Sunday, March 8, 2009

Shoes and Feet

I wanted to share two things. My foot and my new shoe. I have wide feet, and I wanted to illustrate with an actual picture of my square foot. Sort of Fred Flinstone yes? Well, for the past forever (maybe 5 or 6 yeears) I have worn Nike Shox. I like to believe bc they are narrow, they help my feet not look like a box. So, as you know, I have started walking. I blew out the stiching in one of my shox and have been walking with tape wrapped around it. I did some research on walk makes a good walking shoe (bc I also get shin splints). Turns out, Nike Shox sucks. They raise the heel. Bad for walking, bad for shins. So, I broke down and bought what I refer to as fat girl shoes. They make my feet look 9" wide. BUT!!! BUT!!! They are wonderful. They feel so good! Woo wee.

Aren't you excited to? LOL

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  1. Better to be comfortable than fashionable when it comes to function.

    In roller derby, because the girls stop on their toes a lot, they have the option of getting leather toe straps to keep the boot's leather intact or they'll duct tape the toe in a team color (our team's colors are black and red, but I've seen duct tape in pink, purple and bright green before) but that ends up looking a little bit cheaper. Some of the girls even get little kids' socks to pull over the toes and then duct tape them so there's extra coverage.

    The coolest thing about having a good pair of skates is that you can change out the parts. The wheels wear out but the boot is still looking good? Buy new wheels. Going too slow? Get new bearings for the wheels. Different sized toe stops, leather toe guards, all kinds of fun accessory stuff.

    Myself, I can't get past fashion on a regular day where I do a slight amount of walking and will break in high top Converse. But I have a good pair of "trainers" that my boyfriend got me from somewhere for cheap. They don't even have a logo on them, but are totally black and ugly as sin but COMFORTABLE.

    One thing people do get wrong a lot that I found out from roller derby is that you'll tend to lace up the shoe tighter toward the toe. It should be the other way around. Lace as loose as you can tolerate around the toe and start to make the top tighter about 3/4 of the way up to your heel. That way your toes can move and "breathe" and you don't end up getting that weird numbness in your toes. This works for walking, running AND skating. Again, I'm catching up with you backward, so you might have figured this all out by now. I just didn't feel it did you justice to read your journey backwards.

    "Once upon a time there was a thin girl who gradually grew bigger until they had to operate to remove a Lap Band from her gut."

    LOL... sorry, my pain meds just kicked in.