Thursday, February 11, 2010

Peek-A-POO...It's Amy!


*The scene...Amy standing on a balcony like Madonna in Evita...arms pouring out in song* (Rule #1 of blogging, always be dramatic and give visuals)

I haven't blogged in days (Rule #2 of need to state the obvious).

I have been eating all sort of willie nillie. I blame each and everyone one of you...and take no responsibility for shoveling sugar into my pie hole (Rule #3 of blogging...make false claims to get the masses riled up). The problem is, my one day of eating bad to teach Mr. Scale a lesson has turned into several. Alas...I am bored with it. Good news though. No regular fully loaded Sunkist. And we have been working out. So I am still maintaining my 2.5 pound gain.

This weekend for we are dressing up with fancy little hair-do's and fine threads and going to Hemingways and spending money on high priced food. I am looking forward to it! It is also Mardi Gras weekend so we will probably hit a parade or two...scream like idiots for plastic beads...and then go home and say "What the hell am I going to do with all these beads and why do they stink?"

I met Mary for a quick little lunch yesterday and she handed me some clothes! I am wearing a dress from Mary...that actually came from Catherine! It's a good thing bc the pants Nicole sent me are at the tailors!

A couple of things about this picture. Do you see the whiteness of my arm? I am like day-glo. But you probably didnt see my arm bc you were too busy staring at my Tyra Banks forehead...or as she calls it...a fivehead. It looks huge. Probably because I am going bald again.

Speaking of hair loss...I went to the support group meeting the other night. Still just me, one other bandster, and one potentially bandster named Vickie! Yes, just us 3 and about 9 million gastric bypassers (rule #43 of blogging...exaggerate! It makes things exciting). The doctors didnt even come this time. Too bad bc I was wearing lip gloss! I also talked about poop. WELL!!! Someone had to do it!

Two more housekeeping items for the day. First, Jennifer sent me a pair of jeans and some little hot shorts from Old Navy! Thank you Jen! I call them hot shorts bc Tracey saw how short they were and got all hot and bothered. I also just love to say your last name. Wanicki!

I would like to introduce you to Joey! Joey found me on facebook and then I found her wedding pictures and wanted to be just like her and picked her dry about her wedding and reception. Well now she has her own lapband blog and she is in the icky preop stage!

Okay dokey! I think that is about it for me today.

ONE more thing...the title of my post! Well, after talking about making boom boom at support group, I decided to take a gentle laxative. I took 2 last night at 6:30. 14 HOURS started to work. 14 hours? Where was that hiding at? Was it THAT long and laborious of a journey that it took 14 hours to work itself out?

I mean...JEESH!


  1. You absolutely crack me up! I am religiously taking notes on your blogging rules. I suppose when you've written a million of them like you (exaggeration right?), then I guess it makes you a pro. :o) So what about the boom boom?

  2. Unfortunately, I haven't learned the rules of blogging, as per Amy, but I will work on all of those things. You are fabulous with or without hair and you crack me up. I feel like a stalker, because I check your blog in the morning, if you haven't posted, I feel compelled to check throughout the day. Anyway, maybe next time you should take the "aggressive" laxative if you don't want to wait 14 hours. Have a great day!
    "Band me baby!"

  3. Thanks for the rules. LOL!!

    So what is this run you and Mary are doing?

  4. Love the rules and the smile you always put on my face

  5. Thanks Amy! You are welcome to copy, errr be inspired by, every bit of my wedding.

    I'm tellin' you - Amy blog club - official selection!

  6. You are so funny! So, have you decided who is going to play you when they make a movie because of your blog?

  7. You are too much sometimes! Always make me laugh...Gotta love it! :) I am sure you are a blast to be around!

  8. Love the post, too cute. And you too! You look really good girl. Thanks for sending us a newbie, I love bloggers!

  9. miralax is not harsh, but it works in like no time at all. hell last time i took just a 1/4 of a dose, and i was going just a couple of hours later. i know tmi...

    you are awesome. i love reading your blog.

  10. lol...thanks for the giggles I needed it today!

  11. Amy - You do not have a five head,I would call you porcelain/ivory, not day-glo ;) and finally who know after 14 hours, maybe you lost that 2.5 lbs...haha.

    Rule #1 of blogstalking..... Always check for Amy's blogs first

  12. All right, Girl. You are too close to Onederland to be fooling around with a weight gain. I'll give you thru the weekend (I mean, it is Valentine's Day and all) but then you need to pull it together and teach that scale whose the boss. And I'm not talking about the old sitcom with Tony Danza. (Rule #25 - you need at least one person to leave a pushy comment) :)

  13. Rule #26 - always do something to elicit a positive comment about the way you look.

    You look great! Cheekbones for miles! Who cares about the white arms and fivehead with that skinny face!

  14. So I know you said we couldn't be friends anymore, but i'm commenting anyways :) I second having to bring Nicole's pants to the tailors...gotta love us shorty's, also I love the dress! I have a pair of jeans that went from Catherine, to Jenn, then to me! Can't wait to pass them along!

  15. Citrucel. The chews taste like candy (you have to factor in 65 calories for a serving of 4), come in chocolate & caramel flavors, contain 600mgs of calcium in them, so I use one serving as a supplement to the standard calcium chews and I do the doodie dance at least every other day. AND... I was lucky enough to find that my 99 Cent Only store carries them. Don't know if you have those stores down in there.

    I've done laxatives when I was in a bulimic stage and they just tear me up, I can't go near them without breaking out in cold sweats before even taking any.

    Hope that helps. I used to talk about how if I never had to poop again ever in my life, I would save so much time cumulatively, but now I value my chicken nugget poopies. :)

  16. Thanks for the laugh...I dress looks great as does the forehead. Enjoy your dinner

  17. That dress looks great and your forehead is just trying to cover up your HUGE brain!! Love your blog, girl!!

  18. Hi Amy! Thanks for mentioning me in your hilarious blog! I feel so lucky to have sat by you in the support group. I am getting very excited about being banded. I have been reading other blogs as well and there is a wealth of info! It has helped me so much. Hope I see you at the next group meeting.

  19. thanks for the rules
    your hilarious
    i could totally watch webisodes of your life for days lol

  20. YAY! Im so glad you Liked the dress! I hope that the pants will work for you as well! it was my pleasure to pass it on to you!!!! Love it girl! LOL my mom always told me I had a 5 head! I got side bangs to kinda cover that!

  21. Ok girls! I am a newbie and I go to my first seminar Feb 20! I am so jealous ya'll swap clothes once I FINALLY get banded I want in on the action!

    Mary Sellers :)

  22. Please follow my blog. New bander here :)

  23. Brand spankin' new follower here.

    Just found you through Jens recommendation.

    34 yr old Aussie mum who's been unsuccessfully weight loss blogging for hundreds of year, give or take a hundrey.

    I'm being banded on March 22 and I will now pop you in my 'to read' list. I like ya. I like ya alot.


  24. I have a fivehead also (actually I can fit six fingers side by side up my fivehead so does that make it a sixhead? Its starting to sound rude!) While all my friends dream of botox and titty lifts and tummy tucks etc etc I dream of hairline reconstruction ah lah Cher. I want my hairline sliced from ear to ear, my fore (or six) head cut in half and the two joined up and some plugs or something to increase the amount of hair in my male pattern baldness hairline. Phew! Should we start a support group?

  25. I loved the movie Evita. I can see you singing with your hands outstretched waiving backwards! lol

    Stop by my blog, I've got something for you!

  26. You're the winner of my contest! I tried e-mailing you but my computer isn't cooperating. So send me an e-mail at pamperthecook AT hotmail DOT com and I'll get your address to mail you your prize.