Monday, November 26, 2012

Another Turkey Day in the Books

As I have probably shared with ya'll about 4 times over the last 4 years, and always around this time of year...I am not really a big fan of Thanksgiving.  Never have been.  First, I don't really like the food.

I know.  Shocking.

But, let's break it down into my family Thanksgiving, and Heather's families Thanksgiving.

I love my mom (hi mom!) but in our neck of the woods, you didn't set down at a table and have Papa Workman (hi dad!) carve a  big bird beast.  My mom would shred the turkey into white or dark, we would load up our plates in the kitchen and to the table we would go.  My mother makes some things for our Thanksgiving I do not enjoy.

#1  Noodles.  I suppose this is like some of you who have dumplings at Thanksgiving?  Anyways, noodles in something...I guess that is supposed to be gravy?  Now I am going to keep it real for you.  I love my gravy out of a jar.  I like it with a lot of meat flavor.  My mother's gravy was homemade...and I have yet to make a homemade gravy I like.


#2.  Weird gravy.

#3.  Kinda dry turkey (bc it's shredded early on, and it is kinda hard to make a moist bird).

Now, I should say that I do love me somethings we had.

#1.  Stove Top stuffing/dressing.  Yes.  Out of a box.  DEeee-lish-ous
#2.  Pumpkin pie with a shit ton of Cool-whip really...without food you want to gorge yourself on, Thanksgiving just stands between me and the best time of the year!!!!  CHRISTMAS!!!

I loved the day after Thanksgiving dudes!

It usually involved me and my dad outside, gloves and coats on (because in proper parts of the country like Kansas, it's chilly this time of the year) cussing at untangling yards and yards of C-9 Christmas lights, checking for ones that had burnt out, and then climbing onto our roof and risking life and limb to hang lights on the different levels.  Seriously...some of the places we put a ladder...

So, that was my Thanksgiving before I met Heather.

Now we do Thanksgiving with the Gainey's.  And the food is soooo different.  I have never seen so many bowls of different field peas, greens, and beans.  All of which are fresh and homegrown. And there is no pumpkin pie but a variety of cake!

No pumpkin pie?

But do you know what they DO have at the Gainey's?  Fried Turkey.

Now that junk is gooood.

And I made two casseroles this year.  One Hashbrown casserole which no one really ate..hahah...and a green bean casserole which I could shovel in my mouth year round with a ladle...or bucket...something big.

I do realize that while speaking of Thanksgiving, I am sounding very unthankful.  I love love love the memories I had and the ones I get to make now. 

I just wish we could have fried turkeys and mexican buffet for Thanksgiving.  And pumpkin pie. 

The last few days off were very hectic and I had to fight getting a little "blue" if you will.  Heather spent a majority of her time hunting with her brother, and I had to drive back and forth from Defuniak Springs to Pensacola (about 80 miles each way) to take care of the dogs several times.  And being alone on the holidays is tough on an old girl.  I did get all the outdoor lights done.  I had fun with "the other Heather" (Sharika Jingles) while Heather and the boys were out delivering deer one night.  I managed to get her a weeee bit typsy with some delicious cake flavored vodka and pineapple juice.  Almost tinkled in my pants from laughing so you can't beat that.

I made something from Pinterest that actually turned out okay.  You take a tomato cage and turn in upside down and then wrap it in Christmas lights and then at night, it looks like a little Christmas tree.  I used 3 strings of 100 count lights.  It sets outside by our garage.  I might make a couple more to go with the grazing deer decoration in the front.

We ran yesterday after a week off! 6 miles without stopping! Heather did her little thing again...where, if she gets too far in front of me, she stops and does push-ups until I catch up. I have threatened to kick her in the teeth or just run up on her back...but who am I kidding? I have no energy for that kind of behavior whilst running.

I tried to unfollow a blog today.  DUDE!  That took forever to figure it out.  I guess I have never unfollowed a blog before. 

Other than that, it's a Monday as usual! 

Happy Monday dudes!

ps.  I have a real problem lately saying dude.  In fact, I was getting off the phone at work and said to a coworker on the other end "Thanks Dude"...

I have to work on that...



  1. Dude, love the Christmas tree/tomato cage idea! Really, dude. Merry Christmas, Dude. (This word becomes part of your vocab with a 9 y-o boy, too).

  2. Maybe your menu ( fried turkey& Mexican buffet) could work for "Festivus?"

    Seinfeld anyone?

    Tap tap this thing on?

  3. I thought I was the only person in America who hates TG food. Nice to know there are others. I always thought a perfect TG would be Lasagna and pumpkin pie...never thought about Mexican. I must now change my position...