Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Oh Boy Oh Boy, Somebody Has Their Excited Panties On

Fun times are just days away my friends! And I am starting to get excited.

Shall I let you in on my plans? Do I dare? Because who knows who stalks this blog that might exercise malice towards my holiday cheer...but I can't keep it in much longer. I shall bullet my excitement for you.
  • Starting tomorrow, Heather and I will have the house to ourselves for the remainder of the week and all weekend! HOLLLLA! That is a present in and of itself.
  • Heather has granted me permission to have a small holiday shindig (what is officially known as The First Annual Gainey-Workman (mostly Workman) Holiday Shindig, at our house on Saturday. I love to entertain. Man I do. I have put up inside Christmas decorations, bought the food to make, and I am ready. I promise to take some pictures. FO SHO!
  • All Christmas shopping is done. Truth be told, I didnt enjoy it as much this year. Money i so tight, so it hindered how much I could buy...and mommy no like that. But it's done, and at least I will get to spend time with my most favorite people over the next two weeks.
  • Monday we leave for the Smokey's in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Will we stop at my parents Monday night and then drive on Tuesday morning. We stay for 3 days, 2 nights and I am praying for snow! I am pumped to be away from the rest of the world and just be with Heather.
  • THEN, we will head back to my parents boat for a few day and then Christmas day my brother, girlfriend, and the kids will come down. Instead of gifts, I told my brother he and Rachel had to find me and Heather the tackiest shot glasses Nashville had to offer (where they live) and we would do the same down here in Pensacola. We will wrap them, exchange them, and then shoot Patron. Nothing says Christmas like tequila. Yes?
  • And then back to work for a few day and then New Years Eve will be spent in Defuniak. Usually I just bang pans at midnight, but I think I might shoot a shotgun this year :)

So that's it. All the things I am uber excited about.

Yes? Yes!


  1. So happy you are happy.....love you peanut!

  2. Sounds like a great couple of weeks!

  3. All sounds so wonderful. So happy you are getting to have some of your Christmas cheer!!! Enjoy it all!!!

  4. It sounds like you will have a blast!! Just be careful not to shoot the gun up into the sky--statistics say gunshot deaths go up on New Years because the bullet can end up anywhere :)

    Love love the shot glass give exchange idea...only vodka is better! :)


  5. Great for you! As for the snow in Gatlinburg, we just had a blizzard (I live across the boarder but I was in Gatlinburg yesterday). We got 10" so I doubt it will be melted off since it's only 8 degrees! You're going to get to see all the pretty white stuff even if it doesn't snow again! :)

  6. Enjoy the time with those you love Amy...nothing is better than that!

  7. Amy,

    I must confess - I am a blogstalker! I started reading your blog a week ago, here and there. I was hooked! It was like reading a novel. You are extremely entertaining! I envy you for living life with gusto! I need to learn. I am so complacent and have often wondered if it is me naturally or me because I am heavy (fat). I want to have fun! I love to watch people like you that always smile, always have a funny come-back, always the life of the party!

    I commend you for being happy. I commend you for not putting the needs of others first. I loved Tracey when you told the stories of how supporting he was to you....but he wasn't right for you. He sounds like a wonderful guy and I am sure he will make the right girl happy. You seem even happier and more full of life now (is that possible???)

    Thanks for the brutal honest truth about your weightloss journey. I love that you are an open book. I want to read the good, bad, and ugly. I was banded on December 1, 2010. I need to know what to expect. God! I only can dream that I will be as successful as you! I believe I can.

    Please follow me on my blog for support....I know you have a fun busy life now, but I would love to hear from you. I feel like I know you!!


  8. Your family events sound like mine. I LOVE me some Patron. I love the shot glass idea!

  9. You little cutie face! I hope you have a wonderful time!

  10. Amy.. ok.. I almost pissed my pants laughing about banging the pots n pans.. I thought they only did that in Philly.. but it sounds like you are going to have a fun and active holiday (which makes me happy)..

  11. I hope your Holidays are exactly what you hoped they would be!! You deserve it!

    Oh, and you look fabulous girl!!

  12. That sounds like a wonderful way to spend the holidays. I hope you and Heather enjoy the snow and travel safe! As for banging pots,we do that in WI too!

    You look fabulous btw !!

  13. Sounds like you have a lot to look forward to and not having money to buy as much as you'd like is small potatoes in the scheme of all the blessings you have. Hope you have a wonderful holiday and don't shoot anybody on New Years. :0