Thursday, March 11, 2010

Polar F4-Me Likey

I did it. I spent too much money on something that I didn't necessarily need...but have been jonesing for.

Let me introduce you to my little friend...the Polar F4 Fitness Monitor.

Now mine is light blue, but I wanted to find a picture that showed the chest strap that you wear with it. If you would like a "real life" review from a fellow bandster, Lacey was kind enough to do a vlog for me about her Polar F6.

Here is what this little guy a nutshell.

You program your watch with your height, age, weight, gender. The chest strap transmits to your watch. It tells you your heart rate. You watch also tells you your target heart rate for maximum calorie burn. In other words, it tells you what your zone is! When you get too high or too low, it beeps at you and let's you know this. This little gizmo ALSO tells you how many calories you burn!

Oh man it is awesome.

Yesterday I went to bootcamp AND Zumba. I left bootcamp about 10 minutes early to make it to Zumba on time, but at bootcamp I burnt 220 calories and at Zumba, in 50 minutes, I said buh-bye to another 530 calories! What I discovered is that at bootcamp my heartrate gets too low sometimes, and at Zumba, for half of the time, my heart rate was tooooo high!

Pretty SUH-SWEET! The chest strap doesn't bother me at all! It goes right below my sports bra band and I actually forgot I was wearing it!

Oh. I mentioned the money. I spent $97 at Target (with tax). I saw today that at, it is selling for $69.99 (online special).


  1. Oh I love mine! I have the Polar F12 in green. Love that it beeps at me when I don't work hard enough - it's like my own little trainer. Money well spent if you ask me.

  2. That is really cool, my Bodybugg doesn't beep at me darn I want a Polar F4 too! I am so jealous of your workout ethic right now, I am sucking so bad at getting my exercise in.

  3. hmmm...thinking really hard now...

    Thanks for the write up!

  4. Amy, my daughter teaches Zumba in Scottsdale, AZ. I went to her class when I was visiting and I loved it. She is a great teacher and easy to follow. I have decided to join The Club in Gulf Breeze after being banded and able to exercise. I can't wait because they have Zumba there too! I will certainly be looking into the Polar when I join the club. Thanks for the info!

  5. So Now I have to find me one of those little gadgets. I love gadgets... I really wanted a bodybugg but now hmmmm.. What to do ...

  6. ooo I have a pink F4, I freakin love the little thing! Great job with the calorie burn yesterday, thats awesome!!

  7. Wow! I want one too! Thanks for the reveiw! It seems awesome! I love that you did Boot Camp and Zumba!!!!!

  8. I love my polar!!! I totally agree.

  9. yea i spent too much on mine too
    i have the green one
    but i used it for months
    not so much anymore cuz it didnt seem to be reading right anymore or it wasnt sitting right on me i dunno
    id be doing good cardio wise and it would say cant find heart rate so id have to fix it
    ill have to dig it out tomorrow and try again lol
    i felt like i was spending too much time reading it and putting it on and fixing it and stuff and i only had an hour and half to exercise so i said screw it lol
    but now i wanna dig it out again

  10. I love heart-rate monitors. I love being able to quantify what I've accomplished during a workout! Glad you're finding yours so helpful. And GO AMY on the bootcamp and zumba in the same day. Crazytown, girl!

  11. Ooooo ...that is so cool! Way to go on Zumba & Bootcamp! Holy crap! How are you walking today?

  12. I'm thing of signing up for Zumba - so I really need that thing too!

  13. Wow that is cheap! I bought my polar hrm about 3 years ago and it was on special (discontinued line) for about $200 AUD!! But yeah I love it, I wear mine nearly every time I work out. It's good to utilise the HR programs on the treadmill and bike which keep your HR where it needs to be to burn calories by increasing speed, incline or resistance. Very Cool.

    I wouldn't mind trying out Zumba but a bit scared of looking like a tool!

    Em :)

  14. I can see it now. NEWSFLASH - Polar F4 suddenly is on serious backorder due to unexplained increase of sales.

  15. I Think I want to take my MIO back and get the Polar...

    I CANT WAIT FOR ZUMBA ON THE 27TH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!