Sunday, March 8, 2009

Post-Fill, So are the days of our lives

Good Sunday to everyone! Okay, so here is a picture of where my port is actually located. The top scar is my port scar, and until my fill, I thought that the hard lump I felt underneath it was my port. Wrong-O! Its actually a little lower. So now we all know.
So what have I been eating. Okay...Friday was my first full day after the fill. For lunch I had a Wendy's chili. was a small and I ate it in 5 minutes. Too fast I know, but it was sweet love in my mouth. For dinner, we went to O'Charley restaurant. I had a triangle from our quesidilla (I can't spell) appetizer, one roll, and a cup of potato soup. It all went down just fine. Nothing felt weird. I wasn't "stuffed" afterwards, but I wasnt hungry. In fact, I wasnt hungry when I woke up Saturday but I ate half a thing of yogurt bc I didnt want to walk on an empty stomach. I didnt eat for about 4 hours, wasnt really hungry until then. I ate about a half a cup of chicken salad. About 7 hours later I realized it was past supper time! I hadnt been hungry all afternoon. I ate a low-fat hotdog, on half a bun and some pear bits. Went down just fine.
Then....'ominous music playing' I woke up this morning and made a piece of toast, added a little peanut butter on it, with some jelly...and sat down to eat--'more suspenseful music'....I took a sip of milk (I know! Not supposed to drink but I just need a little fix man!) and about 20 seconds later, I told Tracey to get the bread away from me. I went in the bathroom and up came the bread and milk. Nothing violent, it didnt even come from my stomach...just was chillin in my throat.
So, either toast and peanut butter will no longer work, or I ate to fast, OR I am tighter in the morning. That's my story and I am sticking to it!


  1. So sorry Amy. Peanut butter on whole wheat toast used to be my favorite snack food. Alas, it normally comes back up now, so it isn't worth it. I can't tell you what did it, because I have only had the bread with the peanut butter. I have, however, eaten a biscuit with no problems at all. Oh, wait, I tried to eat a grilled cheese sandwich and that didn't work either, so it is probably the bread. I just avoid it like the plague now.


  2. Probably a combination of being naturally tighter in the mornings and the mantra that the dietitian RN at my office keeps saying: "Paste is waste." She's very down on anything with excessive white flour, since when you chew it, it doesn't really turn to liquid completely but rather like a sticky paste. Adding peanut butter to that might have made it stickier. I know that her idea of a "quick snack" is peanut butter on a spoon to go. But just the PB. The thing that's making me saddest is wondering how I'm going to live without my more fibrous veggies (like the sweet stems of broccoli or the stringy nature of asparagus). My grandfather was a produce manager at a grocery store for 40+ years and so I can't live without certain veggies. I know I can boil down carrots (I prefer them cooked until they're soft anyway) but that skin missing off my broccoli? Or the skin off my eggplant? I hope I can factor these in when I get to the solids. I did NOT like being told that they'd need to be peeled when I first went to solids. All the good stuff is in the skin!

    I'm getting ahead of myself, I know... I've just been looking forward to this for so long.