Thursday, February 4, 2010

And So Our The Scales Of Our Lives

Seriously...the little black dot living in my camera is not a smudge on the lens. It's inside the darn thing!


  1. Okay...first of all....I pretty much watched your dog in the background the entire time! I love how he just plopped down on your bed! That's exactly what my dog would do.

    Onto the much as it pains me to say this, but stick with it cause the scale will move! You are the biggest cheerleader for all of us when we don't see our scales move so keep that in mind for yourself :)

  2. You know my thoughts on the evil scales... But of course we'll both be down 10 lbs in the morning!

    I'm SO jealous of your hair its so long and pretty. I'm gonna cut it off and make a wig. or extensions... oooh!


  3. Ahh you are so funny. You know that scale will's just in cahoots with my scale to see which one of us with lose our mind first!!!You are doing all the right things and I understand wanting some rewards. They will come, good things come to those who avoid sunkist, work out and keep their calories below 1200!!

  4. Hang in there! You may want to make sure you aren't eating too little as well. I stop losing on anything under 1400 NET calories.

  5. Maybe there is some evil, gravitational force at work...or some kind of magnetic force field pushing our scales in the wrong direction.

    Or...maybe it's the NINE candy bars I've eaten over the past two days!!! Bad. Bad two days let me tell'ya.

    You are so darn cute/funny!!! You crack me up Amy. I would do anything to be in the same room with you for an hour. You would provide so much comic relief for me. I need a friend like you to spend time with everyday.

  6. Umm, Hello?? Did you forget that muscle is heavier than fat.. and you mentioned that you have been exercising more these days.. Dont stress my lil sweet cheeks.. I bet you have lost, but it's not registered on the scales because of the fat/muscle conversion..
    You are one in a million
    xx Nene

  7. I loved that video! Your awesome! its good to see that your just as perky and lovely in person that you are in your blogs.

  8. Thanks for the video :) Have you tried taking measurements to see if the size of arms / waist etc is decreasing even though the scale has stopped? The other this is your body may have come to a point where it's used to the amount of calories and workout and it's trying to "save you" from starvation! :P You might try a day or two with more calories (NOT junk-real food) to confuse the metabolism. I'm not a doctor of course :P Do what you think is best.

  9. thats right keep fighting the good fight i loved that part
    yay i am same as you not going down kinda staying the same and being good so i dunno
    guess it just happens soemtimes
    just keep on keepin on lol

  10. Everyone already has great suggestions, with the doing your measurements and muscle weighs more than fat. Maybe add in the fact that exercise requires more calories to be able to fuel itself? Have one extra snack during the day, like a cheese stick or something... If you've been letting your body operate at the same amount of calories for a long time, maybe it's time to up them for a week and then drop them back, all while keeping up the exercise and see if that has an effect.

    And, um... to point out the obvious, you've lost 120 pounds in one year. You've lost an entire skinny person. (Or a slightly overweight 4'8" person! Ha!)

    Math, writing stuff down, I know it's all scary, rocking in the corner for you, but you've lost over 36% of the body that you used to have. Over a third of the former Amy has said Sayonara and while your body is fighting change now, it's not trying to woo that weight back.

    BIG HUG. I understand impatience. I'm trying to teach myself to be happy with positive results. :)

  11. Boo for the 0 loss. Yeah for the great attitude! You, as always, amazing.

  12. I'll just have to repeat what the others have said, 'keep it up, it WILL move!'
    you look FABULOUS and are doing awesome!

    I wish i could do as well as you are with staying away from the things i LOVE (JUNK...or in your case Sunkist!)
    I'm working on it though!!!

  13. Amy
    what is up with these scales?? they are ALL in cahoots!!

  14. Hang in there, girlie. Plateaus happen--maybe it's just your turn ;) As others have pointed out, you might just be gaining muscle while you're losing fat!

    The numbers will start going down again soon. I promise!

  15. Awww that mean old scale will start moving again soon. Meanwhile, I love Lost too... Just watched my recorded season premiere last night. My husband says I should name my band John Locke. Lol

  16. you are my fav make me laugh...

  17. I hope you got the kitties under control. :)

    And, don't worry, it'll start moving again!!!

    Btw, I just wanted to say again how funny you are...I know you've heard it a million times...but it's the truth!!!

    LOVE YA!!!

  18. Amy, even when things aren't going well for you - you still are inspiring to me! Thanks for the VLOG!