Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sunkist-It IS After Me

I am proud to report that I have not had a regular Sunkist since last year (December 31st 11:59 pm to be exact). I have learned to actually like the taste of Diet Sunkist and can't remember if it tastes different than the fully loaded foe of mine. I went through a couple of weeks where I kept diet sunkist in the house, but was drinking about 4 a now I can only have one if I go buy a single bottle somewhere.

So, in my building (it is a small building with a training room and 3 offices), lives the Pepsi Machine Monster. When Pepsi man came in last week I asked if he would add Diet Sunkist to the machine and he said sure! So in it went...and the regular sunkist stayed as well. Mocking me.

If I could play sound with a still picture, you would hear the machine giggling...

So today after drinking my water (that was my deal with myself) I went and bought a diet Sunkist. With some classic foreshadowing I am going to show you a close up picture and you can try to guess what happened...
Yes. I put my money in and pressed the button. The WRONG damn button! I pressed the REGULAR Sunkist button and out it came. Well...down it came and sat in the tray. I literally screamed. Loud.

My coworkers ran to me. They thought I was hurt.

I picked it up like it had the Clap. I carried to my coworkers desk and muttered "take this home." She understands.

She gave me some change to buy a DIET sunkist.

The end.


  1. It's very clear that the Sunkist is stalking you. Creepy!

  2. I am so proud of you!!!! Awesome job walking away from the sugar loaded, artificially colored beverage. You didn't break the streak, that is really great!

  3. Amen! Great job walking away from it.

  4. Way to go in resisting the urge to ruin your streak!!!

  5. Mind over matter at its best. Good job!

  6. Great job not drinking it. Sorry about the picture of Liv, she nabbed it out of a cooler at the 99 Cent Store and insisted I take her pic with it, then she put it back in the cooler and said, "But I can't have any because Amy can't have any because it's bad."

    I asked why taunt you then and she just said, "Oh, you can show her how far away the Sunkist is. We're keeping it safe from her in California!"

  7. lol Oh you poor darl,
    I totally hear you about the addiction and how we sometimes go on autopilot without thinking (i.e. grabbing the wrong bottle.) I am seriously having trouble like this too - but with iced coffee. Not good *shakes head* not good at all (isn't that a line from a movie somewhere? Sounds familiar lol)...

    Anyways, I also switched from the high cal stuff to the lesser low-cal one.. tasted horrible to begin with but I'm slowly getting used to it. Same calories (200 for a 300ml carton) but half the fat. I figure you gotta have your treats now and again...sigh ...even if it is the poorer cousin version.
    Have a good day, Angelface xxxx

  8. Yay - you beat the Sunkist into submission! That's awesome!

  9. You are such a funny girl!

  10. you know what's a good cure to not loving the sunkist? ..the two hour glucose test last week ..and having to down extra sugar tasting orange drink..i'm not so fond of it anymore..

    and yay for the co-worker that gave you some extra change to get the diet! :)

  11. LOL. Ah Amy, I would totally do that myself. Kudos for giving it away though. :o)

  12. I have been wondering since I started reading your blog what sunkist tasted like. It seems so addictive that I maybe should be happy I don't know its taste. Your co worker is nice.

  13. oh that was so grea tthat somone gave you money to buy the right one
    so thoughtful
    they are all there for you in this journey amazing
    im so happy for you that when something like thta happens your co workers care and take it out of your sight right away and they back you up in this that truely is a gift

  14. You always make me LOL....stay away from the devil regular sunkist!