Monday, March 30, 2009

Third Time Is A Charm

YO! How is everyone doing? Okay. I have been waffling back and forth all weekend about getting a fill. After I ate a sandwich a-ok last week, I called my doctors office and asked if I could get in for another fill. I had a few worries:

1. They may think I am stalking Dr. Friedman. Seriously, I had just been in there a week prior for a fill I called to request. AND, I had just sent the cutest Thank You card to him bc today is Dr Appreciation Day. So, my request for another fill so early and the fact I sent the man a singing card could equal obsession in some eyes.

2. That once I got into the office they would tell me no...I cannot have another fill. And that they would refer me to the psych who did my consult for pre-surg.

3. OR, I didnt really need a fill at all. This is all in my mind.

So, just to recap...after my second fill I did feel a difference. I had to wait between bites, put my fork down...wait. Sometimes I could feel certain things sitting in my throat for about a minute. However, I could still eat a "normal meal", like a chicken breast, veggies, half a slice of cornbread. More than the recommended 4-8 oz that one should feel satisfied with due to proper restriction. I also ate a sandwich. This is usually the question doctor Friedman asks to determine restriction.

I went to my appt today. He hadnt got my card yet. So I told him about it of course. He didnt even know it was Dr. Appreciation Day. I told him that is bc I heard doctors think every day is about them. He laughed.

He told me that I am just not at restriction yet and yes he would give me a fill. He reminded me that I have lost 4 pounds since I saw him 11 days ago. He also told me to stop weighing myself everyday.

So, I laid back on the table and he gave me my numbing shot. Ouch burn. Then, he poked me with the real needle and I felt it! He missed my port and poked around for a few seconds. It hurt. I said...Yep, I get it. You dont want me to come back before my next appt and you are teaching me a lesson. He laughed. Perhaps an evil laugh?

Anyways, I asked him how he knew he found it and wasnt just shooting saline in my stomach. He said bc he withdraws all of the saline and puts new back in. That made me feel better. He ended up giving me 1cc fill, which brings me to 6.5 ccs roughly.

We will see how this goes as I progress! Happy Monday everyone.

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  1. Hi there, I think I am at about 6.5 ccs and still, feel like I need more. Some things hurt a little going down, but never get stuck. I'm tighter in the mornings and also it seems when I'm starving, I'm a little tighter. Other than that, I can eat anything and don't get that full feeling. I'm going in on the 14th for my next fill and can't wait. Good luck with this one.