Monday, November 26, 2012

Obsessed With Food

We have previously discussed how some of us (points finger at self) have an obsession, for lack of better word, with food.  And how some of our behaviors that may seem "normal" to us, or...maybe not normal, how about habitual, behaviors we have that involve food that we act upon without even thinking...may be signs of our issues.

I can tell already this post may be a jumble of incoherent thoughts, as often happens when I have been trying to process it for months and can't figure out how to deliver the topic to the masses...

So let's just start with examples or talking points shall we?

How many of you, on a regular basis, take pictures of your food?  I do NOT do this, but really for two reasons:

#1.  No matter how good it looks on your plate in real life, it loses some of it's yumminess and doesn't usually photograph well.  Seriously, I have seen some posts on Facebook that are showing a meal someone slaved over and I am like "What is that...?  Porridge?"


#2.  My girlfriend hates it.  I hadn't really given much thought to the whole matter before Heather.  But it confuddles her why people post pictures of their food.  She can be easily confuddled at times.

But it does get me thinking...does someone with a mind that doesn't revolve around food post pictures of their food?  And I GET if you are posting food on your blog or Facebook for WLS purposes...bc those of us who have had WLS like to see what "successful" people are eating...I am talking more along the lines of "Look at this steak smothered in chocolate and tiny gumdrops from Heaven" kinda pictures.

I don't know. Maybe there is no tie.  Tracey used to post pictures of food I made him all the time!  And he only weighed 135 pounds.  Bless his tiny man heart.

Next issue.  And this would be one of my HUGE issues (I think there might have been a pun there)...I want to please people with food.  I mean, I want to please people in general...but rewards, and thanks, and gatherings, in my mind, require delicious and often fatty foods.  Having my sister and nephew over for cards?  Must make good dinner.  Going to Defuniak and staying at the other Heather and Henry's house?  Must make 9 million recipes from Pinterest so everyone is full and miserable!  I wake up thinking what I am cooking for dinner so I can continue to earn my good housewife/working woman girl scout badge!

FOOD FOOD FOOD all the time.

When we go hunting, we pack a snack box.  The other Heather sent me a text the other day saying "I am starving.  You pack the snack box so much better".

And I responded with "YEAH!  I pack for the apocalypse." Seriously.  I pack that snack box like we actually may get stranded for 4 months.

Woe is me. 

That's why when you hear about weight loss drugs, or hell, even surgeries where "it turns off the switch that tells you to eat"...

I am  I am pretty sure my switch will never be turned off.  It's like there might have been a switch ONCE, but the little nubbit broke off and you can't switch it now.  If there are sensor's in the brain, or neurons, or brain thingies...mine will be unresponsive.  And even meds could turn them off, I must have "Amy, you must eat copious amounts of food" sensors located in other parts of my body.  Perhaps my big toe?  Vagina?  Earlobe?


  1. Hi my name is Michelle and I'm completely obsessed with FOOD!

  2. Amy, I feel you on this post. Truth, sister. Sometimes I realize I've been thinking about what I'm going to have for dinner when I've been at work for a hot second [which is at 530 in the dang morning] and I'm like, "Um, NO. STOP IT!". Gah, I think to me, inner peace would consist of never giving ONE THOUGHT to food ever, ever again....

  3. I am with u completely! I do equate my food addiction and obsession to any other addiction....I think alcoholics think about liquor ALOT too. BUT..............Here's the difference, alcoholics DON'T have to have alcohol 3 times a small we do with food. We keep being reminded how good food is....every single day...all social events.....commercials.....even bereavement calls for food.

  4. When I mentioned how great Phentermine works on your other post, it was more of a generalized statement - not how it works specifically for me. I mostly did that on purpose, so no one would know how bat-shit crazy I am. Phentermine stops me from obsessing about food....for a little bit.. but I still think about it 24 hours a day. I eat dinner and whilst chewing, am thinking about what I am going to make for breakfast, or lunch, or snack...I completely know how you feel, and it sucks. I stopped taking phentermine 2 weeks ago because I just felt like it wasn't helping and while it did help me get things done during the day, it just wasn't worth it. Chronic cotton-mouth isn't fun.

  5. GET OUT OF MY BRAIN, WOMAN. I totally could have written this. And did you see that I posted pictures of my re-wedding cake today?

  6. One word: Thinogenics! All natural herbs. You will stop thinking about food and it will make you drink tons of water. Look into it.

  7. Food and eating consume my every thought! The first thing I think of when I open my eyes and the last thing I think of before I go to bed. I do notice a slight decline in this when I have more restriction in my band but for the most part, I OBSESS! I also try to please everyone with food. Even if I don't eat much of it, I seem to get a fix out of the rush of cooking it!