Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I Call BullShi@

I have a bone to pick this fine morning.  On several accounts, and let me tell you...I ALMOST don't care if I offend anyone.


Good morning!  Hope everyone is well.



I am glad the political season is over and I am glad the majority of us are still friends on Facebook.  However, I DID delete several people over the last few months for anything that I found ignorant, hateful, or mean-spirited.  I don't care if you voted for Obama, Romney, or Roseanne Barr...but here is an example of something a "friend" posted on election night.  This person is a someone we see and spend time with at least once a week at softball, and that I would really say is a friend. 

I posted a picture of my ballot (which may or may not be illegal in the state of Florida...but I didn't know) showing that I voted for Obama.  The caption of that picture said something like "Here's hoping I wake up in the morning one step closer to being able to marry the love of my life, a right that other taxpayers get to enjoy". 

I mean, regardless of who you voted for, I think it would be safe to say that Obama is a smidge more pro-gay than Romney... I posted that, and my friend wrote on my status "Where is the fucking dislike button".

Strike one.  And yes, he might have been disliking the Obama vote, and NOT the statement about marrying Heather...but still...unnecessary.

But THEN...THEN...he wrote a little status update of his own.  I would give it to you verbatim but he has since deleted his facebook account:

"I wish people would keep there ignorant fucking political statements to themselves.  If you are going to vote for a stupid fucking ni**er (and he spelled it out) then you don't give a shit about his country or what it was founded on".

Oh sweet grapefruit.  You've got to be kidding me.  WHO uses that word on facebook?  Who says something so hateful and full of ignorance?  I wish I could have deleted him twice.  I expected more from him.  And I realize we get all fired up about politics, religion, and other things that are so personal...but never would that be called for. 

We ran into him on Saturday night while out eating.  I did not speak to him or respond to his texts.  He text me and asked me why I was so mad.  And I told him.  I told him...and I haven't heard from him since.  Good riddance.

Next rant: 

Liars in our community

I do not understand bloggers, youtubers, facebookers who are WLS patients who only share the good.  OR...better yet.  LIE about how good they are. 

A couple of examples, and both are banders.  I know one bander on Facebook who loves to post what she eats.  And the posts are ALWAYS healthy.  But this person still weighs, I would guess, close to 300 pounds.  If you really only eat that nonsense you are posting, you would probably weigh a little less.  Be honest.  Do you think that twisting the truth helps the people in the community that are struggling?  No.  And I get it.  You want to feel special and high and mighty.

I ain't buying it.

Like that time I told you about another bandster who during dinner shamed the rest of us and complained about the unhealthy food choices provided for our meal...but later I caught her walking out of a restraunt with a big old cheeseburger...on her way to smoke a cigarette.  (I realize some of you are smokers...but none of you are saying "I am the PERFECT lapbandster and live a completly healthy life and blah blah".

That's okay.  Karma. 

But my point IS, I reckon...if I do have a that this is a daily struggle for us.  We struggle with working out, with food choices, with life, with the tool inside of us...and pretending you are perfect is a disservice to all of us. 

Back To Facebook

Okay.  So maybe I see a pattern here.  Maybe I should get OFF of Facebook.  But yesterday someone on my friends list, and a reader of this blog, commented on a picture that I guess what posted by a radio station. It was a picture of an overweight girl, taken from behind, standing in line at a fast food restaraunt.  The girl was very overweight and had an unfortunate body shape and was wearing some clothes that were not flattering.  The caption on the picture, written by the disc jockey, was saying things along the lines of:  I will take #8, #10, etc. 

I only noticed it bc my friend had commented.  And I clicked on it in hopes that her comment was blasting the piece of shit who thought it was funny to make fun of an overweight girl.  She wasn't blasting him, although some others were.  So good for them.  It was a disgusting post that lead to disgusting hateful statements based on the person's size and shape.  And what if that picture was of a teenager?  A young girl struggling with herself?  What if she saw that post and all the hateful things people said?


Why can't we all just hug and get along?  Why can't we all just sit in hair brushing circles and pet each other?

WHY I ask you?


  1. I haven't consistently read your blog (although I have always admired your progress). Based on this post I think we could be friends :)

  2. Because people are assholes!!! I'd honestly rather spend time with dogs. It's sad. Don't even get me started on facebook problems. My own mother is on a vendetta against me at the moment. ON FACEBOOK! People are crazy.
    And that guy? What an ASSHOLE! The food police hypocrite...ASSHOLE. The people making fun of that girl...ASSHOLES!
    WHY? is right!
    Hugs to you.

  3. Okay I love this post, because sometimes it just feels good to get it all out. And I agree with everything you said!!

    Oh and your last line about sitting in a circle and brushing hair and petting, OMG, makes me think of my cat. Whenever I brush my girls hair he cirlces around us purring and lookin for love. It cracks me up. Everytime. And he's 15 years old and still there is sumthin about the hair brushing that gets him all lovey-dovey.

  4. Fantastic rant! :)

    I deleted my facebook about 18 months back because it was making me hate all my friends and I am so much happier without it!

    I find it so sad that some of the biggest fat haters are those of us that struggle with our weight. As soon as they lose a few pounds they become complete arseholes. I have to stay away from the lapband forums because there are routinely posts that come up shaming people who don't eat 100% perfect or saying how disgusted they feel now when they see fat people eating unhealthy in public. Unbelievable!

  5. Amen Sister! The internet in general seems to give people this feeling that it's okay to say whatever comes to mind, with no regard for other's feelings. I have made some wonderful friends, through the internet....and I have, also, through the internet, found a long list of folks that I wouldn't feel good about sharing the same air with! I like you Amy, always have...we may not agree on politics, but we agree on karma and kindness. Hope you have a day free of a-holes!!

  6. Love this post!!! I did not vote for Obama but omg who says those things!! I don't care how upset you are that guy is beyond inappropriate!! People are aholes and nut jobs!!

    Also totally agree with the liars in our community thing!!! Good rant! I enjoyed it.

    Also missed you blogging!

  7. wow... Glad to see you back posting but man... people are real Jholes... Keep fighting the good fight, that's all we can do! :)

  8. I think you deleted me on Facebook as I never see your posts anymore! Lol...anyway...I so agree with being happy the political posts are almost over. I still have a friend who I keep unhiding only to hide her again!

  9. Oh Amy...if I was anywhere near you I would snuggle you and give you gentle hair pats and sing you the Soft Kitty song. People suck. I deleted some ridiculous number of Facebook "friends" during this political season and it was very liberating. I don't care who you vote for, but be a little respectful. Dammit.

  10. First of all, I always enjoy seeing your FB post because I can tell you are a happy person.

    As for politics, I never posted one thing about the election. I care, but I don't care if that makes any sense.

    I understand what you are saying though because I had a FB friend who posted his beliefs(dislike) about gay people.(he's a christian who can probably quote the bible backwards and forwards) I was so disappointed and I told him so.

    IT'S NOT MY PLACE TO JUDGE....end of story.

    I care more about someone's character than who their partner is.

    Great post.


  11. You Rock!!! I wish you lived down the street from me so I could brush your hair - after I introduced myself, of course. Keep fighting the good fight!

  12. I am glad you said this... People were out of control. I am glad that the political posts are over, because I prefer to not know my friends inner demons so well. Yuck! Yay! for Equal Marriage and Women's rights!

  13. I'm feeling your pain on this one. First, that guy is a racist bigot who deserves to be raked over the coals for his comments. Second, the fat girl pic...ugh...just ugh. As for liar, I don't know why people feel the need to do that. There's a girl who sits next to me at work...very heavy...saying how she had to read the menu at mcdonald's because she never eats there... uh huh. OK.

  14. Can you hear me cheering from Pittsburgh?? Rant extraordinaire - love it!

  15. Ok, first - you have REALLY got to go back to regularly updating your blog! I feel like a blog stalker because I check it so regularly just to see if you have posted! I'm so ashamed! haha
    Second - I wholeheartedly agree with everything you have said. I NEVER participate in political conversations and this is precisely the reason why! I want to continue living in the bubble that I do so I don't have to realize what asses my friends REALLY are!
    I saw a lot of ignorant and racist posts and like the people above, I just hid them until everything was over.
    As far as the public dieting on facebook, none of my friends know that I was banded, not because I was ashamed, but mostly because it's none of their business..and because I feel that I deserve to feel good about the decision that I made and I know most of the people on my list would have something negative to say because they are stick thin with a high metabolism and don't understand the daily struggles of a person who is addicted to food. That being said, I do not post what I eat, but I do make updates about my weight loss or lack of if I'm hitting a plateau and am completely honest when I 'F' up and go eat a Reeses...who can blame me though, they are so delicious! Even then, I still get off my ass and work out and try to correct the issue as much as I can. I am down 55 lbs and 25 from goal (130 lbs) It pisses me off when I see people who are banded and expect it to do all the work for them, or seeing the people that desperately want and need to get banded and can't because they can't afford it. To me, having the band makes dieting much harder, worth it, but much harder. your post today! Please PLEASE make more!!!

  16. Wow! Rant away I liked it all. Thanks for sharing I thought maybe my friends were the only assholes on FB re politics.