Friday, March 27, 2009

Super Botox Me-Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy

So, I just happened to see on my iGoogle yesterday that this journalist on the BBC decided she wanted to prove that smart women (or women with a higher IQ) don't get plastic surgery. She went to a professional photographer, and had her headshot taken...sans make-up. That was her BEFORE picture. Then, she sent the picture to a professional photoshopper, and he retouched it. That was her AFTER picture. I couldnt find a side by side, but this was her before picture.

She decided to go to come to the States for her plastic surgery visits bc apparently its not as big on the other side of the pond. What turned out happening was very interesting. In a course of a week or so, she had 70 + injections and this horrible laser thing that burnt off or ate off the top 30 % of her skin. She quickly became addicted. What I thought was so very interesting, and relevant to our weight loss journeys is that she said something like this: She became so obsessed with the idea of her "after" picture that she started to really resent her "before" picture. In other words, we get this idea of what we should look like...what we see as this perfect or ideal after picture, that we start to resent our "before" selves. It is easy to slip into an obsessive compulsive mentality in our quest to become perfect. Kinda deep right?

Just wanted to share! Happy Friday!

Oh, apparently she also did a show called Super Skinny Me. I think it might be on YouTube. If I watch that one I will get back to you.


  1. Since I'm the movie girl who has watched almost everything, I recommend checking out a documentary called "America the Beautiful." It hits on a lot of the beauty industry's issues, from plastic surgery to 12 year old run-way models to eating disorders to the chemicals in make-up. The thing that was most fascinating for me is that it was made by a black man, and black men usually have very open-minded opinions of beauty (at least from my personal experience where they're more forgiving of size or not wearing make-up than a white guy would be).

  2. I’ve watched the trailer of “America the Beautiful” and some of its teasers as well. I can say that you’ll be learning a lot from that documentary. It simply tells us that you should prefer looking at something that may be more aesthetically pleasing than the things or concerns that you have in mind. Remember that you don’t have to be “gorgeous” to be beautiful. :)

  3. Well yeah, a person’s “after” look may really turn out great after a plastic surgery procedure, but you shouldn’t hate your “before” self after that. I mean, people should think of it as this way: You go through a cosmetic procedure to improve your look; hence to develop a satisfying feeling towards yourself. You should be the one who needs to accept and respect yourself in the first place. It shouldn’t lead you to disliking your previous look.

  4. Great point there, Terry! Although you’ll look different, your personality shouldn’t change once you undergo a cosmetic procedure. It’s true that this procedure is intended for you to become confident. But, you must not use it just to be satisfied with your image. A surgery or a treatment should help you appreciate and love yourself even more. :)