Monday, February 8, 2010

Butter My Butt And Call Me A Biscuit

Well it is at least good to know that my scale does, in fact, move. Yes my little sugarbeans...I am up 2.5 pounds.

*Long, deep, from the gut kinda sigh*

Amazing how just one day of debauchery can make a difference.

I forgot to answer the question "Where did you get the bikini"? Well, I got it at Bealls. Which is a Florida only store....but I wonder if you could find it on their website?

Also, we have a little problem. I am losing hair again! Say WHAAAAT? I started to notice it about 2 weeks ago but I decided I must just be hyper sensitive. However, the floor in our bathroom where I stand to blow dry my hair cannot lie. Neither can our shower drain. A year and two weeks after surgery...and 6 months after I stopped losing hair the first it comes again.

Well I dont think I can blame it on the anaesthesia this time. I guess I should start taking my vitamins again. And I GUESS I should track my protein again. Crap!


  1. awe sorry about scale and hair! I cleaned hair out of the shower yesterday and I gagged doing it!! Man candy said "it was your hair wasn't it?!" Well yes but it still made me gag pulling it out of the drain.....

  2. I know for me that around springtime I start to lose hair so possibly it is that..... Hope it goes better for you in the hair department... Just think though that is all new growth so nice new healthy hair...

  3. Booo. I really wanted my loss prediction to come true. You've got a BIG OLE LOSS coming your way girl. I expect it to be earth shattering when it finally happens!

    Second Boooo for hair loss. I swear by the Biotin, but it could just be my imagination.

  4. I'm with you on the hair--and the gain. Ugh!!

  5. Hi Amy,
    Sorry about the hair and the scale. I am sure you will have a loss this week and maybe had a lot of salt? You are looking great and sooo cute in all your pictures! You are an inspiration and I love reading your blogs. Thanks for being real. I can't wait to go bathing suit shopping cause in years past I have gotten whatever would cover the most of my belly and theighs. Usually a costco tankini/skirt thing. Well, soon I should really shop for one!
    oxox michele

  6. Aww, sorry to read of your gain, my little sweet cheeks.. I'm sure this funk wont last long. Isnt is just a bastard how one day of bad choices is enough to make the scales move up, but one day of being good, doesnt do a damn thing to push them down..
    As for your hair loss, another kick in the guts when you would already be feeling low.. dammit.. I'm sure it could be a kind of weather changing thing. Could be about that time to be shedding your winter coat, my luvly.. Good luck with it, and I'm sure you'll keep us posted on any changes. Fingers and legs still crossed for you.. well actually, legs are crossed, coz I gotta go pee.. But seriously, I know you'll be back on the losing streak real soon.
    xx Nene

  7. What is with the whole hair loss stuff?? Is there something you can take to avoid that? It is almost surgery time and I am getting scared for my hair...

  8. Amy try Biotin, that has helped me.
    or adleast it's making me think its working:)

  9. I'm sorry about the hair loss and weight gain. I wish it was the other way around for you!

    (BTW, I'm new to the lap band and blogging. I started following you a while ago. I just thought I should finally introduce myself. You're such a great inspiration. My starting weight is the same as yours! I hope I will be a great success like you are.)

  10. Sorry 'bout the gain. Hang in there. Biotin is a great idea that Nicole had. Worth a try. You are still rockin the bikini!!

  11. Haha at least the scale moves huh?! I feel that way too sometimes...sometimes it moves down and sometimes it moves up! And the hair issue...ugh!! I swear if I have to clean out my clogging shower drain one more time! How am I not already bald for petes sake? Anyways, I am with you on this issue! Lets figure it out together because it sucksss!

  12. It's just a temporary movment up. Things will be heading down in no time.

  13. Thanks for the bikini info! We actually do have a tiny Bealls here! I'm going to stop in now.

    That weight is totally phantom pounds - the kind that don't really count. I bet its gone tomorrow!

    Thanks for your sweet comments about my pics. Too kind!

  14. Yeah I have heard from a lot of people that you get a few bouts of the hair loss during the weight loss journey, it can be from the weight loss itself. Don't worry it will eventually stop. :-)

    Could be a reaction to your body going into shock from no sunkist LOL

  15. Man that is so unfair. I didn't think you ate that bad at all. And the hair. I guzzle those vitamins twice a day and pray. I have such thin hair. You still sound positive though....I am sure those punds will dissolve within a few days....

  16. Could I nominate this post title as 'the best ever' somewhere? :) Sorry about the hair ..I'm always shedding and clogging the shower drain.
    Can't wait to see the clumps of hair after surgery!? :)

  17. I ate a fried pickle last weekend. And fried oysters and cheese and all kinds of crazy stuff a bandster shouldn't eat- and I got the temporary 2.5 lb gain.

    Two days later it was gone.

    Take heart precious one, this is a minor blip, I swear!!!!!!!!!

    Oh, and I am losing my hair again, too. WTF?

  18. I didn't know about the hair loss thing! Oh no... I lose enough hair in the shower as it is (regularly). And I'm one with baby-fine, blonde hair. Thanks for the warning. I'm sorry for your trouble with it.
    And I agree with the others. If you were eating poorly, it's probably water weight somewhat if your foods were higher sodium. I'll pray for a turnaround on BOTH those things for ya! :)
    Robin at Band on the Run
    P.S. We have Beall's in TX too.