Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Happy March!

Hello all! Today at 4:00 central standard time, I start my liquid diet to prepare for my first fill! Yeah! I get fill on Thursday at 4pm, and I are really looking forward to the fact that I might feel a restriction.

We are still walking. We did 2.5 miles on Sunday, and again last night. I think we will stick to that until this weekend when we will go to 3 miles! Thats our 5k distance (technically, a 5k is 3.1 miles)...but still good enough! We were planning on doing our first 5k on May 17th, but my organization is doing a 5k on April 4th out on the beach...so I think we might do that one! That will give us about 3 weeks to work on our timing for the 5k. I would like NOT to be the last walker that crosses the line. But if I am...at least I finished.

The other night I blew out the right side of my right Nike Shock. The stitching ripped. So...since I dont get paid until Friday, and I only own one pair of tennis shoes...I DUCK TAPPED THEM! Wrapped them all around like an ace bandage. Good times.

Last night when we were walking, there is this slightly crazy lady with a big old dog and a stick that walks the path also. I think she is from Australia...or maybe she just pretends to be. Anyways, she apparently has wonderful vision for a woman in her golden years bc she hollered at me last night (now imagine in an australian accent) YOU ARE LOSING WEIGHT GIRL! I said that's my goal! She's only seen me a total of probably 6 times...but hey...you take it where you can get it!

This weekend I hope to buy a new pair of shoes.


  1. Congratulations!! On the comment and not letting a blown Nike shock stop you!! That shows determination and initiative. My fat butt would've probably have called it fate and not worked out until I got new ones. Sad, but true.

    I am starting to feel a little better from the wreck and will probably start working out a little next week. Check with me next week and see if I stick to it. :P

    Good luck on the fill. Just remember, if you feel you are too tight, do NOT hesitate to get a little taken out.

  2. I know this is something that I'm going to have to get over in the future. Not the walking thing, I have never minded that (I prefer to skate it - love being on a indoor rink on my quads, listening to my music blare in my ears from my iPod) but I really HATE when people point out that I'm losing weight. That's my biggest challenge. Accepting the fact that I looked so big or so awful to them that they have to go out of their way to congratulate me on losing weight. I don't know, I guess it all ties into the not looking at the person's outsides but really looking at the person. I often wonder if I offend my friends that I can tell have lost weight because I NEVER point it out since they're beautiful in my eyes no matter what size they are and I don't want to draw attention to that. But I know a lot of people must WANT that attention.

  3. I did my first 5k in 2011, i walked/jogged the seafood festival. It was one of the best and worst days I've experienced so far. At that point I was at about 280-290ish, I really can't remember. Anyhoo I promised my sister in law that I would do it with her, it was on our bucket list. Showing up that morning I felt like I was being bombarded with psychological warfare. Girls in short shorts and a sports bra...yada yada, you get the idea. I felt like I was the biggest person there and boy was that a awful feeling. I had this dread floating around in the bottom of my stomach that I was going to be the last person to come in and everyone would be staring. But dammit I had to keep up my goal, which was to NOT come in last and to do it under an hour. I knew I wasn't going to jog the whole way so I would log a little then walk some. I thought that 5k would never end. Well I hit the last corner, i could see the finish line. I wanted to jog that last little bit. Some girl (she was skinny as a rail I sware) ran over to me said she was proud of me and jogged the rest of the way. Crossing that finish line was the best feeling ever. I finished in 52 minutes and the best part I wasn't the last person in! I would love to do another 5k post lapband, I think zack is considering it too. On to more reading!