Friday, March 20, 2009

Round 2

3/19/09 - - 289 pounds

Good Friday to everyone. I went and got my second fill yesterday. (*my 10th grade English teacher would kill me for saying "got")
Everything went smooth as butta'. He told me he would give me another aggressive fill if I wanted it. I asked him what he meant by aggressive, bc I didnt want another 4cc's or anything. He said he was going to give me another 1.5cc's, now for a total of 5.5cc's. That was fine with me. I was thinking around 2cc's. He told me that "your bread eating days might be over". I didnt really believe him...bc I think I will probably still need another fill before that happens.

I did ask him why we are supposed to be on 2 days liquid and 2 days mush after a fill. He said basically so you dont choke while you get used to it, and so you lose weight.

So, with that...I went home and had some cream of chicken soup around 5pm. I hadnt eaten anything except yogurt all day. No problem with the cream of chicken. Then, Tracey had chili around 7...and I had about 3/4 cup of chili....and half a biscuit. I KNOW! Not a liquid or a mushie. It went down fine. I could definelty feel a restriction though when I was done. Nothing unfcomfortable...but I could feel my band.

This morning I had yogurt for breakfast and about 3oz chicken salad for a snack. The yogurt didnt go anything for my hunger, but the chicken salad helped.

My next fill is May 7th. At my doc's office, all my fills are free (included in a $250 dollar fee I pay before surgery) for 90 days. I think I might take advantadge of that sometime in April, and if I still feel like I need another fill...I will sneak in before my 90 days is up.

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