Monday, February 22, 2010

My Scale is Ugly and Needs a Face Lift

So, I was thinking about my scale, and how I loathe it. So I decided I should make it prettier and want to doodle all over it AND put stickers on it. But, the real question is...will this throw off the way it weighs me? I mean...could the stickers ADD weight?

You see....I TOLD YOU I HAVE A PROBLEM (see previous post).

This morning was the end of my week long Amy IS Going to Lose 4 pounds challenge. Well I lost alright! I lost the damn challenge. I lost 3.5 pounds, bringing me to a new low of 205.5. And I would be happy about that but it was one of those mornings when you step on and it reads 205.5 and then it reads 206.5...then get the picture. Mommy will be happier when it doesn't jump to 206.

I really think I have a mild case of post traumatic stress syndrome when it comes to that 206 number. I was stuck at it for several weeks.

Long exhale.

Let us talk about something else shall we? Let's talk about numbers in and numbers out. Calories in, calories out. When I lost 75 pounds a decade ago, I did it with simple math. I knew what I could eat to maintain my weight. I knew a pound of fat is 3500 calories. So I made sure I burned a certain amount and ate a certain amount. I could really predict and know what my weight loss for the week was going to be. It worked.

This does not work banded. And I want someone to tell me why. Like a body scientist or something. Maybe Oprah knows. MAN if she would only call me back!

If I eat around 1200 calories a day, and work out 3 times a week. I should lose. You should lose. We all should lose when we are being good and making the right choices. We shouldnt have to "up" our calories.




  1. Ames~ This was my exact frickin question at my last fill. I used to eat almost 4,000 calories a day at 316 and now I eat 13-1500 a day and gain? How in the hell? If the numbers work right, I should be losing 3-4 lbs per week just based on my calories in change. If you figure it out please let me know ok??

  2. Man I was wondering the same thing about pretty things on the scale. I will come back to see if you get an answer on that :) And about the whole calories in and out thing I agree that is weird.

  3. Metabolism is a funny funny thing! I want to know how you were able to predict everything preband because I've never been able to do that consistently.

    Sending hugs your way. Just keep on keepin will move eventually. (Try weightlifting...)

    As for the stickers on the scale...yes, the stickers weigh something and depending on wher you put them, they may or may not "get read". What you can do, though, is pre-weigh the stickers on a food scale and see what they weigh and then subtract that from your reading each time you get on the scale...

  4. You have to remember you are talking about the human body and soooo much of it is an unknown. The 3500 calorie thing is science, but it is simplistic. You may loss 3500 calories of fat(1lb)and gain 2 pounds of water and muscle. Or you may loose 1500 calories of fat, gain water, but lose muscle.

    OR you body might be going through one of those many many many exceptions to the rule. Are your muscles under stress and using extra water to rebuid? Is your body burning muscle instead of fat because it is in starvation mode? Or did you eat too many simple carbs that your body turned into fat? All these exceptions are valid and cause that calculation to get way to complex!

    I really wish the body liked simple math and followed it, but I have come to the conclusion that are bodies are just too complex for that. AND IT DRIVES ME NUTS!! However, I do think that knowing the rule and trying to reach that 3500 deficit is a good thing. We should get close to that rule if you average everything out.

  5. I say go for the stickers!...I'm all about pretty!!!! ...and if it's a digital scale won't it zero itself out anyway? ...Oh, I forgot're blonde like me...we'll wait for the brunettes to 'weigh-in'.

  6. OKay. I'm so obsessive-compulsive I may not be able to sleep tonight just knowing there are stickers on your scale. I can't handle it. Oh, and maybe you are so skinny now you need less food to keep you alive?!

  7. Permanent markers - no weight involved - go draw pretty pictures on your scale! When you find out the answer to why we don't lose like "normal" people - I want to be the first to know.

  8. I don't know what I can add here-- other than I'm frustrated for you.. but you've lost successfully already, and you're doing great. Things will come around, the body is a pretty exquisite machine and it doesn't usually do simply math for us when we want it to!!!
    Also: hate to say it, but you are a decade OLDER (sorry)-- and that could have a tiny bit to do with it as well.

    This is coming from an *old bag* herself (39 years)-- I have much more trouble taking off weight now than I did in my 20's. It's a sad fact of getting older-- slower metabolism.

  9. Metabolisms SUCK! Just when we think we have things worked out, it goes and throws us a curve-ball. If you work this out, Amy sunshine.. let me know. I will shout it from the rooftops for everyone else to hear (or I could get you to post it - it will have the same effect lol.) xxx

  10. Hope the scales movefar far away from 206 for you

  11. Hi Amy! I was waiting all day for an update from you. 3.5 lbs. is GREAT for one week. And, yes, decorate and let's see photos. I personally would love a SWA sticker!

    Oh, and I'm super upset about the Vlog fail. You have the BEST vlogs. I hope you can re-create it soon.

  12. Amy!! 205.5! A new low: That is awesome. Yes it sucks that we can't track what is in and out and predict as well with the band. Not sure what it is that does that. Frustrating. I have a fill today, if I remember I'll ask. I had a bodybugg (before I lost it) and did find that it helped me to truly estimate how many calories I was expending. Before having the bug, I was definitely overestimating that number. Maybe it's worth buying a cheaper version of the bodybugg or something like that to truly track what your expending? Just don't lose it!!

  13. Amy, you may not want to hear this, but I have been at the same weight give ot take a pound or two for about 5 months now, 10 pounds to goal, I don't know what to do to get me there. but I'm keeping the faith.

  14. I guess I'm a little confused. You lost 3.5 lbs in a week and are at a new low. Shouldn't you be ecstatic? Well, even if you're not, I am for you.

  15. There was a scale posted on that had no numbers, only things like Sexy, Gorgeous, Beautiful and the like. It was also fuzzy. Maybe you should upgrade to that one!
    I'm a new reader by the way. Found you through LBT. :D

  16. Number 1: Amy - You look awesome so leave the numbers at the door biatch! Number 2: the more weight you lose and the closer to goal you get the harder the weight is going to be to lose. I have been up and down the scales so many times in my life I know for a fact that losing weight after 200 pounds is pretty easy going (well, not so hard and wrong anyway) but after that - man you just gotta be patient. I cant believe what a struggle it is day by day week in and week out and supposedly not seeing the scales move but look at the whole year - or the whole month DO NOT look day by day or week by week you just wont see it. My husband likes to say "The general trend is downward one so be happy" and my sister says "if you didnt lose 200grams (or some other pitiful amount) you could have put on weight so really you've lost more than 200 grams cause you have not gained this week. Think about where we were headed a year or so ago and think about where you'd be now if you hadnt started this journey?? Scary or what? Celebrate baby -you're smokin hot!