Thursday, November 15, 2012

On a Lighter Note

I weighed in at 132.4 this morning.

Juuuuust kidding.  I just thought that maybe if you saw that in your blog feed you would click on it out of sheer jealousy and well disguised longing.

I actually weighed in on Monday at 187.4.


Here it is.  Let me lay it out on the line for you.  The other night Heather really hit the nail on the head.  I was stretched out on the couch, by head on her lap, and I was talking about how I want a weight loss drug equivalent to speed (please note that I have never DONE speed...but anything that would amp me up and having me running around like a tightly wound cymbal clanging monkey AND be legal...does sound tempting).  Anyways, I said "I want a weight loss drug.  I want to lose weight".  And as she lovingly looked down at me, stroking my hair she says...

"No you don't"

and returns to watching The Voice.

Well, i DO want to lose weight, I just want to lose weight AND eat everything I want.  I mean that asking too much?

I have been eating preeeeettttty much everything and anything I want these last few days months.  I just seem to have no desire or willpower to diet, watch my food intake, make good food choices.  It's a problem.  You know it's a problem when you have this phenomenon:  You have eaten so much crap and fast food that when it's meal time you can't think of anything that sounds good because you have been too busy eating everything that popped into your head.

You dig?

But I guess I need to start and try to be more consistent in my choosing better choices.  If my lowest was 163 (which was only for a day at the end of my two week Atkins stint), and I maintained around 167 for awhile, then I am up somewhere around 15 pounds from my lowest.  And with the Tough Mudder in May and the Pensacola Double Bridge (9miles) in February...I guess it's time to start focusing on my competition weight.  The clothes I wore at 167 still "fit"...if you define fitting as zipping or closing.  But as we all know...just because it fits...dont mean we should be wearing it. But that is a good judge for me, or a good goal I guess...bc I have some cute clothes ya know?  And I would like to wear them again comfortably.

Do you know what I have been really terrible at? I mean, besides eating healthy?  Drinking water.  Bad bad bad.  This week I have stopped drinking regular soda AND beer and wine.
Two things to note.  I had to stop drinking because I started to really like it.  I mean, I wasn't drinking mouth wash but I did enjoy coming home and having a couple of Wild Blue beers...getting a happy little buzz.  So...let's just put a stop to that for awhile shall we?  And I had just discovered Red Moscato!
I mean let's face it.  I am kinda an all-or-nothing kind of gal.  I either do really good...or I do really bad.  I am not so good at balance.
But I have also been getting really bad headaches lately. Sometimes twice a day, usually right behind both of my ears.  I had thought once or eight times that maybe I needed to drink water and that I was dehydrated.  But I hushed those thoughts with nachos.
But I have been drinking water this week and low and behold, no headaches. So we will see if that keeps up.
We have been running.  On Saturdays...or one day on the weekend...I run with Heather.  Which means she jogs and doesn't break a sweat and can hold a conversation with me like she was strolling through the mall, and I meanwhile am huffing, puffing, dragging a leg...praying for it to end.  Last weekend we did close to 5 miles. 
Tomorrow if finally Friday friends.
Thank goodness!
Until then lovies....


  1. First of all, I laughed out loud at the 132.4! Hilarious.

    I so relate to the water thing....and the drinking thing.

    I could literally go all day long without drinking anything.(I knew I would never have a problem with the no drinking while eating thing)

    And I was starting to make it a little routine to break out those little Daily dacquiri pouches and decided that needed to stop.

    Enjoyed reading.


  2. When I saw 132.4, I said did I miss a couple of your blogs or what? I love your honesty and it's made me realize that I have been eating my desires too since they changed my surgery date... I freaked out for a day and a day turned into a week. Yikes! I would still kill to weigh 187... and if it's any constellation I drink a ton of water and I am not losing weight currently.

  3. Phentermine = legal speed. For real. And DEFINITELY curbs the appetite. I try REALLY hard to be good and diet all on my own, but it's really hard when you're addicted to food. My primary prescribed it to me, along with seeing a psychologist to "dig into my childhood and find out why I'm relying on food to cope with my emotions" like I was an abused kid or something.. and the pills really turn off the trigger in my brain that tell me I'm hungry. Sometimes I have to remind myself to eat, which is really weird for me, but it's great. And of course, I get a LOT of work done throughout the day ;)

  4. You are such an inspiration to me. I started using the LoseIt app because of you and it really helped to jump start my weight loss. I love your blog! I check in frequently to see what you will say next. Just know that you are helping (and entertaining) a lot more people than you realize with your wit and your honesty. This is just another part of your journey - thanks for having me along!

  5. I never thought the famous Amy and I would actualy be in the same boat. I've been having these same issues. And I'm finally ready to get serious again. Thanks for doing it with me. LOL.

    P.S. I'm moving to FL! I'll still be a little ways from you (I'm moving to Jacksonville) but I would totally drive out to meet you! You're my hero!

  6. I just freaked out at your first sentence! ha!
    Thank you for being so real on this blog. i had lap band 3 years ago. I was down to 170, and for the past year have been hovering at 180- 184. I make horrible choices daily and cannot figure out why I sabotage myself. It really helps to read about others and their struggles. You are such a success story and inspiration to me. I am not giving up and I know you will get to where you want to be.

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  8. I can relate to the "nothing sounds good" because you have been eating anything and everything that you want. Best of luck with your re-focusing plans. :) I am re-focusing on a regular basis. lol.

  9. My husband walks beside me while I run. I am sorry, let me clarify...he walked beside me while I was dying trying to run. I told him he could either run or pretend to jog, but if he kept walking while I was dying, he was getting kicked in the balls.