I know you don't want to see that number again!

    No judgments at all -- just saying what I'd tell myself if I was going off the reservation!

  12. Oh big deal a hamburger! Did you also have a huge helping of fries, a chocolate shake, and appetizers to go with that? No? Then you are STILL ahead of the game! I say take it easy until you get your fill. Enjoy your burger/pizza. You have lost 160 pounds, you know what to do.

    I guess I'd rather join you than spank you ;)

  13. I always say I want to die with my band in place!

  14. This is just what we were talking about the other day. I'm glad you got to enjoy your burger, but I understand the want for the fill.. it's always a little bit of a battle, isn't it.

  15. No judgement here: cos I'm in exactly the same place. I just booked in for some more fill : I am up 2.2 pounds and ack.. I don't like it! I wouldnt judge anyway. Heck, we are all in the same boat so it is what it is. Go you! Enjoy till that fill I say. xx

  16. Wow a hamburger. I miss bread. I admit I have tried to eat bread. It's a no go for me. Enjoy it while it lasts! I'm jealous!

  17. Not judging here, either. But it seems to be 'backslide' mania on the blogs I'm reading, and i'm no exception.
    Here is my little story:
    I was going to be banded in September 2009, but due to a viral infection, I couldn't get banded until January 2010.
    I put on around 7 pounds in the interval-- and they were not easy to take off, it was just an additional 7 pounds I had to lose. Wish I hadn't done it.

  18. And here's one of the reasons I got the sleeve done instead of the band.. no fills needed. I don't have the willpower to withstand the "no restriction" thing...

  19. this is big. really. I'm serious. you want another hamburger.....lightbulb moment for (the general you, not you Amy) will never really be satisfied. there is no end. might as well forget about the "one last hamburger" idea. you have taught me so much Jedi master.

  20. I hate that question! My trainer has asked me when I plan to have the band taken - a number of times! And each time I say "Um, never..." Then she says that it should come out and that other people that she has trained took it out - yada, yada, yada. I say bullshit!

    I have not read one blog where someone took theirs out. I did not have this done so that I can go back into surgery and take it out. I like to think that even once I have hit goal that that sucker is still in there. Just waiting to be filled should I fall off the wagon... <3