Friday, February 19, 2010

Epic Vlog Failure

Beautiful people! I went home and recorded a stunning, thought provoking, philosophical vlog last night. The kind of vlog that could move mountains and change lives.

Whether or not any of that is will never know...


Makes mama cranky. In the vlog I thanked and responded to the Beautiful Blogger nominations going around. I said thank you to Miss Tori, Colls, Camille, Catherine, Angie, Southern Belle, Jennifer....and all of you that nominated me! Thank you so much!

I also shared a little secret with you guys...that I secretly don't like blog quizzes or questionnaires. I don't know! They make me break out in a rash. Also, I can't nominate just 7 people bc I love so many of you! I did give a special shout out to Joey and Jennifer for my wonderful Oprah gifts! I honestly swear that I am thankful for each of you that nominated me! you know how hard it would have been for me to think of seven different things you dont ALREADY know about me? So in the vlog I did a show 'n' tell with some of my favorite things! can't see them bc they are in the vlog.

OY! When I get some alone time this weekend I will try to shoot another one. Don't you hate it when that happens? Doing good on my Amy 4 pounder weight loss challenge week....I will let you know on Monday how goes it!

Heartchu peeps!


  1. Grrr! I am reading your blog at the moment, from the start up til...I think I'm in August right now. I am going to pull up the vlogs this weekend at home - can't watch them at work. And you're telling me I am going to miss a very current one? Well, not just me, but all of us? I hope you can get it uploaded!

    I just have to say you are so super uber cute! I heart you, your story, your writing, your personality. Sounds stalker-ish, doesn't it? :) I like that you are one that just enjoys life to the fullest. So thank you for putting all you do out there. It's been a pleasure to read your blog!

  2. Poor Amy! Don't you hate technology sometimes?

  3. I need to learn how to vlog.. LOL You guys are so far advanced then me. LOL

  4. Teehee - I nominated you too...couldn't help myself.......

  5. I will be waiting by my computer for your VLOG!
    You go with your 4lb challenge!

  6. I too was going to nominate you, as your blog was the first blog I found and was instrumental in getting me started in blogging!!

    I love that you are so outgoing and lovable! We should all have an Amy that lives near us, so that we could have an occasional meal with, to swap stories with and just to keep us motivated!!

    We all look forward to your posts!! :)

  7. That blows! I always look forward to your vlogs!!!!

  8. Postponed due to technical difficulties - No Fair!

  9. What a totally deserve all the nominations though

  10. Ack - I hate it when that happens. I did a vlog (the last one I did) and like yours I was damn happy with it.. only to find out I had the dunny roll in the whole shoot and that looked, well, revolting lol. Try again sweetpea.
    As for the Beautiful Blogger award, I bucked the system too. It's too hard to choose just seven and when you're nominated a lot it means you have too much to do and try to say. So I just wussed out and did a Circle of Friends Award to everyone!!!

  11. Please, Please post it when you can! Do you say VLOG like one word or VEE-LOG? Just wondering. Tell me in your V-LOG please!!

  12. Hello,

    Just wanted to say hello. I stumbled on your blog a couple of days ago and have read the whole thing.
    I (think) that i'm just about to book my lapband surgery, I had a consultation last week and reading blogs like yours are so helpful.
    I'm in the UK and will be following you.
    Well done on your weightloss, you look fantastic. Your photos amaze me, I look dreadful in photos, not (only) because i'm fat, I'm just horribly unphotogenic, do you ever take a bad picture?
    Enough waffling from me, well done and good luck for your 4 pound loss.

  13. Hi Amy,

    I just wanted to are hysterical! I absolutely love reading about your journey. I am gearing up for my Mar. 24 surgery date and have started a blog. My hope is that if nothing else, it will help me be accountable and help me with my journey. You continue to be such an inspiration with your acheivements with your band! Keep it up! I'm rootin for ya and hope you can do the same for me!

  14. I see your scale is moving girl! Congrats!