Thursday, March 11, 2010

Plastics, Fear, My Figure

Two things about this picture. I realize my name tag says Bride...and before anyone gets all up in arms about this...I am NOT engaged. I went to a bridal show a few weeks ago and you get to wear this even if you are just thinking about getting married. We all know that when I am officially en route to Bridedom (which means my official ring is on my official finger)...I will let you all know. Until then, it never hurts to get some ideas!

The second thing about this picture is my BOOBIES! WOWZA they look perky don't they? Trust me ladies, inside that perky bra are my balloon boobies. They are just held up.

I posted this picture because I wanted to talk about a few things and answer a few questions that you guys have asked me.

One comment I get a lot (and REALLY enjoy), is "You don't look like a size __ [insert whatever size I am at]. I know what people mean when they say that and it kinda makes me giggle...bc clearly I am that size ya know? And it is dangerous to compare bc we are all shaped different. Pear shaped, pencil, spoon, hour glass. I just got lucky with my shape. But a big reason I think that I look "smaller" than what people think my size should look like is because I dress my curves. Look at that shirt. Now that is an XL from Target and it fits snug. But it shows off my body. I do not hide behind my clothes. I actually think that hiding behind your clothes can make you appear bigger than you are.

In all my blogging I rarely give fashion advice. I think I hesitate bc fashion is so subjective and I do not want to offend anyone. So if you could care less what this girl from Kansas thinks about can skip to the next section and I will still love you (in fact I will never know). But here are some of my rules:
  • Just because you can zip it, doesn't mean you should wear it. I know that we are all rushing to that next size...but a muffin top usually means your pants are too tight. It's okay to go with a size that fits you NOW.
  • I don't wear tops, sweaters, cardigans that go below my butt. The longest top I own is a purple cardigan that hits my mid butt. Adding material to your hips and butt area, usually your widest area...helps no one. It usually makes you look wider.
  • I don't wear capris. I take that back. I wear workout pants in capri length, and have owned a casual cargo capri...BUT, I do not wear work capri's. I have stubby legs and when you wear capri's, they cut your leg off. I need all the length I can get.
  • I buy my shirts so they fit. That doesn't mean skin tight, but it does mean you can see my shape. I like my shape. And when you like your shape...others might catch on.
  • I try to remember that just because something is "on trend" doesn't mean I should buy it and wear it. Skinny jeans for example. Not for this girl.
  • My jeans and slacks are always bootcut or straight leg. A tapered leg, like on the traditional "mom jean" make the eye see a really wide ass and narrow ankles. Not good.
  • Dresses. Wrap dresses are a gift from Heaven. They show off the smallest part of my body (right under my boobies), and float away. Perfection. They are also great for us losing weight bc you can get a lot of wear out of them.

So that is about it. I ask myself: Does this do anything GOOD for my body shape? And if the only answer is...Yes, it HIDES it...that doesn't count. But regardless of what I think, if you happen to like tapered pants, big sweaters, etc...and you love yourself in them...well then that is all that matters!

Plastic Surgery

A couple of posts ago, Anonymous asked me what I thought about plastic surgery. *side you guys get nervous when you see you have a post from "Anonymous"? I am always afraid it is going to be something bad.*

I am all about a lift, tuck, suck. (sounds dirty) I just don't know if I will be able to afford it. At least not for a couple of years. Unless things start going REAL bad REAL quick, the first thing I will address are the chi-chi's. I want my girls perky and full. Then either the tummy or the inner thighs. So yes...someday maybe I will get some work done.

Fear of Gaining It All Back

Yikers. For any of you still with me at this point, I wanted to talk briefly (YES I KNOW WHAT BRIEFLY MEANS) about that fear we all have. That fear of what if this doesn't work? What if I fail? What if I lose all this weight and gain it all back?

You know what. I don't know when it changed for me, but I don't worry so much about this anymore. While life is truly unpredictable, short of a tragedy...I do not think I will ever weigh 327 again. Now maybe I will get to my lowest point and then gain a little back, but I think that with my knowledge of food, life, exercise, health, and everything the band has given me over this past year...I don't think I could let that happen again.

I am at a peaceful place inside with that fear these days. I also do not go into doom and gloom mode when I go full out wonk with my eating. I know that when I am eating every naughty food in sight, that it is temporary. And that I will eventually stop and regain focus.



xoxo-Ames, Amikins, Amesters


  1. i wish i could find that peace i still liv ein fear
    and your boobies look amazing lol
    i need to get me some like that mine are all deflated nemore

  2. I love this post. Your fashion advice is right on the money. I just went shopping with a friend who is smaller than I and was trying on XXL shirts. I was like WTF? You are drowning in a sea of cloth. She doesn't feel good about her body right now and so she wanted to hide it. That really really doesn't work, it just makes you look bigger. We had a long talk about it and I helped her spend alot of money on clothes that fit!

    I am with you on the plastic surgery, my only thing is I want to wait until after I have a baby..babies wreck your body and I don't want them undoing all the expensive hard work!!

    By the way you look great in that picture!

  3. I'll jump in here and say get the boobies you want, when you want and if you want. Mine were done (reduced) in Dec. 1999-my millenium boobs. For once in my life they were perky and perfect. It was way post-baby but they were headed down even before that. After 10 years (on this old body of mine) they are still looking up for the most part. Never regretted my decision.

  4. Nice picture, Amy. As usual, you are right on about everything. You my dear, are wise beyond your years!

  5. I totally agree with your fashion advice and totally *big puffy heart* the wrap dress! It is so flattering on curvy gals! I always feel like a hot mama when I wear mine! :)

    I also can completely relate to the boobie issue, only I haven't gotten my band and haven't lost massive amounts of weight. A great bra is a gals best friend! I *big puffy heart* for us busty gals! A bit pricey but they hold up well where it counts (holding the boobies up and wear well).

  6. Plastic surgery was something I never thought I'd do....and the tummy tuck was really a heck of a process and finally two years out I can say it was worth it. But I researched the hell out of it first.....

  7. You look great in that pic. I just posted about the fear...I wish I could let it go like you have. You're so amazing in so many ways.

  8. I love this post Amy!!! Thanks for doing it!!!
    I follow almost all your fashion tips to a "t" with the exception of the capris.. I live in them.. I find that if I wear a taller heel, they look fine(almost good) on me!! And I crack up every time I see Skinny Jeans in the window of Lane Bryant!!! Seriously?? :)

    I'm with you on the Plastic Surgery - I know I will need it, but I also don't think I would be able to afford it. Plus, like Jennifer, I'm hoping that I'll have a baby first and then I'll think about it!!

    You look fab in your pic.. Your ladies do look nice and perky!!! :)

  9. I think you and I have very similar figures, and we dress pretty similar too! My waist is tiny but I sure got those hips and butt! and I hateee capris too.
    too funny

  10. Ugh, now I just want to squish and squeeze your little face! You ALWAYS hit everything right on. I totally agree with ALL your fashion advice too (and PS I think I have that same shirt from Target!).

    I'm totally with you on the plastic surgery. I want it done, it's just not going to be happening anytime soon. I want kiddos, but I sure as heck don't want pregnancy destroying the masterpiece that will become my body ;) So, the lift, tuck and suck surgery will be held off until the tubes are tied!

    I'm slowing getting to that place where I've lost the fear of gaining it all back. I look at pictures of me at my heaviest (305) and am actually enjoying the lifestyle that I lead now.

    Good day my friend! :)

  11. Yeah you are looking good in that pic! I, unfortunately, have already lost like 1/2 a cup size in the chest area and I have only lost 15lbs. So that freaks me out. I got used to my girls and now they are running away from me, in every sense of the phrase, if you catch my drift. So I will definitely be looking into some implants if they go any further! I gotta have boobs, I just don't feel right without em'!

  12. Amen on the fashion advice - totally agree! I LOVE it when I find a shirt that fits well (i.e. not loose but not TOO tight) and shows off the girls. I like my girls. I'm VERY content from the waist up right now...

    As for Plastic Surgery, I do think I'll have it at some point - need to be done having kids first, but I'll get there! And I am very lucky that we have a friend who is a plastic surgeon, so while I don't expect to get it for free, I do think I'll get a minor discount for his services...

  13. I'm calling Oprah! You deserve to have a seat on her stage!

  14. Brilliant advice :-) I am definately one of those people squeezing into the next size down sometimes just to know that I can but a muffin top is not my friend LOL :-)

  15. Full of Wisdom as always! love your fashion advice :)Namaste Amikins!

  16. I love this post! And I love your fashion advice. From all of the photos I've seen of you, I like your style. I really need help in the fashion/fitting dept. I like clothes too big and hiding my big honkers and the plainer the better and I'd wear black everyday if I could. Can you come and dress me? lol

  17. I love this post - from amazing fashion advice to right on the money with success vs. failure. At least as I see it from this seat I'm currently sitting in. Always a pleasure to read your blog!

  18. I'm still a skater chick from back in the day. I also have had body image issues since I was 14, so I have never felt as if I had a nice shape. Even when I lose weight, I'm still not curvaceous at all.

    So... I AM that chick who still is picking up XXL t-shirts even though the XL ones are fitting me loose enough to my normal liking. I don't want my shirts to cut off at the waist. I don't want my pansa (the Spanish word for the lower tummy roll) to be highlighted by the shirts which do that.

    So, I don't dress body appropriate. I dress body comfortable. My J-Lo size 16 jeans (bless that bottom heavy woman for making jeans in plus sizes which actually fit plus sized bodies - go figure) just started fitting again and by that I mean they zip up without killing me or making me feel like the material is digging into my skin, but they still give me a muffin top because I have a bisected stomach with a top and bottom stomach bulge. Yay! So my big t-shirts hide them.

    I own 2 dresses, one is a super cute one from Torrid I should probably gift away and one is just a throw-on cotton Walmart dealie which makes me feel comfortable during the warmer months. However, I never wear it without a jacket because my upper arms are disgusting.

    I would love the tucks and sucks and especially a boob job. I actually think that implants are more aesthetically pleasing than natural breasts, unless you have natural 36C breasts at the age of 20 and aren't planning on aging, gaining weight or having a kid. I like big fake round boobs and I blame it on comic book characters I've seen growing up.

    I feel like kicking squirrels today. I think my battle with my emotional balance will either cause me to gain everything back once I've lost it (which I've done 4 times without surgery now, but I never got back into the 100s for more than a couple weeks) or keep it off forever out of sheer petulant kicking squirrels mentality.

    As for you Amy... you've discovered the key. You might not be perfect but you don't aspire an indefinable ideal of perfection. You will have the body that your attitude has been waiting for and working for all this time. And you will be probably one of the only people I know who will 110% DESERVE that body.

  19. Oooh Amy the fashionista! You got it working, girl.

    I agree with everything said and maybe one more thing.. people with short legs should not wear a below the knee skirt and shoes with an ankle strap lol. Makes you look three feet tall.

    I do like your shirt though and you're right - those girls are in ya face (but in a good way!!) I pretty much dress like you mentioned too - I love bootleg jeans (well, have discovered bootleg jeans, never worn them before) and they really lengthen the leg and make your legs rock. Now if only I could get my bootie back .. I have a pancake ass.. sigh.
    Have a great day xx

  20. I wish I had boobs....I'll just leave it at that since everybody else pretty much covered anything else I'd have to say.

  21. Unfortunately, for some of us and where the extra skin has placed itself, a muffin top is inevitable...LOL! I fit into an 8/10 comfortably but still get muffin top with loose yoga pants and my size 12 Levi's that I swim in. Sigh. That tummy tuck can't come fast enough.

  22. I agree with Lacey...I fit perfectly in my 12's but my loose skin that I have makes a muffin top and makes me sad. I will need a lift to fix my "Oranges in Socks" and a Tummy Tuck to fix my "inevitable muffin top" I know that for sure. Good tips on fashion advice! I <3 Fashion as you may be able to tell LOL.

  23. Amy ~ my health insurance paid for my reduction and lift a little over a year ago. I submitted letters from my chiropractor, my own letter that detailed the rash issue, the back pain, the shoulder indentions, etc and it went through as easy as the lap band surgery approval did. And when peeps ask how much 4 pounds was, what size I went from and to ... I say I went from longs to shorts! I no longer have to squish those babies into a bra that didn't fit just to not wear bigger than a DD.